Kapoor Chandra Kulish Smriti Van Jaipur

When we suffer from our stress, get bored with the daily schedule we always search for a destination where we can talk to someone special and feel the love and beautiful nature like Best Places For Couples In Jaipur that is Smriti Van Jaipur.

Smriti van Jaipur couples

Smriti van Jaipur is the best region for Japurites and Jaipur visitors in these moments. You can read also Birla Mandir Jaipur.

At this place, you will lively meet our wildlife with its beautiful sight of flowers, attractive greenery, water pot, etc.

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Many people like a couple, youth, and senior citizens coming here for maintaining their health.

In Jaipur, this place has its own unique fame for its area, locality, greenery, and much more beautiful attention.

Many adult couples come here for spending quality time with each other. You can read also Jaigarh Fort Jaipur.

Before Go to Famous Couple Place In Jaipur Consider these Points

  • Where is Smriti van Located?
  • Why is Smriti Van famous?
  • Opening And Closing Time Of Smriti van?
  • Smriti Van Entry Fees?
  • Is Smriti van Safe For Couples?

Best Visiting Places in Jaipur

Here we are visiting your Smriti van Jaipur through the following beautiful lines due to which you will get every information for you and after that, you will definitely visit this place.

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Smriti Van Jaipur Info

Smriti Van Jaipur Timings

  • Opening time 6:00 AM
  • Closing time at 12:00 PM.


Gandhi Nagar, Near RTO Circle, J.L.N.Marg, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004.

Smriti Van Jaipur Entry Fee

Free with id card

Photography & Food

  • Photography is allowed here.
  • Here is not any food stole available nearby and its area. Because no one can be responsible for its cleanness. You can read also the Albert Hall Museum Jaipur.

Our gadgets for using to capture these pictures.

Transportation & Visiting Hours

  • Bus: City Bus Available
  • Personal Vehicles: Parking available for personal two-wheelers and four-wheelers vehicles.
  • Taxis: Foreigner visitors easily can get taxi services to visit this place.
  • Visiting 2 to 3 Hours

Plants in Smriti Van


Tulsi (which is the Best ancient ayurvedic plant as medicine in many directions), Neem, Bhringraj(which is best for hairs), Mehndi, Guggal(an attractive adorable flower), Bel fruit, Ashwagandha, Sarpgandha, Gill, Ghritkumari, Agave, Cactus and many more varieties you can get from here.

It is the place which meets you in our beautiful nature. You can read also Kanak Ghati Jaipur.


Smriti van Jaipur was captured for controversy when a mother leopard came in this open area and entry of people was banned for two days.

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Remarkable Fact

Don’t forget you’re any significant identity card to visit this place because the entry of visitors prohibited without any identity proof. You can read also Jal Mahal Jaipur.

Activities in Kulish Smriti van Jaipur

  • Some practice sessions created here for youth.
  • Plantation events.

Smriti van Jaipur is Divided into 11 Parts

Vasundhra Van

Vasundhara van is the chief attraction in the Smriti van Jaipur. Numerous natural pathways have been made to seize soil erosion by producing species of flora on both sides of the footpath without damaging the existing natural vegetation.

Furthermore, the small lawns added there to rest offers space to nature. Plants such as the Mogra, Champa, Almond, Coral tree, etc. have been planted here.


Champa Van

There are roughly 108 of Champa plants planted in the Smriti van Jaipur. The color of these plants grow in diversity, and the fragrances differ, as well. You can read also the Central Park Jaipur.

Aravali Van

Countless attempts have been made in order to show a variety of species of plants that originate in Aravali hill significantly Dhavada, Gurjan Dhawan, Rohida, Gugai, Dhak, Saalar, etc.

Dhanvantri Van

This section of the van is spread across 40 acres of land, and it is the most extensive section, as well.

There are more than 225 species of medicinal trees, herbs & trailing plants have been added in this section. You can read also Best Places to Visit in Jaipur.


Bahera, Neem, Arjun, Maulsari, Kathal, Amla, Sandalwood, Lasura, Kachnar, Rudraksha, Jamun, Tulsi, Bhringraj, Mehndi, Bansa, etc. could be found planted here.

Kusum Van

There are around 68 different types of Hibiscus plants planted in this section; brought from all across the country. You would love watching the flowers in different colors, shapes & sizes.

Maru Van

Here, about 64 different species of plants have been sown. Xerophilic plants such as the cactus, Euphorbia, Agave, and Succulent could be found here in this van, in abundance.

These plants would wholly shroud the mountain area of this land. Currently, Euphorbia plants are the main attraction here. You can read also the Best Jaipur Street Food Places.



Water flowing from Jawahar Nagar to the eastern part of Smriti van Jaipur; the water gets stored here in ‘Sarovar’ and goes to Vrindavan.

The area has been mined 5 ft. deep, and for keeping the water, nine ponds have been developed. You can read also Jaipur Travel Guide.

The lakes have a variety of lotus, and you would find fishes inside and ducks swimming in the water. You would see the flock of birds here during winter seasons.


To preserve various and quality plants, a hi-tech nursery is being established. You can read also the Best Water Park in Jaipur.

Rashtriya Van


Plants like the Semal, Shisham, Tibubua species, Ficus Ali, a variety of species of Almanda, Gambhari, Rosewood, Kachnar, Sita Ashok, SInduri, etc., are planted here.

Eco-Friendly Museum

There are four halls present in the museum portion where the photographs of birds and flowers could be found in the van.

One of the halls kept for the viewers to watch movies on nature & wildlife. You can read also Jhalana Safari Park Jaipur.

Vrindavan Van


This section comprises of excellent work on the drainage system in which slopes have been alleviated by extending nets & seeding plants in them.

Boulders have regulated the movement of water. You can read also Luxury Swiss Tent Resorts in Jaipur.   

Nearby Places To Visit

  • Jal Dhara(Water Fall)
  • Garden Open Theater



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