Top 7 Best Treks in Nepal | Things to do in Nepal in 2024

Best Treks in Nepal

Interested for trekking in Nepal? But completely unknown about trekking trails of Nepal. Then, no worries, we are here for you. We have listed down 7 of the best treks in Nepal, at least at the moment.

Nepal, a nation most famous for its Himalayas offers diverse trekking trails. Being the house of 8 of the highest mountains in the world, trekking trails of Nepal attracts hundreds of trekkers in Nepal.

Due to unfamiliarity with the geographical features of Nepal, trekkers find it difficult to choose their trekking destination.

Best Treks in Nepal

Likewise, before you decide what trekking trails you would like to opt for, we would like you to consider a few things.

First, what level of difficulty are you seeking? Because Nepal’s trekking tail ranges from 2000m to 5500m above sea level.

Likewise, there are different types of trekking styles in Nepal. For instance, remote area trekking, tea house trekking, and trekking in restricted areas.

Secondly, there is a budget to consider. You should know, that trekking in Nepal is not cheap.

Yes, Nepal is one of the cheapest countries to travel to in South East Asia, however, sometimes expenses of things can overwhelm you. Hence, you should plan your cost and make a margin while trekking in Nepal.

Thirdly, how many days and the best time to trek in Nepal? Time is necessary and one should know to make better use of it. After all, it is the timing that matters.

Best Treks in Nepal

To get the best view, one should when be on the spot. So, taking time and days into consideration, be mindful of the trails blooming season and when you will get the best views.

Hence, putting all the above-mentioned points in mind, we have jotted down 7 of the best treks of Nepal for you.

We hope this blog will give some insights and help you to select your favorite trekking destination.

1. Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek

Best Treks in Nepal, One of the most preferred trekking trails in Nepal. Everest Base Camp attracts the majority of trekkers of Nepal.

Not only the trail is home to the tallest mountain in the world– Mt. Everest, but the trail also houses the Tengboche monastery- the oldest and largest Gompa of Khumjung valley.

Likewise, it is where the beautiful Namche Bazaar is situated for visitors to acclimatize and explore the colorful market of the town. 

Some of the highlights of the trek are a mesmerizing view of Sunrise from Kala Patthar, the infamous Sherpa culture, Sagarmatha National Park, Lukla airport, and a view of the great mountain landscape.

Everest Base Camp trek can be done all year round but for suitable weather conditions, March to May and September to December is the best time to do Everest Base Camp Trek.

2. Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a classic trekking trail of Nepal. It offers rich cultural and trekking experience hence is one of the preferred trekking trails of Nepal.

The trail entails lush dense rhododendron forest, awesome Himalayan view, and cultural richness. Trekkers can enjoy the lively ambiance of Lakeside city Pokhara. IN

So, if you are looking for an authentic trekking experience then Annapurna Base Camp is a worthwhile trek. As Everest Base Camp trek, this trek is also attainable throughout the year.

But for best sceneries and weather experience, opting during the autumn and spring season would be best.

3. Langtang Valley Trek

 Langtang Valley Trek

Best Treks in Nepal, If you are short on time but want to have a trekking experience in Nepal, Langtang Valley is a perfect trekking trail for you.

This trail will give you insights into what it’s like to trek off the beaten trekking trail of Nepal. The trail is close to the Tibet border.

The trail includes passing through local villages, and monasteries, and shortens while admiring the stunning views of the mountains.

The best time to do the Langtang valley trek would be March to May and September to December.

4. Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu circuit trek is one of the most beautiful trekking destinations in Nepal. This newly operated trekking trail is crowd-free and offers perfect vistas of the Himalayas.

The authentic culture and the rawness of the place are commendable. The best season to trek the Manaslu Circuit trek is the spring and autumn season.

Like the above trails, it is also achievable all year round however weather at a time can be a great hindrance in terms of great mountain sceneries.

5. Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek

Best Treks in Nepal, Upper Mustang is one of the oldest kingdoms of Nepal and falls in the rain shadow area of Nepal.

Mustang rarely gets rain and due to this the region is dry and has a vast high arid valley, characterized by eroded canyons, colorful stratified rock formations, and has a barren, desert-like appearance.

The kingdom has its own culture, tradition, and lifestyle which is different from other trekking trails of Nepal. Likewise, the glorious view of the Trans Himalayas awaits to greet you.

All in all, Upper Mustang will give the taste of life that is away from the modernization of today’s world. Since it is a rain shadow area, it rarely gets the rain and can be done all year round.

6. Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trek

This newly opened trekking trail is grabbing the attention of the trekkers like no other trekking trails. The number of trekkers, trekking this particular trail is only increasing day by day.

The trails not offer the best scenic vistas but also lets you experience the grandeur of ethnic villages on the trail.

The trail includes walking through the lush jungles, walking over the bamboo bridges and the swiftly flowing river.

Also, you will traverse through traditional Rai and Limbu settlements. You will get awesome scenery if you opt to do the trek during the autumn and spring season.

7. Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek

At last but not least, we have Annapurna Circuit Trek in 7th place on our list. The trail offers the perfect combo of nature and culture.

The journey is vigorous yet remunerating. The trek is astonishing with excellent features like stunning landscape, deep valleys, and daring Kali Gandaki gorge.

Likewise, it also entails crossing the daring Thorang la pass which is the highest pass in Nepal. Like every other trek, the autumn and spring season is the best time to do the Annapurna Circuit trek.

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