Top Essential Tips to Travel With Kids

Whenever travelling with kids, the trip turns from ordinary to extraordinary as their expressions of excitement to one of wonder. So adults and kids can enjoy traveling.

We will talk about what is essential so everyone has fun. You will be learning the top tips on how to travel with kids.

#1 Planning and Preparing

Key to traveling the world with kids begins with planning and packing for it.

A comprehensive packing list is crucial. This way there is no chance of forgetting to pack those baby wipes or formula. Especially making sure to pack your child’s favourite cuddly play toy is essential!

Preparing to travel the world with kids begins by being able to do more walking.

Getting started is easy by doing some walking and running on a treadmill. When walking and running wearing the right shoes that provide both comfort and support are important.

Read more about choosing the most comfortable and best shoes for treadmill.

An easy way to create this list is using your smartphone so no worries about forgetting anything at the last moment.

Reminder Tip

Pack a small first aid or medicine container.

Remember to include any medications your kids may while on vacation.

Depending on where you are travelling, there may not be a pharmacy nearby. Though we do not want our kids getting hurt or even sick, having a first aid kit is essential for your best travel with kids list.

Include items such as antiseptic wipes and creams for cuts and grazes. If you have a baby that is teething, remember to pack a teething gel. Also, insect-repellents, which are safe and mild for kids, are a necessity when you will be outdoors.

#2 Research and Accommodation when travelling with kids

Especially when doing international travel with kids it is best to organize your accommodations.

For example, research in advance for child-friendly hotels. A tip is to email ahead to have extra bedding or other necessities.

Finally, research the tours and activities in advance.

You can still do ‘adult trips’ when travelling the world with kids.

Just plan some adventure travel while ensuring there is something specifically for the kids to do each day too – from a hotel swimming pool, playtime at the beach or finding a playground.

National parks are both fun and scenic featuring something for all ages. Usually parks will have kid friendly trails and activities.

For family friendly accommodations look no further than booking an apartment from Airbnb, which includes a well-equipped kitchen for kid friendly meals.

Also, staying in an Airbnb helps budget your family travel to enjoy more of the things you enjoy most.

An Airbnb is more spacious than a hotel room so you can enjoy that luxury travel feeling with your kids while they have space to move around and play while the adults have more privacy when compared to the ordinary hotel’s rooms.

Reminder Tip

Pre-booking some kid friendly activities online ensures the best travel experience with your kids and some great savings by booking in advance. This is also a great way to talk to your kids about your upcoming trip so they will be excited about what they will get to experience.

#3 Be prepared with an Itinerary

A crucial tip on how to travel with kids is to design an itinerary so both adults and kids.

Begin with picking enjoyable destinations and activities for all family members. If you have older children they can have some say about where to go or what to do.

This will get them more involved and excited about travelling. Key here is to alternate between the adult activities and kid-friendly activities.

Reminder Tip:

Remember when traveling the world with kids to schedule an ample amount of rest times. When traveling the world with younger kids, they will not have as long an attention span or your enthusiasm for long walks or sight-seeing.

For younger children, especially toddlers, a good idea to plan a trip to the local parks or green areas where they can let off a little steam and just be kids. For older kids, read teens, simply planning a food break or some technology time will be due.

#4 Air Travel with Kids

Air Travel with Kids

When air traveling with kids, remember to organize Zurich airport transfers ahead of time – either through the hotel or a private company, or at least have already planned the best way to get to arrive at your hotel.

#5 Train Travel with Kids

To enjoy train travel with kids just requires some simple preparations.

You will want to have a container with foods and drinks your children will enjoy.

Reminder Tip

Commonly passenger trains with dining cars will provide kid-friendly menus. However, on a crowded train booking the family for the dining car on a full train may be a challenge.

Highly recommended is packing some sandwiches like you would for a picnic to enjoy and make it a fun time for the kids. Kids easily can get hungry so packing some of their favourite snacks will help.

Remember to pack your kids favorite blanket for cool temperatures, and their pillow will make a long train ride more comfortable for them.

#6 Packing Spare Clothing

Accidents happen and spills can occur, especially on a moving train. Another travel tip is pack the kids clothing in a carry-on bag for easy access. This is where dressing your kid in layers will make it easier for them to feel comfortable as you can adjust it more easily.

#7 Some of the Best Countries to Travel with Kids

So what are the best countries to travel with kids? Here are a few suggestions that both adults and kids will enjoy the best travel with kids.

Costa Rica

First is beautifully exotic Costa Rica. This is an ideal family playground and travel spot. It is full of amazing exotic wildlife, colorful birds, monkeys and the incredibly adorable sloth, which all will make for an exciting experience for kids to enjoy. Costa Rica is also popular for its beautiful beaches as well as lush jungle, which includes scenic hiking and waterfalls

Honolulu, Hawaii

Family-friendly and breathtakingly scenic, this is one of the best travel places to go with kids. There is something for older kids or younger kids to enjoy and experience swimming in the scenic water, to relaxing beaches.

For older kids, there is surfing or parasailing. Families can enjoy with their kid’s canoeing for a fun-filled family day on the water.

#8 Travelling Europe with Kids

Europe offers some amazing destinations for international travel with kids.

Stockholm, Sweden

One of the best places to travel with kids is Stockholm’s Land and Water tour where you can have a fun-filled day. Or, there is the Stockholm Zoo, which features kids’ areas to interact with animals. A must-see is the Vasa Museum where kids can see the remains of a capsized ship.


An amazingly scenic country for exploring with kids as you can easily get around by train. To truly enjoy international travel with kids, start in Brussels and Bruges. Which features the famously delicious Belgium waffles along with other foods kids will surely enjoy. They can enjoy making their own chocolate dessert in a chocolate workshop!


Travel with kids can be both enjoyable and fun when knowing how to prepare in advance for their needs and interests. By applying these simple tips for travel with kids, you will find any trip can be luxury travel with kids.

So which tips did you find the most helpful?

Which of the tips for travel with kids will you use next time when you travel with your kids?

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