Most Haunted Place in the World: New London Ledge Light House

New London Ledge Light House

Well, I must say that the New London Ledge Light House is the locally most famous place for the ghost in the world. The ghost name is Ernie who has been haunting the house allegedly.

The guard the coast has a crew to the duty at that place who has even reported to the unexplained knockings that take place during the night time.

The area is haunting consistently with the closing the opening in the repeated pattern.

The turning on and off of the television sporadically and many other accidental removals of the sheets from the beds have turned on the curiosity among people to visit it at least once in their life.


It is the Coast Guard officer who has even written in the log of the crew and explained the incident of the New London Ledge Light House.

He said about the automated light system had got installed. Also, many reporters have gone inside the place to know more about the ghost of Ernie.

The reporters noted the noises of someone whispering in the whole night, and they had captured it with themselves on their cameras.

New London Ledge Light House pic

Also, the place has many other featured of the paranormal activities and other reality shows like Ghost Hunters.

However, many other researchers continued to say that there was no evidence for the paranormal events that were taking place in that area. They had not explained the cold spots.

Minot’s Ledge Light House

Minot Ledge is the one out of many rocky outcroppings off from the coast of Cohasset and Scituate. It has also been the scene of the countless shipwrecks.

In the year 1842, the Inspector named I. W. P. Lewis who provides service to the New London Ledge Light House had emphasized the need on the Minot’s Ledge.

New London Ledge Light House im

Also, he has sustained his judgment by Captain William H. Swift. The Captain recommended him that an iron-pile the lighthouse which would offer him with the less resistance to waves than the stone tower.

The Location of Ledge Lighthouse

The building of the New London Ledge Light House stands alone in the sea area and on the tiny humanmade island.

The building has even turned to be the symbol of the maritime New London.

Enterprise Many GEOs

Now people know the place with the name of New London Ledge Light House. It lies in the mouth of the Thames River, and thus it has served us a lot for the century.

In around 1900, the board of New London Ledge Light House had determined that there was an increase in the boat traffic to the New London harbor such that they warranted a new house that would act as the supplement to New London Harbor Light on Pequot Avenue.

New London Ledge Light Housee

The process of the authorization of the building began in the year 1906 by the United States Senate.

Then the New London Ledge Light House got created in the year 1987 with the goal to tend the construction of the lighthouse.

The work was under the non-profit organization. The goal was to restore the area lightly and thus publicize history.

The management had to reuse the whole museum, gallery, and tourist attraction.

The Ledge Light House Ghost

There is Ernie who is the ghost today. His younger wife has run off with the captain of the Island Ferry.

Thus he felt loneliness and was full of grief such that he climbed up on the roof of the house and thus jumped. However, still, people have not found his body.

New London Ledge Light House

However, people believe that his business is still not over with the New London Ledge Light House.

There were many facts about Ernie which would be sometimes hard for us to come by. However, people have come with some stories.

We do not know even that if he existed or not to somewhat of the mood point by now.

He has also grown as a legend, and he has a good association with this Lighthouse such that it would be real even.

Green’s Ledge Light

It is the historical place present in the western Long Island Sound near Norwalk.

Today the New London Ledge Light House has become a typical example for the pre-fabricated cast iron light tower on the tubular foundation.

Swimmers compete here annually in the Arthur J. Ladrigan Racing. It is famous for the racing of one mile from the lighthouse to Bayley Beach.


Cleveland Ledge Light

It is the historical place that falls in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Well, the lighthouse has generated much less interest in the people, and thus the General Service Administration put it on the auction in the year 2010.

The biding gets to December, and then the winning party bought it for $190,000. Now it has got owned as Cleveland Ledge Lighthouse.

Well, the place has many viewing attractions for which now it is open for tourist attractions.

New London Ledge Light House photo

Peck Ledge Light

It is the sparkling lighthouse in Norwalk, Connecticut in the United States. The place is around two miles away from Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk and can easily be seen from the beach.

It is the cast-iron structure that is still not open for the public to come up.

It is around a 54-foot high house which has got painted with the white along with the brown band in its middle.

It is the three-story building for the living space with one basement with the cisterns for the storage of rainwater.

New London Ledge Light House Tours

It would hardly take around ten to fifteen minutes to narrate the whole ride to the Ledge Lighthouse. The lighthouse is surrounded by water from all sides.


The access must have some mobility as once you may step off from the boat to the landing ledge and climb up the stairway from the entrance of the house.

The Ledge Light Foundation tour guides will be there with you to answer all your questions regarding the place.

He will help you to explore the rooms that are full of historical information and photographs.

Also, there is one air-conditioned theatre, and there it would be easy for you to watch the orientation film in that area.

You are free to move anywhere inside the house and thus think about past life.

Also, there are memories of the keepers who were living in that place. Even, you will get to the resident of Ernie, the keeper.

New London Ledge Light House image

Also, there is one gift where you can buy the products that are related to the lighthouse.

Also, there are the benches where you can sit and then enjoy the better views in the town and thus waiting for the boat so that you can return.

The whole will take around two to two and a half hours trip. The tour to the place gets started in July and August at the evening at 4:00 pm and Saturday timings are 1.30 pm.

Also, the trips to the site all depend upon the climatic conditions in that area at a particular time.

You need to wear loose clothes and sensible shoes. The public has the authority of free parking places.

New London Ledge House Haunted

Well, the first thing that makes the haunted place is the loneliness of the house in the water.

It stands on the human-made island and the unique landmark to disturb the public that visits it.

Many people have reported going on. Some people said about the negligible footsteps and the opening and the closing of the doors by themselves.

Also, the guard had listened to his name being called from the upstairs when the man was sleeping. Well, many people have talked about the helpful ghost, Ernie, The Keeper.

New London Ledge Light House images

Ernie committed suicide when his wife ran off away with the Captain. Moreover, from that time the strange things had begun to happen at that place.

Being the keeper, Ernie is still helping to clean the house and thus remove the dust from the windows.

In actual it is rare to see the ghost sightings, or we can say that the visiting women would have seen the ethereal resident.

People believe that Ernie still keeps tending the house after his death. He has been playful with the visitors.

Ledge Lighthouse Japanese Ghost

Well, after one video by the Japanese Reporter the place has become famous.

The Internet came up with the number of people online to see the ghost name, Ernie and his story behind becoming a ghost.


The place has the unusual looks in the United States and believed to be haunted by Ernie who was the keeper.

The video by Japanese has exposed to the showing up of the group of students who investigated the Ledge Lighthouse.

They had even gone into the room and thus got attacked by the whirlwind for the flying objects.

There were huddled in the corner and flying off the objects. Also, the guys who reported felt scared, and were not in a condition to move.

However, they had come up with the story of Ernie and concluded that his body was never found.

Elbow of Cross Ledge Light House

The Elbow of Cross Ledge is on the Northside of the ship channel. It has got built to replace the cross Ledge Light.

The projection of the Cross Ledge used to give a slight turn in the channel of the ship.

Thus people felt that the elbow projection was much use for them. Now it stood to some distance to the present channel.

Well, we must tell you to visit the place at least once in your lifetime. It is the haunted area with a good ghost who is ready to help the visitors. Thus we recommend you to have the best experience.

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