Travel To Top 5 Dream Destinations Around The World without leaving home

The world is your oyster with hidden treasures to travel and explore! Every traveler has a dream destination around the world on their wish list, a place so pristine that it captured their hearts, and they longed to place their feet on it.

Experience dream destinations around the world

Today, we share some of the enchanting destinations most people often dream of visiting one day- sandy beaches, sky-high mountains, lush forests, and glorious architecture.  The following are some of the places for that dreamy vacation

Maldives Dream Destination for Honeymoon couples

Imagine waking up on an overwater villa and looking at the ocean when you open your eyes.

That’s the Maldives for you! Located in the Indian Ocean, the island nation offers an abundance of naturally beautiful places.

There are many overwater villas and resorts with facilities like a private infinity pool and excellent service. For adventurous souls, Maldives has several water sport activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, underwater walking, and jet skiing along the coral reefs. 

Maldives is also perfect sport for honeymoon couples.

One unique place to visit in the Maldives is the underwater restaurant where you can taste the local delicacies or drink in the dry red wine from the wine cellar.

The overwater villas are a great place to stay in the Maldives.


Situated amidst the Mediterranean Islands, Greece is the hotspot of historical civilization and architecture.

The country has a treasure trove of archaeological sites like Mycenae, with the birthplace of the reputed Olympic Games, Athens, with its mesmerizing Acropolis citadel and Delphi, where you will be captivated by the Temple of Apollo and the Archaeological Museum. 

You can also visit the picturesque Santorini, which gives the view of the whitewashed buildings against the backdrop of the deep blue Aegean Sea.

Greece has many luxury hotels in Santorini that offer jaw-dropping views of the mountain’s volcanic slopes and a rich taste of the drink from the wine cellars.

Check out the delicacies of Greece where feta and olive oil forms a core ingredient of every dish. The country is also perfect for honeymooners!

Indonesia – dream destinations around the world of every traveler

Ever faced a situation where you have to decide your destination among 17000 islands? That’s Indonesia, the Asian country, a culmination of beautiful islands of Sumatra, Java, and Bali, among many tucked in between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean.

Indonesia is a must-visit country in this world and among the top five dream destinations of every traveler.  Known for the lush jungles, volcanic mountains, jellyfish lake, and beaches, Indonesia is also the house to the most massive lizard of the earth- the Komodo dragon.

Tropical Bali island is the most visited place with luxurious beach resorts and spas.

The island of Java houses the capital city Jakarta and Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world.  Nature lovers and animal lovers can also visit the tropical rainforests of Kalimantan and see the last of the orang-utans. Sumatra has a whopping number of around 100 volcanoes that spew out vast lava and ash, creating a sight!

If you are a mystery lover you can visit Lawang Sewu in indonasia.

There are many B&B, camps, and affordable hotels, rent-outs, and accommodation places in Indonesia equipped with the best of facilities that give a pleasant staying experience to visitors.

Indonesia is also famous for its food varieties, also if you are a vegetarian you get lots of good food in Indonesia.

 SpainDream Destination around the world for nightlife lovers

Spain is a dream destination for its nightlife– the throbbing nightclubs and indoor dance floors with their sumptuous delicacies livening up the night in Spain!

Enjoy the sundowners in Ibiza island of Spain and drown yourself in cabaret and cuisine.

The glitter glaze of Ibiza makes it the best place for bachelorette parties and get together with friends. If modern architecture and cosmopolitan is your choice, then hit Barcelona.

It is known for the glorious Sagrada Familia Church, gothic spires and columns, and the notable works of architect Antoni Gaudi that will mesmerize architectural lovers to no bounds.

Hotel mystery lover can visit Parador de Cardona 712 Haunted Room in Barcelona, spain.

Hiking lovers can throng the Sierra Nevada, Pyrenees, or the Picos De Europa, which are popular hiking destinations. One can reside in the Sant Francesc Hotel Singular, a tall standing 19th-century mansion and Palma de Mallorca located in Palma.

You can see one of the most beautiful airport in this world in Spain is Barajas Airport.

The 42-room mansion is a cultural mix of the ancient tradition with modern traces and has a beautiful rooftop eatery serving the traditional delicacies and drinks from its exquisite collection.

New ZealandDream Destination for nature lovers

New Zealand is a den of natural wonders and sky-high mountains. Hikers often throng to the country to trek their way through the Tongariro Crossing or the Hooker Valley to witness the tallest mountain in the country.

New Zealand also has choicest Great Walks, which are day adventures for people with an adrenaline rush. The Great Walks tracks are signposted walk tracks with a mix of natural and steep terrain.

Visit one to witness the cultural significance and scenic beauty of the surroundings. Famed as the Lord of the Rings filming location, New Zealand also has many volcanoes and glaciers, making it a pool of natural beauty.

There is something for everyone here! Wine lovers can dig into the vineyards of Marlborough and taste the exquisite colonial Martinborough, wines, or the small bottles of chardonnay white wine. 

If you plan to go to travel New Zealand in summer it can be a good choice for you because you can visit the Bay Of Islands, New Plymouth, Ahipara, Moeraki Boulders, and many other places.

One can stay at the luxurious retreats of the country that offer holistic wellness packages that give a deep sense of calm at every visit. There are also mini-cabins for a luxurious stay giving a mesmerizing view of the glorious lakes and snow-capped peaks.

There can be an endless list of dream destinations, though we offer only the best five among the uncountable. Explore the world and its treasure bit by bit and enjoy the enthralling sights and sounds of these destinations. 

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