Ghost Tour of Philadelphia Fort Mifflin: History, Images, Facts

Fort Mifflin

Originally named as Fort Island battery, Fort Mifflin got commissioned in the year 1771.

The Fort sits on the Mud Island on the River Delaware near to Philadelphia International Airport.

During the Revolutionary War, the British Army exploded and has captured the fort to be the part with the conquest of the Philadelphia in autumn season 1771.

Later in the year 1794, the United States Army began to rebuild it and then they continued to garrison it. It has housed the prisoners with the American Civil War.

Fort Mifflin Philadelphia

The foundation of Philadelphia was in the year 1681. It lies on the Mud Island near the bank of the river Delaware and river Schuylkill. It was the most important for the settlement of the defence.

fort mifflin images

A Quaker named William Penn had some objections related to military life, and thus he left Philadelphia undefended.

Later Europeans come up for the permanent settlement at that place then they had protected the fort.

The Quakers first rejected the military, but they had made peace with the Native Americans so that they can avoid the need for fortifications. But many other countries had to suffer from conflict and warfare.

Enterprise Many GEOs

Philadelphia got the ranking of the most significant British port and the Dockyard in North America. But many local people protested against the policies of Britishers.

And as a result by the Board of Commissioners, the board has passed the bill to construct a fort on the Mud Island.

The commissioners have gone through the review planning, and then they proposed that everything was expensive there.

Fort Mifflin Ghost

fort mifflin Philadelphia

Well, we must suggest that if you want to sleep in the fort, then it is all according to your own risk. It is an optional point due to the paranormal activities present along with its investigation.

People go there to explore the building belongings, myths related to each part, and the legends who are the permanent residents.

Officials provide people with the coffee and the light refreshments for those who survive there at that night.

The exploring journey begins at 7.00 pm with the ticket cost of $90 for one person. Throughout the year, people would see the site to be the most haunted area.

According to the National Historic Landmark Fort Mifflin invites some people to visit and explore the new facts regarding itself.

The place is right for those who love history and haunted history especially. Also, the fort is available for the private paranormal activities in the whole year.

Certains dates might have got blacked out. It might be due to the booking purpose or due to some other events in programming.

fort mifflin enterance

Along with the investigation regarding ghosts, Fort Mifflin has hosted many other public programs.

People enjoy being there. No matter if it might be a bit scary, but it relates to reality. The place has made our investigators very curious to visit.

Fort Mifflin Haunted

People find it to be the best area to roam around and then find the most exciting things to see around.

It is an excellent place for tour guides. Well, only a few people think of reaching the fort and thus learn up the interesting stories regarding the people safety.

Well, being old, it has become a haunted place. People address it as a cool place to check out once in their life. You will find some things to explore.

Fort Mifflin Ghost Tours

fort mifflin name

Well, you will not see any decoration or any hype but only a few candles they are lit.

Well, you will have a chance to meet the real ghosts. Many people had candlelight experience with the walking tours in the area and site.

The spirit lasts for at least for an hour. Many people have a great experience with fun activities to pass their time before they begin their tour. The tour turns to be rainy or the moonlight one.

But when you are planning for a new journey, you must be sure that you are not there with the naked feet and be with the attire. The tour departs after every fifteen minutes.

Ghost Hunters Fort Mifflin

Once you go through the investigation of the Ghost of Fort Mifflin, then you will once again go for the reinvestigation.

People come for the mystery, and thus they stay for the history. You will find a variety of physics, vendors, and much more.

fort mifflin gate

They will take you to the special tours to the haunting house and the history. Be with the special guests and some other paranormal groups.

You will find a lot of paranormal and historical displays with a good number of lectures and the presentations.

The ghost hunt is the most haunted session that you will ever find in the Fort Mifflin. It would be with the seasoned paranormal investigators or the two. You need to have a small taste as the Ghost Hunter.

Fort Mifflin on Delaware

We regard the place to be the most haunted site and the area. The guides in the area are friendly and informative.

They let people through some things with the photography of the wildlife present in the area. The place comes under the highly recommended site.

fort mifflin pictures

People always look for something new while you checkout. Do not regret yourself for not visiting it at least once in your life.

People there even celebrate the women’s history day at the fort. It is the event to honor the women of that area for their bravery purpose.

Fort Mifflin Battle

Fort Mifflin also was known as the Mud Island Fort was the British land batteries till the year 1777.

The area was under the command of Captain John Montresor and British naval Squadron under the Vice-Admiral Lord Richard Howe.

fort mifflin parad

He attempted to capture the American tomb near the Delaware River under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Smith. The operation got successful at the end.

It only happened after Major Simeon Thayer evacuated the place on the night of November 15. And the next morning the Britishers occupied the site.

William Howe fort Mifflin

Sir William Howe occupied the fort with the British Army on 26 September 1777. It has become essential for him to supply the troops.

The Army came up in the middle of Delaware and Fort Mercer at the Red Bank, New Jersey.

fort mifflin image

There were some obstructions in the way. Howe brothers had to the Seige of the fort so that they can clear the river. Also, the British warships got destroyed which had run aground near the Mud Island.

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