Creating Mysterious Trip: In the words of Mr Ankit Sethi (Founder of the website) himself.

The mysterious trip is one of the integral work I put half of my life into. It initially started as a hobby which gradually grew into a passion. Being a travel and mystery enthusiast.

I always wanted to explore more on what’s on the other side or at least wanted to do something so that I could tell other people what the world has to share with us.

With my love and passion for mysteries and travelling in mind, I have finally concocted ‘Mysterious trip’ in the year 2017.

About Mysterious trip

Mysterious trip is a website wherein we share everything concerning mysterious places with its fascinating background.

Exploring new things about these unusual places have left us all in awe, as well.

Since the world is filled with extraordinary places with outrageous history, scientists too cannot explain the reason behind such a phenomenon. And where there’s a mystery, there’s US!

We fathom the fascination with the unknown you all possess. And sometimes, the enthrallment towards the unknown pushes several travelers to some of the most disturbing corners of the world.

Places that are lonely with a ghoulish or brutal past, supposedly haunted by the beleaguered souls of those who have left this world, long back, with no hope of any escaping.

Other places are a deferential piece of land or resting place that craves attention, and impermanence of life and the continuous flow of time. Irrespective, of their origin, each of these haunted places have gathered a status for the supernatural or mysterious- and one after another, attracts a keen following of inquisitive adventure- hunter. Mysterious trip is precisely what the adventure-seekers seek.

Being one of the best adventure travel blogs, we not only proffer contents on travelling, however, encompasses haunted, scientific, historical, and of course, mysterious facts.

Apart from that, we provide additional advice, and tips about the places to help you ahead and you could have enthralling travel experience. Furthermore, the images & information regarding places are authentic, and we are here to make your invigorate your future trip and enable you to break the conformist ideas connected to a particular place.

Our Mission

To encourage and motivate our readers with the equipment required to comprehend the world and value its everyday wonder.

In our website, you’d learn more about some of the most usual unexplained mysteries- from ghost to alleged human-like beasts, from unbelievable encounters at the line amid life & death to astonishing, however, the baffling act of the mind itself.

How much of these stories speak the truth? We’ll let you determine.

To say we’re fanatics of everything uncanny would be an irony. Whether it’s the compilation of the most mysterious things on earth or an unsolved incident that is still disturbing us 100-years later, we are dying to share our obsessions with fellow fanatics.

Visit our site daily as we expose historical crimes, real paranormal stories, and the most mysterious events occurred in history.

Lastly, however, not least, if you discover any strange finds, drop us a mail at- [email protected]


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