A Tour of the Haunted Cuban Club in Ybor: History, Images

Cuban Club in Ybor

The building of Cuban club got manufactured in the year 1917. It was to replace the earlier one that got burned.

The building came into existence once again so that it can serve as the gathering place for immigrants of Cuban in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida.

The building came into existence by the Tampa Architect M. Lea Elliott. The address is Palm Avenue in the 14th street.

By the US, in 1972, the place turned to be the National Registered Place of the history.

cuan club ybor

The building has many rooms which include a ballroom, cantina, a library, pharmacy, spa, and alley.

Everything around the building has the decoration with the imported including its tiles. The glass has turned stained now.

The Cubans had an impressive craft talent in the late 19th and 20th century. Cubans used to form the recreational societies who had distinct degrees of success.

The organization aimed to keep bind all the Cuban residents to Tampa into one fraternal group.


It was so that people can offer assistance to others. The Club had a place for the members, and they even had the power to serve the unifying force in the community of Cuban.

The Building of Cuban Club

It was an unfortunate behaviour of fire that destroyed the whole club in the year 1916. And the members than planned to replace and form the new one.

The older design was with the four-story with the yellow brick building which has some neoclassical model of the elements that resides on the original place.

Cuban Club image
Image Credit: Cuban Club

But in the present time, it is a two-story building with a lot of rooms as mentioned above. The Ballroom ceiling is highly classic that displays elaborated morals.

It even has one house to practice gymnastics, one swimming pool, and the best two bowling lanes.

Enterprise Many GEOs

The Courtyard in the Building

The Courtyard of the building is to the west side which takes up around the outdoor facilities for more than 40,00 square feet.

It is the exclusive place to host down the boxing matches and the shows of the best entertainers including that of Benny More and Celia Cruz. Also, it has hosted the music shows of Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey.


The Grand Ballroom is the place where people go to host their wedding receptions and many other parties of dance or New Year Eve.

The capacity of the situation to hold people is around 2,000 to 4,500 people. The area has got proper fencing and gating. It can even get expanded or contracted according to the necessity.

The Grand Ballroom

The place is ideal to set on wedding receptions which are more than 5,700 sq ft on the fourth floor.

Many other people host Gala Theme events, Holiday Parties, Corporate functions, and some others go for the Charity Fundraisers and Trade shows.

cuban club pictures

The room gets filled up with the natural light if it is a day time event, but for evening events it takes for the indirect cove chandeliers and lighting that leads to a warm and intimate atmosphere.

The seating capacity of the room is 480, and the standing position is 700.

The Theatre

The theatre of the Cuban Club has turned to be spectacular. It is all with the lavish and the extravagant decor that would take you one back to the bygone era.

It is the best place to conduct dance performances, concerts, plays, recitals, comedy shows, educational seminars, church services, and weddings.


The site is for 475 seated people on the terrace with two levels along one balcony. It is best to make for intimate performances where there is no seat for the people up to 45 feet away from the stage.

Along with this, there are three dressing rooms small is size, one lighting room, a balcony, and two exterior ticket booths.

The Theatre Lobby

It is the most spacious place in the building. People feel it be a fantastic location that has a permanent bar and the original imported tile floor.

It has some open space that people may use for multiple purposes. The capacity of the lobby is around 300 for the cocktail event.

Also, it has invited many other limitless configuration possibilities. The standalone bookings for the theatre lobby are at least before 75 days.

The Cantina


There are three total tiers of Cantina which includes the private street entrance level with the permanent stage and one large full-service bar for the adjacent restrooms.

The Cantina is the ideal place that suits corporate parties, meetings, VIP functions, receptions, and many other dance events.

The ceiling of Cantina is mounted with electrical outlets that would expand the power options. The standing capacity for the place is around 780 people.

The Cuban Club Haunted

Well, many people have not yet visited the place, but still many people have shared their experiences with us. They found the place to be haunted in many ways.

One says the elevators were running by themselves and the doors were opening in actual with no one inside them. A person tried to close the door but he could not.

cuban club photos

Many other people have told the stories of lurking spirits. They are the young actors and the play writers.

People found the theatre to be the most haunted area of the building. He had experienced the images of people sitting on the chairs. Also, he had captured videos of them with him.

Many others found the swimming area to be haunted while swimming. The case was of a nine years old boy who got drowned while he was playing there. Many paranormal activities were experienced at the place.

Once seen there was nothing unusual but later when the photographer zoomed his camera he found the face of a person that was lurking in the window.


The photo was of around 3 am. Also, many people believe that several ghosts run throughout the year in the Cuban Club.

Guides of the place have even reported the presence of a spirit at that place. They assured that the ghosts host the area on the first midnights and they conduct a tour to Halloween night.

Many people conducted their tour to the pharmacy place by paying the dues. It was a hangout for them.

But now the building has turned to be a hangout for the spirits to take in part.

The place has got ranked in the first ten haunted buildings in the country. Well, no one could prove it to be, but many people have experienced the paranormal activities to conduct at the place.


Well, even once if you visit the home, you will get attached to it. There are many cases of suicide in the building. Many videos have photos that have proved it to be.

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