City cycling tips: Top 7 Things You Need to Know

It’s not a secret: a bike on the road is associated with some danger.

The potential danger is hidden almost everywhere: speedy and noisy cars, unpredictable pedestrians, animals like dogs and cats crossing the road, and unexpected obstacles on the way.

Today, we will describe how to bike in a big city to protect yourself from accidents and enjoy the ride.

What Is the Meaning of Bike Riding?

Cycling is associated with transportation and sports. The bicycle itself was created in the 19th century (1817) but became popular only in the 1880th.

Reggie Miller, John Kerry, and even Jimmie Johnson love bicycles for daily use. 

In today’s world of obesity, more people are getting into cycling for fitness. However, city biking for beginners can even be more thrilling if you know how to start.

Before spending money and keeping a heavy bicycle in your garage, try electric bicycle rental. Make sure you like cycling before investing money in aggregate.

City cycling tips that will prepare you for a ride if you are new to cycling.

City cycling tips

Starting city cycling tip : New to the Jungle

If it is your first time, start cycling from a short bike ride. Try to get to someplace in the city but not to the meeting or work, so you do not have to think about time.

Nonetheless, your first trip might be a bit stressful. 

Before riding in the city, carefully study the route and map it out yourself.

This way, you will know it better. Generally, the first trip will help you to understand better what it is like to ride a bike around the city.

Helmet: A Choice of Safety, Not Fashion

If you want to start biking everywhere – buy cycling bibs and a travel helmet.

It’s not a shame to ride in a helmet. No driver will ever pass and judge you because of it. Moreover, it is a must for big cities out of safety precautions.

How to Use the Bike Path

It is not always necessary to use a bike path, but according to the rules, the bicycle must move on a bike path or line for cyclists. We advise you to drive no more than 3 ft. from the edge of the road and carefully monitor parked cars so you do not crash on the opening door.

Car Drivers Should See You

Many accidents occur because drivers don’t see cyclists. At traffic lights, try to go ahead of the cars. You will be visible and will not interfere with those who turn right. Don’t approach large vehicles, buses, or trolleybuses: their drivers can’t see you.

Drive Slowly on the Sidewalk

Don’t get mad at pedestrians or scare them. By the way, you can fret them even more with a bell. Instead, try addressing them by voice. 

Be very careful with children. They often do not look around and jump right under the wheels. If you see a child, be sure to slow down to the pedestrian speed. 

Pay attention to the dogs. The leashes can be invisible, and at high speed, it can lead to a severe accident.

Respect Others

If you decide to bike on the road, stop at a red light and move in the traffic direction. Monitor the situation on the road. Pay attention to traffic lights, road signs, and car turn signals. See what happens 300 ft. ahead so that you can change lines in advance.

Can Somebody Steal My Bike While I Am Getting Coffee?

Yes, and again yes. Therefore, always carry a bicycle locker with you and do not leave the bike unbuttoned even for a minute. Fasten it to special parking lots or to strong metal fences and poles.

Cycling has become one of the favourite hobbies for millions of people around the world. Thanks to regular cycling trips, you increase the body’s overall endurance and feel more alert, active, and stronger. 

After a month of biking, you will notice that it is easier to carry stress during the working day, and your emotional background is stabilized. Do you like biking as we do? Share with us your experience of the first ride!

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