Ghost Stories of the Haunted St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum

St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum

Hearing footsteps, bone-chilling screams, feeling someone just touched you- these only exist in story tales. Or does it?

The world is an intriguing place for us; it has a lot of curious things to share with its inhabitants.

You could never tell how some historical tales could convert into a persistent assertion of inexplicable phenomena.

Similarly, claims of the St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum is the haunted place is one of those assertions that happens to be true.

Haunted Lighthouse St Augustine Fl

The ghost hunters from the TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) investigated the St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum.

During their investigation, they have heard a ghostly female voice asking for assistance.

St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum pic

Alongside they have witnessed footsteps and shadowy figures; what could be the explanations to all these is still a question.

The avid search for supernatural activities in old places has become a vital part of the local tourism business.

St Augustine, Ponte Vedra, and the Beaches Visitors and Convention Bureau’s manager, Barbara Golden, asserted that there are currently eight ghost tour companies in the city that are associated with the VBC.

Barbara stated that the visitors mostly opt for the night hours as an extra activity, and numerous people visit this place due to its haunted reputation and accessibility of the St Augustine lighthouse ghost tours.

Haunted activities and ghost tours are a fixed part of the VBC public relations arena since they include attractive ways to promote history.

Barbara further asserted that several tours are impressive little scenes that depict real people and ancient figures with thought-provoking stories.

Haunted St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum Ghost Stories

An interesting illustration had been given at the Dark of the Moon tour that proffers its service at the St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum since 2006.

The most tragic true story that transpired with the children of Hezekiah H.Pittee, who was the superintendent of lighthouse construction from 1871-74.

St Augustine Lighthouse pic

The children were playing on a supply cart that ran on the trails to the current location of Salt Run.

The children were trapped due to the wagon’s hitting the gate; they were trapped until a worker came There and lifted the cart up.

The youngest children, Edward and Carrie alive, whilst the oldest, Eliza and Mary, didn’t.

What most people don’t know is that there was another girl who was involved in the incident. A 10-year-old girl, of African American descendant, died there, as well.

Hladik, an English major at the University of North Florida, mentioned that her name wasn’t registered in any major sources; however, they discovered about her via other sources about her presence there.

Another article spoke about a lightkeeper named Joseph Andreu. He fell from about 60 feet when his support failed to maintain stability while he was painting the tower.

The occurrence took place on Dec 5, 1850. He passed away whilst doing his work- the article wrote.

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St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum Haunted History

Hladik said that in the St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum, haunting tales they tell at the St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum are all old and remarkable in nature, which is why people take much interest in order to learn more about the past as well as loves horror flicks.

St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum

Though Hladik isn’t a ghost hunter, however he has seen several unusual things at the lighthouse premise.

He talked about catching sight of a shadowy figure in the tower, a hand emerging out of the tower door, and tell about moving furniture by itself

Recently he encountered something that he would never have envisioned in his lifetime and probably would stay with him as a daunting memory.

In the keeper’s room, as he went inside, he felt as if someone grabbed his ankle.

He found it pretty and exciting as he was only halfway thru the tour. He just haphazardly tripped over the air- he claimed.

The dark of the moon tour started on a seasonal basis to get the most of the Halloween industry. However, it became so popular that the tour is now offered year-round.

Some of the ghost hunters bring EMF meters with them or hire one. The meters assess the electromagnetic field of an area; according to ghost hunters, the specters are made of energy that could be determined by these devices.

St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museumm

Lighthouse Ghost Tour St Augustine

When TAPS visited the St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum in 2005, the lighthouse found its place in the haunted tour industry.

Numerous television episodes were made based on St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum on the sci-fi channel show- Ghosthunters.

Tons of videos posted on YouTube depicting the paranormal activity of this place.

The St Augustine ghost tours lighthouse management doesn’t do anything to gain too much attention, nor they let someone dress up to create a scary artificial environment.

The session is still about the history of the place. however, the darkness and the power of proposition combine to concoct a semi-spooky atmosphere.

st augustine lighthouse pictures

When the St Augustine lighthouse ghost hunters investigated this place, they found plenty of proof that incited people’s interest.

Some ghost hunters from different places visit this place only to examine what activities go on around here.

Shannon O Neil, the spokesperson of the lighthouse says that keeping the St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum’s history as authentic as possible is a responsibility, and it is crucial for them.

The stories they share are all true, and this site has been active for 300 years, so there would be a lot of stories to share.

Ghost Adventures st Augustine Lighthouse

Whether its day time or night, the much-loved activity around here is climbing 219 spiraled stairs to the peak for a broader view.

Once they reach her, the interest to find out about the history of St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum creates inevitably.

St Augustine Lighthouse images

Shannon said that the visitors go to the keeper’s house and develop their interest as to how the family lived and worked here, and how severe the circumstances were. Soon it exposes the whole story.

Keeping people intrigued and things historical is all about balance.

The entry fees assist in maintaining the shared museum running and sponsor new exhibits.

Around 200,000 visitors come here to witness the St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum, every year.

The federal government constructed the St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum from 1871 to 74, and it still holds its original Fresnel lens consisting of 370 hands made prisms.

The tower is re-coated every 5-7 years.

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