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Travel Guest Posting

Hey, travel lovers! Would you also like to share your travel experience through your own blog or website? If you have a travel blog or website, then we have an exciting opportunity for you.


Below, we have listed our list of travel blogs that are accepting guest posts. This means you can write and share your travel tips, stories, and travel plans with a larger audience through our platform. It is a great way to connect with other travellers, and it attracts many people, which helps to boost your search engine rankings.


Guess posting is a fantastic way to improve your website ranking on search engines. When you contribute blogs that focus on similar topics as yours you can get valuable links back to your own site. This not only brings more visitors to your blog but also helps to build your approach in the travel community.


Kindly don’t miss out this opportunity to grow your travel blog and chance reach more people. Start guest posting today and see your search engine rankings grow like never before.


Guidelines to Submit Guest Posts:

To Submit any guest post, you have to follow some rules and guidelines, such as:


If you are going to submit a guest post, we are required to have at least 700 words.

Your guest post content should be written correctly, i.e., there should not be any plagiarism or grammar mistakes. And remember to always submit your original content because duplicate content always has a negative impact on its ranking.


If you include an image in your content, it must have been created by you, and its size should be 800* 500 pixels.


Whenever you submit content, it should be in a proper document file format, including bold headings, short paragraphs, bullet points, etc.


The content you submit should be related to the travel experience, travel guide, and places to visit.





Free Guest Posting Sites – 26/11/2023
https://interneticeberg.com/wp-admin/interneticeberg publisherinterneticeberg@123456789
Guidelines for a Travel guest post are:

Mysterioustrip.com has created a valuable resource for travel bloggers and writers. We have compiled a list of over 1299+ travel websites that accept Travel Guest Post, with details like domain authority, traffic, pricing, and submission guidelines. Whether you’re looking to build backlinks or promote your brand, this list can help you find suitable opportunities. We are one of the travel sites that accept guest posts.    

Word Limit: Mysterioustrip.com accepts guest posts with a word count of 1100 to 2,000 words.


Guest Post Topics: Mysterioustrip.com is our website that focuses on mysterious and haunted places worldwide. The website accepts guest posts on many travel topics, including:


1. Mysterious and haunted places

2.Off-the-beaten-path destinations

3.Unique travel experiences

4.Travel tips and advice


Link Policy: Mysterioustrip.com allows one do-follow link in the author bio of eac

Format: Make your writing more interesting by using different styles. Use headings and sub-headings to organize your ideas. Use italics, bold, and underline to emphasize important points. Keep your paragraphs short for easier reading. These things make your content look better and more appealing to readers.


Put Image: Mysterioustrip.com encourages guest posts to include high-quality images and videos.


Content Ownership: Mysterioustrip.com owns the rights to all the guest posts they publish on their website.


No plagiarism: Mysterioustrip.com does not accept plagiarized guest posts.

You could email your guest posts to review at info@mysterioustrip.com.

List of 400+ FREE Guest Blogging Sites for 2023
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Travel Guest Post Features:


Who should use this list?

How to use the list:

What is The Guest Blogging and Travel guest post?

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the practice of writing articles for another person’s website or blog. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as to build backlinks, promote your own brand, or reach a new audience.

Travel guest posting

Travel guest posting is a specific type of blogging that focuses on writing travel articles. This can include topics such as travel destinations, travel tips, and travel experiences.

Why do bloggers outreach Or Submit An Article To Another Website?

To build backlinks

Backlinks are like recommendations from other websites to yours. When many websites link to your site, it can help your website higher in Google SEO.  

To promote your own brand

Guest blogging means writing articles for other websites. It is a good way to inform people about you and your website. When you write for a well-known site, you can reach a whole new group of readers who might not have found you otherwise. 

To reach a new audience

Guest blogging is a great way to reach people who are interested in the same topics that you write about. When you write a guest post website that has a different audience than your own, you are expanding your reach.

How do you write a guest post?

To write a guest post

You will need to find a website that is relevant to your niche and that accepts guest posts. Once you have found a website, you will need to contact the owner or editor and pitch them a topic for your guest post.


If you are accepted, you will need to write an article that is well-researched, informative, and engaging. You should also make sure to follow the website’s guest posting guidelines.

Here are some tips for writing a successful guest post:

Become a contributor and write for us

You can write and share your travel experiences with the travel community on our site. Follow the guidelines for travel content writing above and send your travel article to contributors at info(at)mysterioustrip.com.


If you want to become a guest post Publisher, you can list your website on our guest post list; click on the ” get inquiry button below and fill out the form. You will get a response from our team within 24 hours.

List Of Travel Blogs That Accept Guest Articles

How to submit a guest post: this is a travel blog with publishing an article related to the travel experience, tour guide, haunted and mysterious stories, and more.

