Top 9 Mysterious Places in Australia

Top 9 Mysterious Places in Australia (Updated 2020)

Top 9 Mysterious Places in AustraliaWe are surrendered by the mysteries that are fixated in every corner of the earth; it comes in many forms and located in...
The Taos Hum images

The Unsolved Mystery of The Taos Hum

The Taos HumThe Taos Hum, the mysterious droning and buzzing sound which has got heard in places like England, Bristol, Bondi, Taos, and Australia.
Beechworth Ghost Tours

Beechworth Ghost Tours – Bookings

Beechworth is well known for its excellent tales and regal colonial background. Connect with our local guide to guide you thru halls and secrets of the past Mayday hills lunatic Asylum in...
Port Arthur Ghost Tours

Port Arthur Ghost Tours Haunted Place Tasmania, Australia

Port Arthur Ghost ToursThere are at least 1000s of visitors every year that visit the Port Arthur ghost tours, and numerous of them have something unusual to say....
Ararat Lunatic Asylum

The Ararat Lunatic Asylum Haunted Place in Ararat, Victoria

The Ararat Lunatic AsylumThe Ararat Lunatic AsylumThe Ararat Lunatic Asylum is Australia’s massive abandoned mental institution. The institution also was known as the Aradale mental hospital.
Gooloowan House Haunted pic

Gooloowan House Haunted Stories Queensland, Australia

Gooloowan House HauntedGooloowan house haunted story is famous worldwide amongst tourists. Gooloowan house haunted is an inheritance-listed mansion at 43 Quarry Street, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.

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