Unbelievable! Tour of the Haunted House: Pittock Mansion

Pittock Mansion

The Pittock Mansion is the French Renaissance styling that situates in the West Hills of the Portland, Oregon, USA.

The mansion got its original building in the year 1914 which was a private home for the London born Henry Pittock who was the Oregonian publisher and for his wife, Georgiana.

It is the 46 room estate building of Tenino Sandstone that locates on 46 acres, and now the place is owned by the Bureau of the Parks and Recreation. It is now open for the tourist’s areas.

Well, these days the house would situate on the expenses in the West Hills that would provide the panoramic views of the Downtown Portland.

Pittock Mansion image

The building has now got added to the National Register if the Historic Places in the year 1974.

The original construction of the house was in the year 1909 by a business tycoon Henry Pittock.

He found it as the private residence for him and his wife. The designer of the house is the San Francisco architect named Edward T. Foulkes.

However, after the completion of the house, there were many features added including intercoms, vacuum system, an elevator, indirect lighting, and the walk-in refrigerator.

The interior design of the house got modelled on the collection electrically of the styles which include Jacobean, Turkish, Edwardian, and French Renaissance architecture.

The Death of Pittock’s

The home was at the centre of the political scandal in the year 1911 when the Council member of the Portland City, Will H. Daly brought up the public attention to the Pittock that have arranged for the water line to the construction project.

Pittock Mansion image

It was entirely on the expenses of the city. The incident has contributed to the longstanding feud between the Pittock’s paper and Daly which had ultimately lead to the ending of the career of the councilman.

The wife Georgiana left the world in the year 1918 when she was 72 years old. Moreover, her husband Henry died in the year 1919 at the age of 84 years.

The Pittock family has even remained in residence at the mansion until the year 1958, and the villa was led by Eric Ladd who has stayed in the palace of the four years.

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However, the grandson of Pittock named Peter Gantenbien had put the estate on the market, but he was unsuccessful in selling it.

Later much damage was caused to the Columbus Day Storm in the year 1962 which had created the owner to turn the demolishing the building.

Well, after that the community has raised by $75,000 in the next three to ensure that the city should get attracted towards the property.

It has to lead the City of Portland to purchase the estate in the year 1964 for $225,000.

Pittock Mansionnn

Is Pittock Mansion Haunted?

Yes, it is true that the Pittock Mansion is the haunted place. It is because most of the people have reported to the hearing of unusual sounds which turn to be strange noises.

Also, they have acknowledged the funny things and the smelling Phantom scents.

Many visitors have found that the windows of the house shut and open up themselves.

They have even gone through the strange sound of the heavy footsteps and one portrait of Henry to move around the house.

The Tour guides have also been reporting for the encountering of the figures such that when they open up the mansion for the business purpose in the morning time.

Pittock Mansion haunted

Many other people believe that they have even smelled of the unmistakable scent of the roses which were the favourite flowers of Georgiana.

The groundskeeper has also seen and felt the visitors are being followed by the spirits when they come for the tour in the mansion.

Thus all these reports have been indicating the ghosts are being far from the malicious.

People have got the sense that the spirits are peaceful and they are even happy to let their guests inside and look at their memories.

Pittock Mansion Portland

The City of Portland has officially bought the Mansion in the year 1964, and for that, a nonprofit was formed even to take up the responsibility to upkeep the house.

Pittock Mansion photo

They have also spent many years on the repairing of the house and even for its restoration purpose.

However, in the year 1965, the mansion has reopened which got the name as the Pittock Mansion Museum.

Now public people can visit the place as a trip site. It is because of the death of Pittock’s in the mansion, that made people believe that the spirits of the Pittock’s still hang around the estate. It could be due to the strange occurrences that many people have reported in the house.

Pittock Mansion Portland Oregon Haunted

The sounds of the heavy boots that are walking around the yard and thus they are coming up into the side door have been under consideration by the Head Gardener or many other groundskeepers.

The entity has also seen it as identified for being the gardener. The staff has seen the happy couple Henry and Georgiana who have been spending time together.

The footsteps of the ghosts have been heard by the visitors around many areas of the house including while coming out of the rooms, the hallways, and even on the ground floor as well in the mansion.

The opening and closing of the windows by themselves. The items move around the house by themselves.

Pittock Mansion pictures

Also, the moving of the portrait of Henry in the house is like he is searching where the picture of his beloved ones should hang. She has been looking for the right place to keep it.

Well, many more people have even seen the reflection of the old lady in the glass if the painting. The aroma of the rose flowers indicates that Georgiana is present there.

Also, many have seen the apparition of the old woman who has been in the basement and also keeping up the visitor company.

Pittock Mansion Ghost

Well, it is the result of the paranormal experiences which made people think that there is a ghost. It has made the public through the number of sources.

An investigator of the paranormal behaviours went inside the room, and she has seen the presence of the group around in the mansion.

Even she has tried to caught the person and heard a friendly voice of a female uttering “Hello.”

Pittock Mansion portlandd

Still, people have been looking for some stories. They are even looking for personal experiences. They would be looking nice to see and looking for the hard proof for that.

It might be the case that Mr and Mrs Pittock have been listening to enjoy the retirement home.

They want to give good support to the staff. Hence they are even feeling gracious hosts to many visitors that have visited for the Pittock Palace.

The Pittock Mansion Ghost Tours

Many residents and the tourists drive up their cars to the historical place to see the Oregon Mansion.

They are coming to visit the museum so that they can experience the presence of the live ghost in the house.

The tours of those people have turned out to be fantastic. Many trips are opened to the public to have good experiences.

People have a faith that two ghosts and the early residents of the house have been still haunting the place.

Pittock Mansion

The tour guides have been seen to figure out the various ground floor rooms as they open up the mansion.

The red roses have even made people think the presence of the old lady.

Also, many believed the woman was viewing the selection of the pictures in the basement when she had even felt someone was looking at her. Also, she had seen an old lady who was wearing old clothes.

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