Hotel Monte Vista: The Most Haunted Hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona

Hotel Monte Vista

It is the famous historic hotel monte vista which situates in the block north from US Route 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The hotel got entirely manufactured in the year 1927. It is the centre of attraction of the other primary downtown district with 73 rooms placed on the three floors.

Many celebrities had a good time at that place. These people include Spencer Tracy, John Wayne, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, Esther Williams, Anthony Hopkins, and Barbara Stanwyck.

Also, these people have gone through the ghost sightseeing while being at that place.

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One important sightseeing involves the name as “Phantom Bell Boy.” It is a ghost who knocks at the door of the guest when they are sleeping in the middle of the night.

They even go for talking to them. The hotel locates at 100 N to San Francisco Street.

Also, the hotel has remained to be the filming location for the romantic drama Casablanca in the year 1942.

Monte Vista till date has been the famous bar with a fun venue for a lot of people. Well, after reading the reviews of people, I must say that at least once you must visit the place.

Hotel Monte Vista

The tourism of the place has arisen in the year 1920, and it happened after the residents agreed upon the Flagstaff as the first-class accommodation.

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The hotels that existed primarily were the old and the outdated once at that time. The planning for 73 hotel rooms began in 1917 and ended in 1927.

Officially the name was a community hotel to honour the people who have invested in it.

But the name Monte Vista means the mountain view by given by the twelve-year-old winner.

Later in the early 1960s, a private investor took it as his property and now it is one of the real Northern Arizona treasures.

Hotel Monte Vista Ghost Stories

The hotel has many ghost stories as per rumors by the people who have visited the place. The place is haunting.

Monte Vista Hotel Story PaperBook.

Well, we cannot confirm you for that but one thing we must say is always fun to explore the new areas with your viewpoint regarding a place.

Think of the nearby buildings that have the same age as per the hotel. There are many rooms and the halls where people have noticed the spirits of the haunt.


If we think of the colorful history, then we will conclude that it would be not surprising to note that some of the ghosts stick around for an eternity.

They encourage us to communicate with them. But altogether, it will give us an extraordinary experience.

If you doubt something, then you can visit employees in the building to clear out your doubts.

The housekeeping staff will provide you with the best details regarding the history of the Hotel Monte Vista.

Hotel Monte Vista Room 305

Once the story of room 305 got featured as the television show named “Unsolved Mysteries.” Till date, chamber 305 is considered to be the most active room of the area.

In the office, many reporters have reported that according to the people view, they have seen one woman who is sitting on the rocking chair near to the window.


The guests and the housekeeping have reported for itself movement of the chairs.

They have also seen a knock coming from inside the closet.

According to history, the people say that one old woman was the permanent renter who used to sit on the rocking chair near the window for the long hours.

Nobody was able to guess that what was she looking for or looking at. It can be something for which she was waiting or the natural death phenomena.

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The Haunted Rooms of the Hotel Monte Vista

Well, we have reported many stories that relate to the haunted rooms of the Hotel Monte Vista:

The Bank Robber

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It is the story of the year 1970s. Three men robbed the bank, and during their work, the bank guard came up one man out of three.

Despite being injured, the three planned to celebrate their day with happiness. They stopped in the lounge for a drunk night.

But unfortunately, the men who got wounded was dead while they were drinking that night.

And then both the partners of the dead man and the hotel staff listened to the words saying “Good Morning.”

Those people have even reported saying about itself movement of the barstools and drinks.

The Woman of the Night

One district named Red Light of the area Flagstaff was just south of the railroad tracks.

The place is two blocks away from the hotel. In the years of 1940s, the two prostitutes came into the hotel room 306.

But someone murdered both of them and then thrown away from the third floor of the hotel window. They both fell to the cold street below.


Many guests even reported the reports of being awakened in the middle of their nights. And then they could not sleep because they believed someone is looking at them.

Also, many people have reported the feeling such as someone has placed over hands on their throats and mouths which made unable them to breathe.

The Hotel Monte Vista as Haunted

Well, there are many other stories which have been reported to date. We are here to share all of them with you. We suggest you visit once and have experience by yourself.

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The Phantom Bellboy

The guests in the hotel reported that there was a knock at the door, but they found no one when opened.

The boy used to stifle the word as “room service.” But one person has tried to figure out the bellboy outside of room 210.

The person was John Wayne. He had seen all these facts during the stays. But he found that the ghost he has seen was friendly with him.

The night seemed to be scary but was not for Mr Wayne. The housekeepers have even experienced the antics of the boy.

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One person stated that there was a young man who has got dressed up as an old fashioned red coat that consisted of brass buttons which were walking up and down of the hall.

The Meat Man

The story is of the 1980s of room 220. One lodger was present in the place of a dead man after three days.

A maintenance worker was working with the repair work. When he completed his work, he turned off the lights and then locked the door.

But after sometime when he returned to the room, he found the television on with high volume and the linens were scattered around the room. Today the fact is prevalent on the video.

The Story of Poltergeists and the Voices

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The housekeeping staff has come up with some problems to the state. But this with the light bulbs that were getting unscrewed or many other occasions.

It has turned their behaviour to be much frustrating, and it has rarely become a problem for the guests of the hotel monte vista.

Next, to the building, there was a Post Office and people used to see many paranormal activities like figures moving inside the building. But the fact was no one was able to figure out the truth.

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