Know About The Mysterious Emergence of This 50 Year Old Surtsey Island

Surtsey Island

Surtsey consist of the Island which is considered to be volcanic erupted island and got formed during an eruption that took place in 14th of the November in 1963, and this happened after the volcanic eruption started in the underground of 130 meters.

The explosion took place for time for about 5th June 1967. So, this Island got formed out of the volcano, and that made a long year’s interval.

Naturally, outsiders get not allowed over the area but people, who wanted to visit the place or want to research it out, should visit the centre Surtsey Visitor Centre in Heimaey.

This centre is located near the harbour and got originated in 2010. People visit this centre, so to visit Surtsey Island and study them.

Even this centre has just become out the part of the Exhibition Pompeii of the North, and after being part of this, it can centre itself around any Island which gets formed out of eruption during 1973.

Surtsey Island
Surtsey Island

Even it gets said that they allow time machines to used by visitors, so they could quickly get all the information by getting in past as well present.

Even they could predict the future situation of the Island as well. So, now get some more information related to the Surtsey Islands.

Why is Surtsey Important

Surtsey is an Island formed during a volcanic eruption which comprised of 32 km that from the south coast of Iceland.

The volcanic eruption took time year interval from 1963 to 1967. So, it gets formed in a very long period.

It is more outstanding that the Island is preserved and protected for a long time and thus provides us with a pristine natural laboratory. This Island is free from outsides that are humans.

surtsey god
surtsey god

This area includes vast information related to the colonization process from a long and unique time for the operation of plants and animals with this new land.

The study of Island got started in 1964, and this study shows the arrivals of the seeds that w carried along with the ocean currents and they also found the appearances of the bacteria or fungi or molds.

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Then by 1965, they found the first appearance of the Vascular plant, and from the end of the first decade, there were ten species related to that plant.

Then these islands during 2004 consist of 60 vascular plants with other spices as well. So, the Island gave the presence of many species and this originated life on Surtsey Island.

Surtsey Island Animals


During the first-ever spring of the Surtsey Island, the seeds as with other plants were said to be hybrid with the new shore, and then some of the found seeds were collected and then that got germinated in the laboratory. So, these were the first creature to get located on the Island.

Later in the spring of 1965, another plant was found on the shoreline of the Island. It was sea rocket, and others also got collected and that were sea sandwort or sea Lyme grass and even an oyster plant.

These seeds could resist the salty water of the ocean, and they washed off and got found on the uppermost part of the shoreline.

Who Lives on Surtsey?

When the Surtsey was cooled up, then the many geologists or biologist or ecologist visited the place and studied the site, and now from a long time, the area is considered to be the part of a biologist research program which was conducted by the Icelandic and also includes of American Scientist.

Surtsey pictures
Surtsey pictures

They also got the very precious opportunity of studying about the Colonization of the process of the new land of plants and animal’s life.

The Island consists of the inhabiting plants and their seed during spring that is it was carried off by the ocean. Humans get not found on the Island, and it just consists of other creatures.

Surtsey Pronunciation

This Island belongs to the Iceland which was formed out by under of the sea by Volcanic Eruption that took for a long time from 1963 to 1967.

It is about one mile that is 1.5 km in its diameters and also about 500 feet that is 150 meters in its height.

It gets located over the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago which gets situated over the southern coast of Iceland.

As no human gets found over the Island, it is the islands with all creators expect humans.

Surtsey Island

surtsey erosion
surtsey erosion

This Iceland is a volcanic erupted Island and was formed during years 1963 to 1967. The volcanic eruption lasted for a long time.

The outburst that occurs over the area was unexpected, and it indeed started erupting in some days.

As outbreak was going on it begins the formation of the island in its circular shape. The explosion was caused over by lava, and even the sea water consists of the erupted rocks.

Then the volcanic eruption reduces in size when the produced island was such that the seawater could not reach the vents of the Island.

How Old is Surtsey Island?

The Surtsey Island took itself about five years for formation after it got cooled and settled, this Island goes about fifty years.

This Island has become old, and the creators are found to get located over the area in number.

The Island has given the land for the creator, and it efficiently studies by researchers. This island is under organic searches and programs.

birth of an island
birth of an island

How to Tour Surtsey Island?

The ordinary outsiders could not visit the island. The area can get covered by the people who want to research it out.

The people that are interested in the geology of the island have first to get connected with the Surtsey Visitor Centre which gets located in Heimaey.

This centre was originated during 2010 and has also become the part of exhibition Pompeii of the north that helps to visit all those places which get formed during eruption during the year 1973.

Even it gets claimed that they provide time machines which could be used by people to visit the past and study about the island and can also visit present. So, they could predict the difference in past and present.

So, this was all about Surtsey and if you like reading then keeps continuing you!

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