How to make money while traveling

Do you want to learn some easy ways to make money while travelling? Just think about it: you’d be able to enjoy your trips without worrying about spending the savings.

This allows you to experience travel like others can only dream of. When most people finally take a vacation, they are so anxious about their spendings that they cannot fully enjoy it.

Don’t let this be you. I share with you useful travel tips with the help of it you can make money while traveling.

Check out these 8 creative ways to make money while traveling


If you’re good at looking after babies, this is a great way to make money on your travels.

Here’s why: many babysitting jobs require you to stay in the house while taking care of the child. That’s right. You can save the money on a hotel and receive a paycheck later.

What could be better? You may also be asked to keep the house clean. That’s a small price to pay for a free place to stay.

Get a Job at a Restaurant

It’s not hard to get a job as a waiter during high season, especially if you pick an area that’s popular among tourists.

Obviously, there will be some competition over the position, but your chances to land the job will be significantly improved by having the necessary work permit.

And if you know another language, it’s only natural for the employers to prefer you over other jobs- seekers.

Working part-time as a waiter in your travel location is a great way to get to know other travellers and even locals.

Pick a restaurant where you would love to hang out yourself to meet like-minded individuals.

Freelance on the Road

There are plenty of writing and proofreading jobs you can do with only a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection.

The best part is that choosing the hours to work is entirely up to you. So, if you’re good at using the keyboard to come up with exciting reading material, check out freelancing sites like Fiverr or Freelancer and get started.

And look: if you don’t know which writing job would be best for you, don’t worry. start by browsing the sites and take a look at all the different openings available.

Try a few of them out and see how it goes.

Maybe you’ve got some hidden copywriting talents. Or you’re great in writing engaging content. Before you know it, you’ll find a way to make money online that’s right for you.

Get a Sales Job

If you are gifted at persuading people to buy from you, you should definitely get a temporary sales job.

It’s the best way to make money while travelling.

And look, when you’re travelling, you may not have time to go through all the interviews to land a position as a sales representative.

But you can still use your skills to negotiate a middleman job.

What do we mean by that? You see, many shops are more than happy to pay you a little commission for every new client you bring to the shop, especially in the touristy areas. So, keep your eyes open and get ready to hustle.

Make Money Online

The Internet is full of lucrative ways to make money, but most options take some time to turn profitable.

For example: can you make money on TikTok? Yes, you can, but only after you’ve built up a big enough following.

The same goes for YouTube and Instagram. A casino app or a “Get Paid to” site might make you money faster, but you obviously can count on them 100%.

But here’s something anyone can do for some quick pocket money: participate in online reviews.

Do a quick Google search for paid review sites and sign up. Making these evaluations won’t make you rich, but an extra 40 dollars a day for an hour’s work can get you to a slightly better restaurant.

Become a tour guide with a blog

Do you have a travel location that you keep going back to? A place you love so much you’ve researched all about its history.

Maybe you’ve even picked up some local legends surrounding its sights. If so, you can quickly turn all your knowledge into quick ways to make money.

First, you can become a tour guide showing tourists all the best spots in your favourite area.

The usual rates (per person!) start from 50 dollars. So, a group of 10 people can make you 500 dollars. Not bad for an hour of work.

Secondly, you can pour all your love for a location into a travel blog.

It won’t make you earn right away, but starting a blog around your passion keeps you posting with consistency. And that is the key to successful monetising of the site later.

Let People Use Your Car (For Money)

Ideas to make money don’t always require lots of effort. Here’s an easy one for you: rent out your vehicle. If you’re taking a trip to someplace using other transportation than your own car, then why let it just sit and collect dust? Let it generate some extra income for you.

Using online rental companies is the best way to find paying clients.

Depending on what model you have and the driven miles, you can make extra cash for more shopping or even a better hotel room.

Rent out Your Apartment

Another thing that kind of just sits there while you’re vacationing is your apartment. Depending on its condition, you can make a lot of money by renting it out. If you live in a desirable travel location (a famous city, for example), hundreds of people will be looking for accommodation in the area all year long.

The easiest way to connect with travellers is the website Airbnb. Look up what other apartments are asking for rent to come up with a competitive price. Most homeowners are quite surprised to find out how many tourists are willing to pay for a night in their location, especially if they live near a popular travel destination.

If your apartment can make you more than 100 dollars per night, make sure to get a professional photographer to take the pictures. It will dramatically increase your chances of getting noticed.


Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should stop making money fast. In fact, combining fun with work can enhance your journey. You get to meet new people, stay active and pay more for better experiences. So, use the advice from this article and start earning some cash on your travels. Trust us; it’ll be worth it.

What did you think of our ways to earn extra income while travelling? Do you have a secret of your own to generate cash on the road? Leave a comment below; we’d love to hear from you.

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