Hover Boards that will keep you on the go [Updated 2024]

Hover Boards that will keep you on a go

These fashionable electronic scooters sort of came into rising after the famous Back to Future films of the late ’80s. How do these Hover Boards function, what factors you should consider before buying them,

what are they, what are their specialties, and what kind of people can play around on them? All of this we will uncover with you in this blog.

A Hoverboards scooter, as the term suggests meaning a board that can hoover or maneuver in the air without any support. However charming that may sound, that is not entirely true here.

fashionable electronic scooters
Hover Board

This was only true in movies and fiction, but in the real world these boards which we see have two balancing wheels on the side and a board for your feet to stand on in the middle. These boards are electronic of course in nature and are highly portable and stunning to look at.

More on, if you look at someone riding a hoverboard form a distance at first you may think that they are just hoovering above air!

But they’re not! Sounds cool stuff right. So, let’s dive more onto the ingenuity of this electronic invention.

So, as we discussed above, with two wheels and standing support in the middle these devices are charged through lithium batteries situated underneath within the casing.

Now while there are several types of Hover Boards available in the market, they consist of the following materials which make them function as they do.

lithium batteries HoverBoards

They contain a battery, a motor for driving the wheels of the Hoover Board, some microprocessors which control the power output and electronic measurements for the board, and finally a gyroscope sensor to maintain the right balance.

Together all these components function to give them the optimum speeds ranging from 7 to 11 mph and in some cases even till 13mph. Which is pretty decent and impressive right?

Well enough with the intro, let’s dive down into the main stuff regarding the different types of Hover Boards available for you in the market.

10-Inch Hover Boards

Hoover Boards
10-Inch Hover Boards

These hoverboards with 10-inch length, have a variety of uses for all kinds of ages. One of the main factors is its versatility.

The second one is the increased comfort level which you soon begin to like once you get a real taste for the 10 inches to hover boards.

This model unlike some of the others has rubber tires making it ideal for commute on both rougher terrain and on the roads.

So, with such big wheels it gives more comfort level and greater stability when you’re riding on this beast, so for the heavy weight people out there this one’s for you.

Also, if you are a beginner which most of you are in this case, this board will be the best option for you since its safe to ride and would not require you to give much to maintain balance.

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Two-Wheel Mini Hover Boards 6 inch

Two-Wheel Mini
Two-Wheel Mini Hover Boards 6 inch

These types of hoverboards as we discussed above also come in mini forms for kids. And you may believe us or not but they are amongst the most popular hoverboards out there currently.

Some of the obvious factors which account for its popularity is, of course, the cost-effective price tag, and the fact that it’s increasingly flexible.

Cautious parents out there, well now can enjoy seeing their kids having their fun time on these hoverboards while being attached behind a go-kart, etc.

As a word of caution this type of Hover Boards are obviously not suited for older or heavyweight people since their feet would simply be too large for the base level.

That’s the main reason why this model has been strongly kid-friendly! Well then, you loving parents out there we hope you have decided the upcoming gift for your kids next year?

Led Lights

Led Lights Boards
Led Lights Hover Boards

Yep, this thing keeps on getting amazing and amazing right. So not only in the market will you found the common speedy hoverboards but you may also see these cool boards which have led lights and Bluetooth functionality.

Once fully charged these boards are able to run at the normal speeds you are used to and with that the led lights are also in full colors while you ride. Showing class and style with you on the road.

Hover Boards with Speakers

Boards with Speakers
Hover Boards with Speakers

These boards have not only stopped at lights but have gone as far as having inbuilt speaker systems connected with your smartphones.

So, you can also buy such hoverboards, where you can listen to your favorite music and tunes while you’re out wheeling on this board.

More on, these speakers have a decent quality sound if you’re not expecting something over the top.

You will be happily satisfied with the quality they can deliver even with the outside noise. So, the question is are you ready for such a board? Because the board is ready for your baby!

Four Wheels Hover boards

Hyper GoGo

Being fairly new and advanced in both technology and design these hoover boards have also caused a smash in the hoverboard industry.

While previously people were amazed by the stability of the common 2 wheel hoverboard scooter, now, for a special price, you can even find a four-wheel hoverboard. That is, if you are terrified of the stability issues.

As a result, these hoverboards have become increasingly popular and getting positive reviews from the users due to their advanced stability and stylish design.

