Summers are a time when you want to relax and cool off from your regular life. Choosing a place to go to can become quite confusing and also time-consuming. Here is a list of places you can explore in New Zealand in the Summer next time you can plan. You will be stunned to discover these picturesque places that will rejuvenate you the way you exactly want. 

Visiting Places in New Zealand in the Summer

Bay Of Islands

If you are looking for the true summer temperatures, the Bay Of Islands is the perfect place to go. You could cruise around about 144 islands, sunbathe and get the tan you want. This place also houses many unique birds and provides you the opportunity to go for a swim with the dolphins. 

New Plymouth

This is a great surfing destination, and during the summers, you could enjoy a great climb up Mt. Taranaki. The view when you reach the top is worth all the effort, and even the journey is truly worth the while. You could go backpacking and make a lovely summer trip here. 

Mount Maunganui

This is one of the favorite destinations to go to New Zealand on a summer vacation or both backpackers as well as the locals. This place houses a beautiful seaside resort perched on a thin slice of land. The large expanse of white sand beaches makes this place the perfect destination for beach bums.


This place is known for its mighty Cape and the 90-Mile beach. It also provides the best left-hand surf breaks that you would not get anywhere else in New Zealand. You could also go deep-sea fishing and take bike tours or even go golfing, making this place an ideal go-to summer destination. 

Waiheke Island

You can reach this place by a quick ferry ride that leaves from Auckland. On this Island, you could visit beautiful vineyards, walk by the long beaches, explore the place on a bike or scooter, or even kayak your way. Soak yourself in the beauty of this serene islands and make your summers a truly memorable one. 

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Planning vacations and setting itineraries are always exciting. But first, we need to know that is what all we need to carry with us on our holidays. It largely depends on the destination and the weather we will be going into. You would want to look great on your vacations, and here we are listing for you all those fashionable essentials that are going to glamour up your next vacation!

new Zealand summer packing list

●       A comfortable pair of jeans: This is one of the most important things that you should carry to pair with anything you wear. When you are on a long drive, nothing feels better than a comfortable pair of jeans. 

●       A Lightweight Scarf: This can be used to jazz up a basic top and also can be used functionally to save yourself from chilly winds or AC.

●       Ankle Boots: These have the capability to make you look all glamorous. Wear it to a cafe or a pub; these ankle boots always make for head turners. 

●       A Printed Caftan: A caftan always helps after you are out of the beach in your bikini. Even otherwise, they make for a very stylish look. 

●       A Boho Top and Distressed Denim: One indeed sports a vacation look once you dress boho. This gives a very chill and comfortable look, which really puts you in a vacay mood. 

●       A Printed Skirt: Look all easy and breezy in a flirty printed skirt. A plain top with it really highlights the prints, which make you look stunning. 

●       Cute Cross-Body Bag: This bag is a must-have on a vacation as it helps you keep all your essentials together in one place. It goes well with almost all outfits and is convenient to carry around. 

●       A summer knit: This helps you in adjusting to temperatures quickly and can be paired easily with denims or skirts. It keeps you comfortable in case you have a change of weather.

●       Slippers: Walking on the beaches are the most comfortable in slippers. If you want to notch your lookup with these slippers, then buy one which has a slight sparkle or an add on that makes it look super cute. 

●       Ballet Flats: These flats keep you comfortable and stylish. Buy a colour that goes with most of your clothes. 

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Long flights often make us wonder how we would survive that long in one enclosed space. Many of us feel anxious, thinking about what we could do on the flight to pass the time in comfort. Here is a list of tips that you could consider before you take your next flight. 

  1. Keep your devices charged: Make sure that all the devices you are carrying with you are charged. The importance of a portable charger is perhaps understood the best aboard a long flight. Even though most long-distance flights have in-flight entertainment systems, long flights are an excellent time to catch up on the TV series or the movie you wanted to watch for a long time.  
  2. Comfortable clothes are a must: To survive long hours in a space where you cannot move a lot, you must wear your most comfortable clothes. Loose-fitting clothes are advised. If you want to style your airport look, do so but make it necessarily comfortable. 
  3. Sleeping accessories: Check with your airlines regarding the amenities that they provide wrt to your sleeping essentials. Carry a neck pillow and a light blanket if they do not offer one. A neck pillow is essential even if they do provide one because you might want to take a nap during the layovers, and then these pillows are beneficial. 
  4. For the sake of your ears and eyes: Carry an eye-mask so that you have an undisturbed sleep. Noise-canceling headphones and earplugs help you cut out the noise around you (maybe from a crying baby, or a couple arguing).  
  5. Fasten up: Make sure that you have kept your seat belt fastened and visible for the flight attendant to check so that you are not woken up from your sleep when they come checking for these.
  6. Carry sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes: Staying in an enclosed space with so many people for a long time exposes you to a lot of bacteria and viruses. You do not want to fall sick before you even land. So, carry and use them frequently. 

Stock up all you need for having a comfortable journey the next time you have to take a long airplane flight. For any of the essentials you require to prepare for your next flight, you could head over to Hotozcoupons for the best deals and coupon codes that will make your purchase genuinely worthwhile. 


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