Roanoke Island

Get a chance to experience a new adventure at Roanoke Island Festival in an old-world.

Roanoke Island, a festival park, the 25-acre historic site allows the guests of all ages to experience what life was like for the first English settlers in the year 1585.

The interpreters costumed historically are featured throughout the settlement Site and the ship, Elizabeth II demonstrates how the early settlers worked, lived and played on Roanoke Island.

Roanoke Island Festival Park

People have the choice to visit the Adventure Museum and American Indian Town for a hands-on history lesson.

This festival park also serves as the venue for concerts, weddings, and events in the indoor theatre or outdoor waterfront.

Roanoke Island photo

This park offers you a stunning location with nature trails, piers, and picturesque views whether you are enjoying indoor or outdoor.

You can experience an unforgettable adventure on the outer banks at Roanoke Island Festival Park, where the first settlers’ history comes alive.

It is one of the unique destinations along the outer banks. This island is not bordered by miles of shorelines unlike the other regions of coastal North Carolina.

These shorelines are adjacent to the Atlantic Waves. The area of this island makes it more than in history, culture, dining, attractions, and scenery.

Roanoke Island is a vacation destination place which is home to the largest concentration of the Outer bank’s attractions.

Roanoke Island Facts

The main reason for the wealth of historical attractions along with this island is its stature which is the birthplace of English settlements in North America.

It was home to the first “trial settlements” which were sent by Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Walter Raleigh.

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The first colony of North America was established on this island in the year 1584 which named a military settlement.

This colony initially was comprised of male soldiers, sailors, and builders who have set to work a building home and to confer with the local Native American tribes.

Roanoke Island Theories

In the late 1500s, Roanoke Island was put on the international map. The military colonists were sent back to England after some issues with the local Native Americans.

After sending back the military colonists, a new colony was sent to Roanoke Island which included regular citizens of England women and Children.

Elizabeth Dare, the captain’s daughter was pregnant during that shipping time, and she gave birth to American’s first English born baby on Roanoke Island. The baby named Virginia Dare.

Roanoke Island pic

After two years of landing on the Island, all 200+ members of new settlement disappeared and left no trace except for two words that they carved on two trees. The two words are “Cro” and “Croatan.”

English people continued to send more colonies and settlements on the island for its fantastic location and geography. There had miles of timber on the island to serve as supplies.

The island had turned into a thriving small town by the 1900s decades after the war. The island got formed into a small town with a waterfront community that was filled with businesses, government offices, and also a movie theatre.

Roanoke Island images

At that time, the city remained quietly busy with residents and all over tourism activities. In the 1980s, this island officially stepped into the spotlight as the country celebrated its 400 years.

Roanoke Island had become one of the most popular Outer Banks for the unofficial tourist attractions.

Roanoke Island Mystery

What Captain John White saw at Roanoke Island was mysterious and utterly unbelievable. He saw there were no more English people. There were no signs of life on the island.

Some people said that the colony got wiped off by the violent, deadly storm and this was even easy to imagine on the island.

Some other people said that the English settlers had got subject of brutal attacks by the nearby native tribes of the island to prevent the future colonization on the island by the English settlers.

Roanoke Island photos

Other people said that English settlers had intermingled with and got absorbed into the natives, that they became comfortable with them.

More than a hundred people were lost on the island including 90 men, 17 women, and nine children.

This loss of lives has marked the mysterious end of the first attempt made for establishing a permanent settlement on the Roanoke island in the new world.

Things to do on Roanoke Island

Walking full day around Roanoke Island involves the incredible historic sites and attractions for which the island is best known for.

Visitors on the island will find plenty of fun activities around the water and even away from the most popular sites of the island.

The town of Wanchese is an incredible favourite spot with the charter fishermen and dozens of boats.

If you are planning for the fishing adventure there, then you will use one of the established fishing vessels which launch off the coast of Roanoke Island.

There are many private boat ships throughout the island which makes the island a boater’s paradise. Watersports lovers will find much fun there.

Roanoke Island pics

They will never forget the fun waterfront adventure there. Visitors of all ages and skill levels can visit and enjoy this fun waterfront.

Wildlife lovers can also enjoy a lot there with the handful of nature trails and birding platforms.

The island is a natural paradise for any person who loves a pleasant walk through the forests like favourite hikers and bird watchers.

Relax down yourself by shopping over the island whether your trip includes indoor or outdoor activities over the island.


Nowadays, the visitors from all over the island flock the area for the fun day trip which revolves around some outer banks which include best-loved attractions like NC Aquarium, the lost colony outdoor drama and the Elizabethan Gardens of the island.

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