Best Historical Places in the UK You Must Visit 2024

Best Historical Places in the UK

Best Historical Places in the UK: Spring has said the final goodbye and summer is waiting to be warmly welcomed. Now is the time you would like to spend your holidays in beautiful destinations.

Of course, this may not be possible now due to the outbreak of a pandemic, but once the lockdown is lifted, life will be back to the track.

The UK is one of the most popular countries that has a myriad of tourist attractions. When it comes to making a holiday trip, you often envisage about beaches, sun-basking, and the most popular places among people.

However, there are various historical places in the UK and overlooked destinations that are more worthwhile than spending your evening on the beach.

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Such historical places offer you a fascinating history, rich culture, and traditions. If you have kids, it will be a good idea to visit such sites as it will add to the knowledge of your kids.

Witnessing such historical places will be a fantastic experience. Here are the tourist attractions you should visit historical places in the UK.

Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle
Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle is situated in England and was made in 1385. It is the most picturesque castle. Every year thousands of visitors visit here to explore its resplendence.

The architecture of the building allows for an interpretation. It is that the display was an essential aspect of the design as well as defense. It had been the home of the Dalyngrigge family.

The castle is operated by The National trust now. The trust also runs a wide range of activities throughout the year for visitors. Most of the events are kids-centric. It will be a good idea if you accompany your family there.

The design of the castle is what still captivates people from all across the world. It is a quadrangular design and a beautiful lake surrounding the castle, making it ravishing.

The Chambers are on the outer walls and towers on each of the entrance points. The corners seem to be boasting of the strength of the castle.

Castle Rising

Castle Rising
Castle Rising

Castle Rising is located in Norfolk. It is one of the most architecturally compelling ruins in the UK. It is not much popular among tourists, but it exhibits many ecclesiastical designs.

William d’Albini built the castle in 1138 for his wife. Once upon a time, it served as a hunting lodge. It is the best historical places in the UK.

The castle is also famous for other notable features, especially in the great hall. The castle has carved roofs depicting male figures. You can also see the carved pictures above the entrance of the Chapel.

Temple Church

Temple Church
Temple Church

The Temple Church is situated in central London founded by Knights Templar in the 20th century. One of the most intriguing features of this church is its round shape.

The building of the church is divided into two sections: the round church and the rectangular church. The former is the original church building, and the latter was built around half a century later.

The Temple Church stands between the flat street and river Thames. It may be hard to find it. Make sure that you have checked all directions before visiting here.

You will have to pay a nominal amount of fees to explore the church. The Temple Church is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am until 4 pm.

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Noltland Castle

Noltland Castle
Noltland Castle

It has faced the troubled history of Scotland bravely. You can consider this castle an ordinary one from the 16th century, but its structure is what makes it stand out. At the outer entrance, it has an inscription that had been taken from the Bible.

Noltland Castle was built between 1560 and 1574 by a builder named Gilbert Balfour, but unfortunately, the construction work stopped in the middle, and the castle could never be brought to its finishing point. The primary building consists of a central block that has completely dark.

On the ground floor, you will witness a regular kitchen and stores along with a beautiful flooring and spiral staircase.

The castle had seen its better days by 1572 when Lord Robert Stewart seized it. The dark period did not end here because it was set on fire in 1650 and the second time in 1745.

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Dunster Castle

Dunster Castle
Dunster Castle

Another beautiful historical site you should visit in the UK is Dunster Castle. It lies on the top of the Tor and has been erected there since the Anglo-Saxon period. The castle was built at the beginning of the 12th century.

It was expanded several times between the 17th and 18th centuries. Manor house was modernized two times: firstly in 1680 and secondly in 1760.

A significant part of the castle was knocked down by the end of World War II. But it was refurbished again to fit it according to the Victorian taste.

The castle has now a vast collection of strawberry trees. You should pay a visit to the castle once used for defense.

Roman Baths

Roman Baths
Roman Baths

The Roman Baths are situated in the city of Bath and came into existence between 60 and 70CE. It is the best historical places in the UK.

The Roman Baths that are for public bathing were ruined a century later after their creation. This area was recreated several times between the Early and Late Middle Ages.

Making a trip to Roman Baths will be a pleasant experience for your family. If you are accompanying your kids, you should miss this opportunity. Roman Baths also run several activities like Roman Rescue.

This will be an entertaining experience for your family and friends. A Roman slave will be guarding hidden treasure that you will have to find by solving a puzzle in a given time.

It also conducts a Weston Heritage Day that allows you to investigate the local history of Romans. Attending such events will be a great advantage for your children.

Similarly, you can explore the beautiful spa collection at the Lansdown North store. You can also learn T’ai Chi, Chinese martial art for defense training.

Weekly sessions are held for half an hour. If you want to participate in these activities, make sure that you know about the schedule as they are not run regularly, and all of them are not free of cost.

Broughton Castle

Broughton Castle
Broughton Castle

The castle was built in 1306. It is the best historical places in the UK. It is a moated castle, a home to the Saye-Sele family. You can visit the castle during the summer only.

The castle lay on an artificial island and surrounded by a wide moat. Across the bridge lies a parish church of St Mary that is encircled by her cemetery.

If you want to make a trip to the UK, you must visit these historic places. It will be a pleasant experience to know about the rich history and culture of the UK that is gradually fading into modernity.

It will add to the knowledge of your kids. This time it may not be possible to visit due to COVID, but next year you can plan this surely. Check How to be safe from coronavirus while traveling?

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