The Real Hover boards

Real Hover-1 boards
Real Hover boards

Before you crunch your eyes and hold your head, no don’t think the rest of the Hover Boards we showed you aren’t real. They are as real as you and I are okay. Calm yourself fellows and listen to us.

These hoverboards are called the real hoover boards due to a reason. Which is that they are as close possible in this world to the original fictional model of hoverboards. Yep, they are extremely costly obviously and are only made at special orders by some companies.  

They use the combination of electronics and magnetism to the life you sufficiently high above the ground which is a safe distance still, in some cases it’s been reported that the height could be up to 3000 meters.

But I don’t believe that I have seen one yet but there are reports that such hoverboards are into testing phases and not available to the public just yet.

So hopefully with increased and improved technology, their prices may reduce and who knows after a few years we may actually see people levitating in the air with these hoverboards.


Well our beloved readers, that’s pretty much all we have for you currently under Hover Boards. Still, you should be aware of the fact that safety comes first before quality and price.

So, when you are out buying your pick for these boards choose the ones which are most stable, provide max comfort level, and are not a restraint to your budget.

More on, you should also be careful that your hoverboard should have the UCL passed rating quality test. Which determines if your board has been successfully passed through the best safety measures or not.

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    При использовании критериев РР и DPP в оценке инвестиционных проектов решения могут приниматься исходя из следующих условий: а) проект принимается, если окупаемость имеет место; б) проект принимается только в том случае, если срок окупаемости не превышает установленного для конкретной компании предельного срока.
    Данный коэффициент рассчитывается просто. Достаточно поделить среднегодовой доход на средний размер вложений. Найденный размер вложений получается, если исходную сумму вложений поделить на два с условием, что когда инвестиционный проект завершится, все произведенные затраты будут списаны.


    Перечни профессиональных компетенций сотрудников комитета по управлению инвестициями, инновациями и ГЧП департамента инвестиционной политики Ярославской области утверждены приказом департамента от 29.12.2012 № 144-ОД «Об утверждении профессиональных компетенций».
    Проблема и перспективы: С 2013 года Министерство экономики приступило к этапу «пилотного» внедрения процедуры оценки регулирующего воздействия проектов нормативных правовых актов, а также экспертизы действующих нормативных правовых актов в отношении органов местного самоуправления.
    Таким образом, показатель NPV позволяет определить отдачу от реализации инвестиционного проекта с точки зрения экономики. То есть, если его цель – получение прибыли, а значение данного показателя при расчетах оказывается отрицательным, то уже на этой стадии анализа вы можете окончательно отвергнуть проект.
    9 реализация процедуры выбора (Есть ли решение? Да, Нет). Если есть решение (Да), то:
    – комиссионные платежи Минфину России за сопровождение иностранных кредитов;

  102. — экономию за счёт снижения потребности в оборотном капитале.
    Общий подход к оценке эффективности инвестиционных проектов.
    Все корпорации, проводимые или планирующие провести инновационно-инвестиционные мероприятия, возможно подразделить на следующие группы:
    Статья 4. Субъекты инвестиционной деятельности, осуществляемой в форме капитальных вложений.


    Основные требования для компаний следующие:
    Проект Содержание Срок.
    общие статистические данные по республике, экономическим зонам, муниципальным образованиям, число инвестиционных проектов, сумма предполагаемых в рамках данных проектов инвестиций, дополнительная важная информация по республике, экономической зоне, муниципальному образованию. К объекту необходимо осуществить привязку сводной атрибутивной информации об осуществляемой инвестиционной деятельности; места реализации инвестиционных проектов. Отображаемая информация: название проекта, его стоимость, наименование и контактные данные инициатора. Более подробные данные выводятся по желанию пользователя; подробное описание проекта, список прикреплённых фотографий и видеороликов; возможность отображения инвестиционного проекта в зависимости от масштаба. Несколько инвестиционных проектов при нахождении в одном месте карты группируются в одну иконку с учётом быстрого доступа к любому из проектов. При наведении на иконку группы появляется всплывающая подсказка со списком проектов, входящих в группу, и описанием интересующего проекта. Выбранная группа проектов должна подсвечиваться с помощью анимации. Инвестиционные проекты на карте должны быть указаны иконками. В случае группировки проектов, необходимо указывать иконку с количеством проектов в группе.
    Средства, привлеченные по четвертому источнику, возвращаются кредиторам на определенных заранее условиях (сроки, процент). Субъекты, предоставившие средства по этим каналам, в доходах от реализации проекта не участвуют.
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