Top delicious food of India from five states

Indian cuisine has been the talk of the town for people across the globe. From the lip-smacking snacks of Chennai to the luscious flavors of Assam food, India is beloved for its buffet of delicious food and the culture that resides within it. Besides the ancient traditions and cultural heritage, food is also a reason why many visit India.

Looking at the wide variety of selections to choose when it comes to food in India, it becomes a tad bit confusing to find the best places that guarantee a royal service to your lips.

In other words, there are 28 states in India, each with their flavors of food culture.

It isn’t possible to visit each state for everyone. 

If you are also someone who is looking to enjoy Indian food but can’t figure out a way to choose where to visit first, don’t worry. Here is a quick list of the top 5 states with delicious food that you should try. Let’s bite!

Top delicious food from 5 states of India

1. Assam

A lot sweet, a little spicy Assam food may come in different shapes and forms but are guaranteed to leave your taste buds baffled. Residing along the Valleys of Brahmaputra and Barak rivers, the state grows some of the best rice, pulses, wheat, among others. The same is also reflected in their food where elements like fish, wheat, rice, and pulses are used most commonly.

If you are visiting India or looking to unearth some new flavors to rediscover your taste, visit Assam and try some of the local dishes it offers. 

A few of the most common Assam food delicacies include Maasor Tenga – a type of fish curry cooked in a delicious tomato and lemon broth that provide a vibrant tangy taste to it, best enjoyed with rice.

Silkworm – a dish descended from past generations is a tribal food made with larvas. Pitha is a collection of snacks best enjoyed in the evening or during breakfast with a little Tea.

If you still feel adventurous you can also try Paro Manxho – a kind of pigeon meat best enjoyed in the winter season and relished best with banana flour, a side dish in Assam. 

2. Uttarpradesh

Talk about spicy food, and there is no other state that can beat Uttarpradesh to it. From everyday snacks to grand meals, from small sweets to an enormous spread of delicious food, While ASSAM FOOD can classify as exquisite, Uttarpradesh food can effortlessly be explained as unity in diversity.

Yes, it is so spellbinding to learn that even though the essential ingredient of every food remains more or less the same, the result, cooked and served, smell so different and provide a whole new satisfaction to our sense of taste. 

Walking on the streets of Varanasi you’ll find a variety of roadside snacks like samosa, chat, and pakora. Enter into a Mughlai restaurant in Lucknow and you can feast upon lip-smacking Biriyani and Kebab. If you are a foodie, look for some more cuisines like Mutton Kofta – enjoyed best with rice, the mutton kofta is an excellent dish made with mutton and a thick spicy gravy.

Kakori Kebab – A better version of sausages, the Kakori Kabab is a dish best appreciated with some green chutney, lemon, and onions. You can also try other Aloo Rasedar, Tehri (Allahabad), and Keema Dum, to name a few. 

3. Gujarat 

If there is one state that can fill you up with just the sheer abundance of the varied snack food it serves, its Gujarat. From khakhra, farsan to dal vada, Kaman dhokla, and more, the list of tasty treats Gujarat can offer is endless.

If you are a snack lover, Gujarat is one of the states you have to visit. But it doesn’t just stop at snacks. Some of the most delicious meals you enjoy in Gujarat will include a variety of vegetarian options.

Here are some delicious dishes that you should try when visiting Gujarat. Khandvi is a breakfast item made with flour, fried, and decorated with sesame seeds.

Gujarati Kadhi is also one to look out for, best served with rice and a side dish of veggies. Gota, Khichu, Udhiya, Handvo, and Ghughra are some more dishes you must defiantly try when in Gujrat. 

4. Tamil Nadu

South Indian states of India are widely popular for their snacks. Some of the best delicious dishes that you can enjoy in Tamil Nadu include a staple food, Idli, made out of rice, and best served with coconut chutney.

Dosa (from simple plain dosa to Mysore dosa and more) is also an appreciated dish for its wholesome appetizing nature and taste. Uthappam is another dish made of rice, a variety of veggies, and butter. Other cuisines include jalebi, panipuri, and Author that are also worth a try.

5. Maharashtra

Pocket friendly and flavorful, the food of Maharashtra can easily encapsulate any food lover. Some of its most famous dishes include vada pav – a combination of mashed potato and flour (vada) enjoyed with local bread (pav). Modak is a tiny little sweet made from coconut and jaggery on the inside and rice/flour on the outside.

You should also try Ragada Pattice – a version of Pani puri snack, Shrikhand – a sweet, thick, milk dish, Rassa, Sol Kadhi, and Aamti. 

That’s it. Now, it’s your time to enrich your taste buds with a ton of delicious delicacies to enjoy from across these top 5 states. Happy eating! 

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