Where To Stay in Thailand: Best Accommodation Options in 2024

Thailand has become the dream destination for tourists around the world. The place is filled with monuments of Buddha in temples and serving markets, thick jungles, and rare wildlife. The beaches contain white sand with tropical reefs with attraction sites.

Bangkok is a go-to place to experience the full impact of Thailand. The region contains myriad markets, bazaars, wats, waterways, and rowdy nightlife. If you seek a full jungle, Chiang Mai has the wildest rainforest to explore for elephants before reaching the mountains of Chiang Rai Province.

Phuket, Koh Pha Ngan, and Koh Samui are heading to the south part, suitable for younger tourists with a love for nightlife and beach parties.

The island has watersports clubs and mountain climbers in Koh Lanta or Koh Tao to play reef games. You can enjoy different worlds by traveling to Koh Phi Phi or the Similan Islands close to Phang-Nga Province.

Accommodations in Thailand are affordable and easy to get. There are sufficient luxury hotels, rentals, condos, bungalows, etc., to spend your holiday. The traditions are welcoming in every part of the country.

Tourist Hotels

Tourist hotels are the first in mind when making a tourist journey. Many tourist hotels are in different parts of the country, but it is best to book ahead to avoid delays, especially during peak hours.

There are good hotels with the prices of B600 to B200. These rooms are top-notch with a mini-bar, AC, swimming pool, restaurant, and even nightclubs.

However, they lack a notable name and are fairly furnished with up-to-date appliances. These hotels were once the high-ranking accommodation in Thailand.

Thailand is home to many international big names such as Sheraton, Sofitel, and Marriott. The country-based hotels include Amari, Centara, and Dusit, with a cost of B3000 (£60/US$100).

Most home-decorated accommodations are in Bangkok, Ko Samui, Phuket, and Khao Lak, with an affordable night cost of B6000 (£120/US$200).


Airbnb is a popular and affordable way of getting accommodation. The act is legal in Thailand, unlike in some countries. The country allows tourists to take Airbnb for not more than 30 days except in the case of a hotel license.

Generally speaking, many properties in the country are up for Airbnb accommodation. The accommodation costs are as low as B200 to B450 depending on the luxury property. The method is cheap because the renter of Airbnb is not the owner of the property.

Get a free account with a few steps. The process requires your email, address, birthday, and password. The accommodation can be booked online using Google, Facebook, or other engines.

Guest Houses

Guest houses are in different options according to budgets. The cheapest room is well furnished with a double bed, blanket, and fan. The prices range from B150 to B300 for two people.

A stylish room with a luxury bathroom, AC, TV, and fridge can go from B350 to B1500. Air conditions will be redundant in the north part of Thailand during the cold season. However, the prices can defer depending on the location and level of competition.

Most of the guest houses also have nightclubs for night activities. You can book in advance through their websites around 11 am or noon.


There are many hostels for accommodation through booking because the competition is high. The accommodation style runs at low rates but with furnishings equivalent to hotels.

Most tourists find the accommodation welcoming and interactive. The style is upcoming with smart, modern, and non-affiliate styles in Bangkok. However, they are more expensive than guesthouses in the country.

You can get from single-room hostels to rooms with a parlor and kitchen. Some hostels are designed to hold a nuclear family during their vacation.


Camping is easy and affordable and, most times, free. The only cost you pay is the tent which costs B60 for two people. Some parks give the full stuff for B150.

A tent is suitable for tourists with the dream of touring around parks. Camping is authorized in every location, island, and beach because they are considered national parks.

Camping is cheaper and saves you money. You also get to meet other campers who can be interested in your touring plan.

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