10 places to visit in Europe for Indian travellers in 2024

With the world reopening after a long break, leisure travel has started again. One of the most coveted destinations in the world for travelling in Europe. Since it is a vast stretch, there are many places to visit in Europe, so it is best to see the top site first and make the best of your trip. Let us first look at the requirements you need to fulfil to take a trip to Europe.

Requirements for travelling to Europe

When visiting any country, it is best to prepare a list of requirements you must fulfil right from when you leave India until you are back. Here are some things you cannot miss.

1. Passport

It would be best to keep your key close and safe no matter what country you go to. Ensure that the passport expiration date is in line with the rules applied by the country you are visiting.

2. Travel visa

Europe Visa

Although your passport will have access, keeping the application forms and any other document used in acquiring a travel visa is advisable. These can be supporting documents in case there is an issue.

For example, when you are visiting Europe, a Schengen visa for Indian tourists is required to enter Europe. Ensure you apply for the visa well in advance.

3. ID card

This is important to confirm your identity apart from your passport. Most people neglect this vital document. It can be your driver’s license, PAN card, or Aadhar card.

4. Health travel documents

There may be some countries that have requirements for certificates for certain vaccinations and tests. So, you must keep all your health-related records.

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5. Travel insurance

All countries covered under the Schengen region have a policy of mandatory travel insurance for all travellers. Ensure you have the documents with you at all times to avoid inconveniences. It is also best to carry them in soft copies on your phone.

Places to visit in Europe

1. London

best places to travel in europe

Visit the museums, cathedrals, and historical places in London and experience the prevalent unpredictable weather there. Although this place has a lot to offer, it is expensive and leaves a sizeable dent in your budget.

2. Copenhagen

Copenhagen is known for its architecture and fancy palaces and castles. The most common way to see Copenhagen is to rent a bike or take a walking or segway tour.

3. Paris

The place is known for its food, sights, and beautiful landscapes, and Paris is a must-visit places to visit in Europe. The city of love is also the world’s art capital and has some of the best and most expensive art. Paris is also a great place to enjoy some good quality wine.

4. Rome

Most visited cities in europe

Rome has a rich heritage, and the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Trevi fountain are some spots that will amaze you. Italy is known for its vibrant cooking style; you can experience that in Rome.

5. Barcelona

Spain’s architecture sets it apart from the rest of the world. You may find buildings that look like they have been taken from a storybook. Barcelona is known for its small spots of street food and medieval buildings.

6. Venice

Venice is known for its canals, gondola rides, and rustic charm. You will find small eateries on every corner, and you can enjoy a scoop of gelato. This is a popular places to visit in Europe, so it may not be easy to get bookings. Ensure you book accommodation in advance to make your visit comfortable.

7. Athens

Athens is perfect for those who enjoy learning about history. The historic sites have been preserved throughout the place, and you can tour them. Athens is known for its laid-back lifestyle and different varieties of food.


8. Vienna

Vienna is known around the globe for its music. You can explore the palace, museums, and zoo or head to the Vienna State Opera.

9. Madrid

Madrid has all the elements that make it the perfect holiday places to visit in Europe. It has excellent nightlife, football fans like nowhere else, museums, luxurious hotels, and delicious food.

10. Munich

Munich is one of the most expensive cities in Germany. If your budget allows, you can enjoy the paid attractions. If not, you can roam around the streets and enjoy watching street performers, vendors, restaurants, window shopping, etc.

A successful trip is where you have a good time, and nothing goes wrong. To ensure that you are covered and safe in any situation, invest in well-rounded international travel insurance.

Choose a plan that covers you in case of loss of baggage and passport as well. There may be delays when taking multiple flights, and you may be trying to cover financial losses. In such cases, a good travel insurance policy will make sure you don’t lose money out of your pocket.

Apart from the difference in currencies, primary healthcare outside India is absurd. If you have a good travel insurance plan, you will also be safe from unwanted losses. A well-planned trip will make your vacation enjoyable, but a travel insurance policy will also cover unexpected tragedies.

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