Hessdalen lights Norway mystery solved – A Documentary

Hessdalen lights explained

Hessdalen lights, In the year 1981, Norwegian people started seeing something unusual in the sky. Tinted lights swung silently came into view above the vale.

Prying spectators discovered the strange lights are best seen from a grade at the north of the gorge, eyeing south, and within few years the UFO hunters started congregating on Hessdalen lights.

And there has been one of the longest and the most scientific of all UFO investigations.

It has been given many names; some call them ghost lights, some call them UFOs, whilst some call them Earthlights.

Hessdalen lights

It hasn’t been cleared, yet, what these lights are exactly, however, Hessdalen’s inhabitants don’t look too worried.

Though some are still thinking over the fact- are Hessdalen lights real?  The population of this village only consists of a few hundred people. 

UFO researcher, Dr. Erling Strand, in 1983, started a project and named it Hessdalen as a kind of core agenda for all the information obtained by UFO researchers and other examiners.

Strand was sure that some mysterious division of physics was liable for those strange lights, and he persuaded as many researchers as he could in order to merge with his project.

mysterious division

Project Hessdalen Lights

Project Hessdalen was built on a mechanized measurement station on the famous hill, with an evident view of the sky pointing south to the valley.

It was loaded with an amazing series of technical gear. It not only incorporated with tons of optical cameras, however, magnetometers, tools for measuring low rate electromagnetic energy.

Compensair Many GEOs

Interestingly, the station incorporates a number generator that randomly generates numbers, as a part of the Global Consciousness Project, which strives for to prove that combined human awareness foresees crucial occurrences by changing the output of the random number generators.

Global Consciousness Project
Global Consciousness Project

Seemingly, this is to examine whether the emergence of the Hessdalen lights is some kind of psychic phenomenon.

The automated station discovered that the Hessdalen lights generally appears in the sky at night amid 9 pm and 1 am, especially during winters.

Numerous photographers have taken pictures of the Hessdalen lights and posted on several online websites.

The photos can be seen on the official website of Hessdalen lights at hessdalen.org.

When they emerge out in the sky, each light sustains a persistent color temperature, and its range stays unchanged.

Hessdalen Lights Solved

The researchers dig deep in order to attempt and track down this mysterious new section of physics.

cosmic rays

One of the acquaintances of Dr. Strand, Dr. Massimo Teodorani, an astrophysicist and radio astronomer, suggested, out of several theories they studied that the Hessdalen lights might occur due to these possible activities;

solar activity, cosmic rays, ionosphere activity, magnetic monopoles, Rydberg matter, piezoelectricity, mini-black holes, and quantum fluctuation of the vacuum state.

None of these reasons could substantiate the Hessdalen lights, except for some characteristics of piezoelectricity, it was likely to discover some proof.

Teodorani gave a very different explanation. He theorized the whole scenario in a different manner.

Hessdalen lights stated that water oozes into cracks in quartz in the gorge, and when the water freezes, it puts pressure on the quartz, triggering a piezoelectric effect that develops an electrical current.

electrical current

He presumed the presence of a flying ball of plasma, probably fired by the piezoelectric current, and the equilibrium of his intricate theory includes the aspects of the plasma.

It attaches to water vapor airborne mold microorganisms. It maintains itself balanced because of complex contracts and retains its shape due to a supposed ‘cool coat’ of ions and water.

This isn’t a very satisfying explanation; it is more likely an unconventional hypothesis.

It ties together some extreme assumptions, only a few of them are credible or have been paid attention to, ever.

What we have learned so far about the earth’s history is when water freezes inside rock cracks, it breaks the rock.

Hessdalen Lights pics

Not for once has it ever been perceived to leave the stone unharmed and release the energy by bringing into being an electrical current that develops flying plasma balls.

Northern lights

Another thing to look at is that natural quartz does depict the piezoelectric effect; however, there’s very small quartz in Hessdalen. It is almost schist and sandstone.

Even though the schist contains tales of quartz, it easily gets broken by ice and releases any force.

Ultimately, the piezoelectric effect in a few natural rocks exists, however, hardly visible.

Teodorani didn’t look into the root of what’s causing the emergence of lights in the sky; rather, it all started with the hypothesis that the cause is the distinct geophysical method that came out of the ground, drifting.

Hessdalen Lights norway

He came up with another hypothesis supporting this assumption. Beginning with a description, and performing in reverse in order to try and complement the examination, is contradictory to what an actual science does.

Phenomenon [Hessdalen Lights]

There have been sightings of 53 lightings during the field examination. Dr. Strand organized together with the author, the first international congress of the Hessdalen lights phenomena in the year 1994.

This meeting lured scientists from all over the world and improved scientific research in Hessdalen.

Reports from Congress signify that descriptions of the occurrence could direct to new theories in physics.

The congress began the partnerships between Vestfold University in Norway and CNR in Italy.

hessdalen lights live

The author started the EMBLA project with Dr. Stelio Montebugnoli, with the intent of researching the electromagnetic radiation and nature of the Hessdalen lights in Norway in 1999.

The Hessdalen lights still lit the skies up; however, their rate has been decreased to 20 observations each year.

The success is the result of more than 25 years of research and when Italian SETI scientists got engaged with much highly technical equipment.

Hessdalen Lights Debunked

The flashy plasmic balls could be as huge as a car. The scientists now conclude that the Hessdelan lights are the outcome of a natural battery hidden underground, developed by metallic minerals that respond to the sulfurous river running over it.

Some scientists believe that the Hessdelan lights are caused by a kind of plasma. Plasma is cold and could kill the micro-organisms, as well.

Hessdalen Lights history

However, it’d need an extremely high temperature and a massive amount of energy to be manufactured.

Others think that the Hessdelan lights are some sort of ball lightning since similar ball lightning has been seen and examined in China exhibited they were developed of iron, silicon, and calcium, which are found in Hessdalen lights, along with an extra element called scandium.

However, the Hessdalen lights do not emerge when there is a bolt of lightning, directing Dr. Hauge to propose another idea.

He suggested that the valley’s form, geology, and climate produces a huge electric charge and that still electricity on the foothills were beaten by strong winds.

Others consider that the flashing lights are fuelled by radioactivity and the deterioration of radon in the atmosphere.

According to them, the Hessdalen lights were ‘dusty plasma’ comprising ionized dust particles.

Floating light phenomenon

Coming back to Teodorani’s theory; he stated that a floating light rose out of the ground due to a unique geophysical process.

Even though this theory received any recognition, it still wouldn’t be a satisfactory one for the Hessdalen observations.

hessdalen norway lights

People live through the Hessdalen valley, and not any of the examinations have incorporated lights emerging out of the ground.

To have a sight of the Hessdelan lights, one has to climb the hill at the north end of the vale, and glance at the south. 

He believed that the plasma balls are in the gorge and drifting in the air; contradictory to the researches that assert the lights are evident to the south of the watching point.

Maybe the basis of the lights is located somewhere which is the reason why probably no one saw these ‘plasma balls’ flying over them, then emerging above. Who knows?!

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