Ghost Tour of Haunted Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco

Queen Anne Hotel

The hotel situates in San Francisco on Sutter Street. It is the historic hotel 1890 Victorian Mansion which was later kept with the namesake of Queen Anne Architectural Style and then decorated with the painted lady style.

In original, it was the boarding school of the girls which has narrowly survived in the year 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

The hotel has turned out to be the popular site for ghost hunting these days.

The headmistress of the school is Mary Lake who is haunting the former office Room 410.

Also, one episode of the television show Haunted Hotels shows up the paranormal history of the hotel.

Also, The Queen Anne Hotel has received The Ghost Trackers for being the most haunted awards for the extraordinary evidence of the spirit energy.

The Ghost trackers are the ghost hunters in the hotel, Queen Anne. We would give a special thanks to the management which has allowed the public to capture the evidence and to capture the inch of the beautiful hotel.

Queen Anne Hotel images

Well, many people have gone through the ghost walk in the hotel. They have visited around six to eight blocks that were surrounding the hotel. They have noticed many paranormal activities in the hotel.

The Ghost Tour in Queen Anne

Well, the most famous ghost is of Mary Lake. People had many experiences with them. They have booked Mary Lake’s suite for some investigations.

There was nothing ordinary after renting a suite of Mary, but the fact was that people had not felt frightened after that.

Well, it can clearly describe that Mary was a nice lady and of friendly nature. She cared for her child.

The vibe has moved around the whole hotel. Mary Lake has unpacked the clothes of particular guests. Also, she has tucked them in for her bed.

Enterprise Many GEOs

The door of the elevator has opened and closed by itself. Many have tried to capture out the pictures of Mary Lake.

That time made people scared, and hence they have planned to leave the place as soon as possible.

Many had enjoyed the site, but others had gone. The incidents recorded by many people turned to be everlasting in their memories. They cannot forget the things, and the time they have spent there.

Queen Anne Hotell

It is even true that when someone comes to visit the place and have a check so that they can buy then Mary Lake never let them do so. She is not at all ready to sell her area.

Mary wanders the halls and the stairwells which have made the appearances regularly.

It has lent her to haunt her place. The room number 410 was Mary Lake Suite.

Many people buy it to experience to know the story for what has happened and what could be the story behind Mary Lake ghost.

She continues to make the tapping noises and the consistent playing sound of a piano which would have even turned mischievous.

The staff members have experienced the regular pull off their clothes. Also, she has been regularly primping in front of the mirror that is on the second floor.

The Queen Anne Hotel Haunted

Many investigators have gone through it and discovered the places. Mary Lake was unaware of such practices by the people. The dark, cramped areas had lead to the bowels in the hotel.

There were many hallways and the doors such that they had not opened yet.

There was even one tense feeling as you would also wind up the ways around the four flights of the wooden staircases that were very beautiful.

Queen Anne Hotel image

Many investigated cold spots became evident in the hotel. These sots were the open windows in the evening time. The hotel was near to the Pacific Ocean.

People had heard different sounds every evening. Many group members have even felt nauseated in many areas of the hotel.

Many others were to develop the headache. Many had heard the sounds of the footsteps outside the room door.

Many others believed the presence of the shadow in the rooms. Well, yet now nobody has seen the ghost of Mary Lake, but then also they had found the physical appearance of the spirit that had wandered the whole hotel.

Well, we must say that the hotel is beautiful and decorated but deliciously haunted.

It is the management who has lent us to investigate many things. It has even let people take interviews with the employees and many other guests. They had shown a good courtesy which would always stay there as expected.

The Story of Room 410 – The Mary Lake suite

It turns to be the restless night when the guest visits the Queen Anne Hotel and ask for the Mary Lake Suite.

There would occur a lot of unwanted paranormal activities that would turn people scary and hence, unfortunately, they had to leave the place the next very morning but many other people are enjoying living there.

They especially look to rent Mary Lake’s room to notice the unusual things that others have experienced.

Well, one thing we must clear is that room 410 is the most famous room in that place. You might see it on the number of shows telecasted and on the websites.

Queen Anne Hotel room

Well, it also trues that guests have found even Mary Lake to be a kind woman. She would tuck her guests in the bedroom when they sleep.

Also, many have seen that their suitcases were neatly unpacked after they return to the bedroom.

It was a lovely experience though. It shows how caring Mary used to be such that she is still looking after the visitors to her place.

It might be the affection that the children of the area show to their Headmistress such that the ghost is still prevailing in the area.

It would be the pray to students which lent Mary to live forever in the memories of people no matter if it is in terms of the ghosts. It has kept on haunting the happy walls of the house.

All the newspapers never end up writing about Mary Lake when it comes to the name of the hotel The Queen Anne Hotel.

Well, we must say the management is the best to let us do whatever we want to do in the hotel like that in the investigation sites.

They have helped people to experiences new things. Also, we must recommend you to at least visit the site once in your life to notice the care of a ghost.

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