To submit a travel Guide, you have to follow there travel guest post page, and mail on there provided email id.

You can follow or contact us via social websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and email me at info@mysterioustrip.com.



DA: 37

PA: 37

Alexa Rank: 284,917


How To Submit Guest Post:   My Travel Diary Is a Celebrated Travel Blog about Destination, Lifestyle, And cultures. The Blog Take You on a Virtual Journey. If You Want To Know About Guest Post Guidelines Please Visit Write with me page.




DA: 48

PA: 39

Alexa Rank: 329,707


How To Submit Guest Post:  HoneyMoon Always inspire Every Couple To Get Out  And Explore The world  While Travelling.If You Want To Know More About The Guest Post guidelines Just Check The Guest Post Guidelines Page.




DA: 40

PA: 49

Alexa Rank: 725,965


How To Submit Guest Post: Travelblat is a Blog website Which Provides Travel Advice. Travel Blat is Designed To inspire People For Travelling. This website is Totally Supported By guest Authors and Volunteers. If You Want To About The Guest Post Just Check The Guest Post opportunities.



DA: 33

PA: 35

Alexa Rank: 557,813


How To Submit Guest Post:   Pre Travels is a website Which Provides The Destination Guidelines and Helps You learn Every Single Thing you Need to Know Before You Go To Your Next Travel destination. If you want to Know about the  Guest Post Guidelines Check  Write For Us Page.


If you have any other website or blog that should be on this list, please send me that link or website in the comments sections, i will add it to the list.


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Mysterioustrip Provide Paid Travel Guest Posts:

How To Submit Guest Post: Mysterious Trip is a travel blog writing that publishes relevant articles on travel bloggers and provides information about travel places. Mysterioustrip is one of the best travel sites that accept travel and lifestyle guest posts, and “Mysterious Trip” is one of the best travel guest blogging other sites.


You can follow or contact me via social websites like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and email me at info@mysterioustrip(Dot)com.

Guest Post topics

Travel guest post ideas

How To Search For Guest Post Opportunities - On a Travel Niche
Travel "guest post"Travel "write for us"
Travel "guest column"Tourism “write for us”
Travel "contributing writer"Travel "guest column"
Travel "submit blog post"Travel "want to write for"
Your Keyword "submit your content"Travel "submit post"
Travel "This post was written by"Travel "writers wanted"
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Travel "send a tip"Travel inurl: "guest bloggers"
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Answers on questions
How to find free guest post sites

To find websites for free guest posting, Google Search: Use “guest post” or “write for us” with your topic (e.g., “fitness write for us”).
Guest Post Directories: Visit websites like Alltop, Blogarama, and Guestpost.com, which list places accepting guest posts.

Where can i submit my blog posts

You can earn money by writing on these platforms: Listverse: $100 for 1,500-word list articles with at least ten items. Writers Weekly: $60 for 600-800 word articles on freelance writing and making money as a writer. Income Diary: $200 for articles (1,000-3,000 words) about making money online, blogging, and entrepreneurship.

How to write a travel blog post

Sure, here are the steps to write a travel blog post in an easy-to-understand way: Choose a Topic, Create an Eye-Catching Title, Set the Scene, Add Details and Stories, and Use Visuals. This helps them better understand your travel adventure.

Where can i publish my article and get paid

HubPages: You can publish articles on various topics and earn money through ads and affiliate links. Listverse: They pay $100 for list articles with at least 1,500 words and ten list items. Writers Weekly: They accept articles on writing and pay $60 for submissions of 600-800 words.

What is guest posting in seo?

Guest posting in SEO is like writing an article for someone else’s website to get a link back to your site. It’s a win-win. It helps bring more visitors to your site and makes it easier for people to find your place in online searches. Just remember, always write your stuff and refrain from copying from others to avoid issues with copying.

What is guest post submission in SEO?

Guest post submission in SEO means writing an article for another website to make your website appear higher on search engines. Creating valuable and expert content attracts more visitors to your website.

How do you write a guest post sample?

To write a guest post sample: Research, Follow Guidelines, Write Well, Check for Mistakes, and Add Bio and Links. 

What is guest post writing?

Guest post writing is when you write an article and ask someone else to put it on their website. It helps you reach new people, make your brand known, and show you’re an expert. Your content must be original, not copied. It can get you more links, a better search engine ranking, and more visitors to your website.

How can I write guest posts?

To write guest posts: Find Websites, Research, Pitch an Idea, Write the Post, and Submit. 

How do I find free guest post sites?

List of 1599+ FREE Travel Guest Post Sites for 2023 (With SEMrush rank & DR)