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Tadiandamol Trekking Information

Coorg, a place full of eternal beauty and peace, attracts you to its upper surface. Tadiandamol Trek 5735 feet is high, which is one of the best places for its greenery and peace.

Tadiandamol means in the Kannada language a considerable stone or mound (mountain).

Tadiandamol Trek

Tadiandamol Trek is one of the most beautiful treks in India, and it is a place of interest for trekkers and naturalists.

Tadiandamol is one of the sites mapped during the trek trigonometry survey.

Tandiandamol Location

Tadiandamol Trek

Tadiandamol (Thadiyandamol) is the highest mountain in the Kodagu district of Karnataka.

Tadiandamol trek is the third-highest Peak of Karnataka, and it is only smaller than the peaks of Mullayyanagiri and Kudremukha.

The village of Nalakand (Nalnad) Nalnad means ‘4 communities’, situated at the foothills of Tadiandamol, is known for its beautiful plains and weather.

Tadiandamol Weather

Tadiandamol Trek


Duration: March Month To May Month

During the summer, the daytime weather is mildly warm at 35 degrees, but at night the temperature decreases to 17 degrees.

Summer weather is favorable for tracking.


Duration: June Month To October Month

Southwest monsoon and north-east monsoon cause heavy rainfall in Tadiandamol.

At this time, the view becomes even more delightful, and there is a full movement of tourists.


Duration: November Month To February Month

The weather gets freezing in the winter, and the temperature ranges from 5 degrees to 12 degrees.

The weather becomes gorgeous and full of greenery.

Tadiandamol Trek in August Month

The weather in August becomes very suitable for this place for trekking. This place is filled with tourists in August.

In August, the weather brings more beauty, and it becomes even more beneficial for trekkers and naturalists.

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Tadiandamol Trek Trekking Details

Tadiandamol Trek

Nalknad Palace

You can park your car, bike, and bus in the Nalknad Mahal.

There is no parking fee, and you can buy snacks and water bottles from here.

Distance Between Nalknad Palace to the viewpoint: 1.9 KM


Tadiandamol Trek

The place from the palace to the viewpoint is suitable for the motor there, but still, you cannot take your big vehicles there.

You can take the bike and your SUV car, and the viewpoint is the last point of the road.

Distance Between Viewpoint to Forest Entry point: 300 Meters

Forest Entry Point

Forest entry point is the starting point where the trekking starts; from here, you are charged according to 20 rupees per head.

There is a food shop around here, where you can buy the goods you need.

Distance Between Forest Entry point to camping site: 2.1 Km

Tadiandamol Trek Banned

However, it has been banned for tracking there since 2016. Some people go there to the foothills of the mountain and experience beautiful scenes.

Most currently, Tadiandamol trek Homestay is going on. But you can come here and see the panoramic views, enjoy the greenery and the peace here.

Question Hub Of Mysterioustrip

How long is Tadiandamol Trek?

Tadiandamol is a moderate level trek with a total length of 6 km.

You can quickly complete this tracking in such a day, and you can complete the journey soon.

How do I get to Tadiandamol from Mysore?

The nearest railway station and airport is Mysore, which is 100 km from Kogadu.

You can quickly get a bus from everywhere to Mysore, then from Mysore, you can go to Kagadu, and from there you can continue your journey.

You can come here quickly by BY Road, By train, and By plane.

How do you do Tadiandamol Trek?

The journey of Tadiandamol trek begins in the first phase with a waterfall that captivates the mind of the Nalkanad Palace. 

From there, you reach the end of the road from Vievoipont and there. During the journey, you will always experience an inner peace that will make you feel more attractive.

The journey from the forest entry point to camping is uphill and can make you tired, so keep the items that do not dry the throat with you in the journey.

This journey of Tadiandamol trekking will make you more interested in your trekking.

Any fee to be paid for forest department for Tadiandamol trek

You do not have to pay fees everywhere; you are charged only Rs 20 for every person for taking entry from the forest point.

You can see this beautiful and beautiful place of nature for a fee of only 20 rupees.

Once reaching the peak of Tadiandamol, how we need to get back do we need to follow the same trek route or how?

Once you reach the peak of the Tadiandamol Trek, you have to follow the same path and come down. You have to come down the vice versa of the way the journey started.

You have to come from the forest entry point to viewpoint and then to Nalkanad Palace; if you are going as a group, then you can make the journey enjoyable.

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