The Most Dangerous Town in Universe: Dudley Town (Black Country)

Dudley Town A Black Country

Dudley town was never an actual town rather than it was given that name nearly in the 1740s by Thomas Griffis.

He was the first one who settled there and after him Gideon Dudley in 1753 Barzillai Dudley and Abiel Dudley.

It was supposed that this town was a forest earlier who is being converted into the fertile land by the above native peoples who were supposed to be settled there.

Some people’s also believed that the Dudley town was a part of the Cornwall. As Dudley Town was located on the top of a hill so it was not so much fertile and farming on this land was a big issue.

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Dudley town sometimes called a Black Country because of the existence of the Black Country Living Museum.

The museum was open for the public in 1978 and now has more than 50 shops, houses, and many industries nearby.

The Dudley town was not alone called Black Country but it includes a lot of cities to make it a whole black country.

History of Dudley

As far as the history of Dudley is concerned there were rumours about the little town that this town is being CURSED.

The rumours were that in 1510, Edmund Dudley, an English nobleman, tried to overthrow the king HENRY VII and betrayed him and after that, a curse was put on him, his family and on their future generations also.

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The family shifted themselves from England to the Atlantic, America in Connecticut but they were followed by the curse.

The curse took place in the form of crop failures along with the mental illness in the town. After that, it was found that people started committing suicides.

There was not any sort of information that why he betrayed the king. The result of the curse was that there was more cultivated land and the fertile land is being converted into barren land.

The native people of the town became deprived of the fresh drinking water.

Does the Town had Actually a CURSE?

Some historians also founded that Edmund after betraying the king Henry VII, his son John Dudley had a desire for the throne and for that he made a plan by arranging his son’s (Guilford) marriage with the Lady Jane but there plan failed and the so-called curse was put on them.

After that Guilford brother, who was an officer in the military, came back to France and came with a plague killing his regiment soldiers and spread in his country killing the peoples of his own country.

There was no proof that the curse followed them to America as John Dudley has only two sons.

Dudley Town

One died when he was a child while the other one settled in Italy and started his family, so it is clear that there was no link between the William, his son’s and the man who founded the town and it can be said that the town was no longer haunted places by a Curse but at the same time we can not also deny some supernatural activities and some horrible and terrifying pictures captured in that town.

The Dudley Town was founded in the 1740s but in about 60 decades the town was abandoned. It was believed that the town was plagued by Ghosts.

A lot of paranormal activities were also captured of that town. By the 1900s the population of town went for nothing, the houses were not repaired and the town was falling into nothing.

Around the 1900s, a person named William Clarke who was a professor of surgery and taught in Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and later on renowned for the best heart specialist loved the forest (earlier Dudley town) and bought 1000 acres of land including Dudley town.

Dudley Town pictures

William and his wife build a house for themselves in Dudley town in 1918 and visits the same for a holiday trip on summer weekends.

An emergency was called on in New York and Dr. William has to be there and after his return, his wife sounded to be attacked by some creatures in the forest and after a few times, she committed suicide as the other people in Dudley town had done earlier.

Several years of the death of his wife Dr. William also suffered from a chronic illness and died.

Omio Many Geos

Industries In Dudley

Dudley town has its own industrial revolution and many industries started in that town.

The attraction industries of that town were the Coal mining industries, the industries which make cement by using limestones along with some timber industries, textile industries which converts the fibres into yarns and the yarns into fabrics, the industries which are related to the production and purification of the metals, some industries also includes the production of iron metal and steel metal from their raw form i. e. their impure form etc.

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Some people’s also claimed that the depletion the town was because of the rapid increment of the industries in the town.

The result was that the town became uninhabitable lacking of pure drinking water and bad sewage conditions and poor sanitation.

Some historians believed that there was no “ so-called Curse” but it was a misfortune followed by misery and nothing else than that.

Dudley In World War II

Dudley had its own history in world wars as this town was targeted by the enemies with bombs like Luftwaffe and many landmines resulted in the destruction of Churches, death of noble persons of the town and the buildings crushed into the land.

In 1999 Dark Entry Forest privately owned the land and there is ‘no hiking’ and ‘no trespassing’ and if anyone caught for doing that he would be punished.

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