Snake Island

Snake Island gets situated 25 miles off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean. It is illegal to visit over here.

One deadly snake per square foot stays over here. There are many legends behind this island.

Since a fisherman who went too close to its shores was found dead in his boat, no one even dared to go over there. People lived here until the late 1920s only for a short period.

At that time, the lighthouse keeper and his family did not survive as they got killed by vipers which came in through the window.

Another legend tells that pirates introduced snakes to protect the treasure underneath the island.

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Earlier this island was a part of Brazil’s mainland, but 10,000 years ago when sea levels rose, it got separated.

People still want to visit this island because deadly vipers venom is helpful in heart problems.

Ilha da Queimada Grande

IIha da Quiemada Grande is one of the world’s deadliest island as it has the highest concentration of venomous snakes in the world.

It is located approximately 33 kilometres off the coast of the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

It is small in size with different types of terrain, from bare rock to rainforest with a temperate climate similar to the neighbouring island Nimer.

It is the only home of venomous Bothropsinsularis or pit viper which survives on the diet of birds.

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It has a variety of vegetation. When rising sea levels covered up the island, snakes became trapped in it. Queimada Grande gets closed for the public for protecting both snakes and people.

Only the Brazilian Navy and researchers permitted by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation are allowed to visit.

The Golden Lancehead which is the most venomous snake gets found on this island. This snake relies on only two birds despite 41 recorded species on this island.

One being the Troglodytes musculus which avoids the lancehead and the other is the Elaeniachilensis which feeds on vegetation.


Snake Island Black Sea

This island is also known as Serpent Island which gets located in the Black Sea, near the Danube Delta.

This island has a population of around 100 people. Frontier guard members of the armed forces and technical personnel mostly live here with their families.

The island was given a name Leucos by the Greeks and was also called Alba by the Romans.

Snake Island covers an area of 4.6 million square feet. It is difficult to believe that this island has 1-5 snakes per square meter of the island.

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This island was a part of a border dispute between Romania and Ukraine in 2004-2009. During this dispute, Romania contested the borders around it.

Its border guard gets regularly resupplied by air. This island lacks behind in the fresh water source.

Snake island also had a lighthouse which got built in autumn in 1842. It was an octagonal shaped building which is 12 meters tall.

This lighthouse got destroyed during World War II by Russian aviation and retreating German forces.

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The island is home for between 3,000 and 4,000 deadly snakes. The viper’s venom staying at the island can melt the human flesh easily.

Earlier there was a plantation on the island, but when explorers saw the snakes, everything went wrong.

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Moreover, migratory birds are also the inhabitants on this island. However, they reside there only for a short period as they get either slaughtered or eaten by snakes.

The viper is of yellowish brown colour. The snakes living on the island has a mortality rate of 7% without treatment and 3% with treatment.

Most Deadly Snake

Snake Island is the only home of the Golden Lancehead which is the most venomous vipers in the world. Its venom is three to five times stronger than any snake residing on the island.

A human bitten by this viper can die within an hour as it is capable of melting human flesh.

Snake Island

In North and South America, most of the human deaths got caused due to Lancehead snakes.

There are 2,000 to 4,000 snakes on this island. This island is uninhabited, but earlier people used to live here.

In today’s time, navy visits periodically to the lighthouse to make sure that no adventures are wandering too close to the island.

This snake’s venom is very demanding in the black market as it has shown positive results in curing heart disease, circulation and blood clots.

What is the Most Poisonous Snake in the World?

There are about 600 toxic snakes in the world. Among these, Fierce Snake or Inland Taipan is the most poisonous snake in the world.

It is capable of killing human beings in less than an hour as the paralyzing venom of this reptile causes haemorrhaging in blood vessels and muscle tissues.

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It is highly neurotoxic. The hatred of this snake is intense enough to kill 12,000 guinea pigs.

This snake has excellent eyesight and sense of smell. It relies on the diet of rodents, small mammals and birds. Inland Taipan avoids human contact.

It is a mammal hunter, so it kills especially warm-blooded species. It strikes with extreme accuracy, often hitting many times on the same attack.

It is very fast and agile. Despite being very aggressive, it is quite a shy snake and prefers to escape from a difficult situation.

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Islands always seem to be a paradise where you can sit and relax, and one can experience a peaceful state of mind.

Everyone loves to visit on the island, but the island named Snake Island which appears terrifying from the name itself would not be the same as the other islands.

Although this island is full of deadliest snakes, still I have a desire to visit over here.

People are not allowed to visit here, and so there are no particular reviews and experiences regarding this island.

I have no idea whether visiting over this island would be a pleasant experience or not, but one learns a new chapter of life from his/her own experience. So why not try once to open a new episode of life!

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