Facts About Afghanistan

5 Facts About Afghanistan: An Unlikely Yet Amazing Travel Destination

5 Facts About AfghanistanFacts About Afghanistan, During the 1960s, Afghanistan was a must-see for hippies and eco-lovers. It had breathtaking mountains, ancient Buddha structures, and friendly and welcoming...

Top 23 Best Places to Visit in Jaipur in 2020: Timing, Fee, Images

Places to Visit in JaipurJaipur is the capital of Indian deserts. Jaipur is referred to as the pink city of India because of the pink buildings of the...
Kumbhalgarh Fort images

The Ultimate Guide of The Kumbhalgarh Fort: History, Entry fee, Timing

Kumbhalgarh FortKumbhalgarh Fort, it is one of the perfect destinations for making a trip to Rajasthan. Whenever we heard the name of Rajasthan then a vivid image of...
Sedona Vortex images

A Mystery of the Sedona Vortex: Tour, Hike, Location

Sedona VortexSedona Vortex is the place of red rock temple which is visited by many of the people all around the world.It gets...
Lascaux Caves pictures

Lascaux Caves Paintings Replicas Discovered Images and Details

Lascaux Caves can be just explained by saying that it is a setting of a complex of caves. Lascaux is mainly famous for its paintings. Many paintings cover the ceiling of the...
Teotihuacan Pyramid

A History of the Teotihuacan Pyramids, Mexico: Location, Timing

Pyramid and mummies have always been a part of ancient history. Though no one to date could discover how the pyramids built, what was the purpose behind the creation? The theories are...
raisen fort

The Haunted Fort in Bhopal: Raisen Fort Timing, History, location

Raisen FortWell, we must say something best you can admire regarding Raisen Fort. It is a place with a big water reservoir, a few places, and temples within...
Stonehenge pix

The Mystery of Stonehenge England: History, Facts, Images, Timing

Stonehenge EnglandStonehenge is a huge stone gravestone that is located on the northern part of Salisbury city, England.The study represents that Stonehenge has...
nasca-lines peru

The Mystery of Peru’s Nazca Lines: History, Images, Facts

Peru's Nazca LinesThe Nazca lines situated in the high desert of southern Peru, are a group of massive geoglyphs created by indent or shallow cuts made in the...
Mohatta Palace

Mohatta Palace Museum: Most Haunted Place in Karachi

Mohatta PalaceThe Mohatta Palace that is located in Karachi was built as a summer home in 1927 by Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta a Marwari businessman.

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