10 Experiences to Take in the Philippines for a Relaxing Trip in 2024

The Philippines for a Relaxing Trip, The paradise in the Pacific, the Philippines is the perfect abode for a relaxing and soothing getaway.

The timeless beauty of this place has a lot of admirers and we are sure you are one of them too.

Philippines for a Relaxing Trip

Experiences to Take in the Philippines for a Relaxing Trip

The place is equipped with nature’s utmost serenity and you can experience the mountains and beaches, landscapes and sceneries, volcanoes and histories, all at once.

So now that you have planned to get a Philippines holiday package, let us help you with the 10 must-have experiences to make the most out of your island vacay and make innumerable memories.

Stay at Boracay

Stay at Boracay

You asked the Philippines for a relaxing trip and we have the answer. Boracay island is one of the most visited places in the country.

It was so popular that nearly everyone who visited the Philippines landed up here to experience the white coral sands by the clear blue waters.

The four-square miles island also underwent some developments to tackle the harm caused to the environment by the increased footfall of tourists.

This has impacted the nightlife at Boracay but you can enjoy the white beach, Diniwid Beach, Illig-Iligan Beach, or the Puka Shell Beach and relax every bit of yourself. 

Plan a Day to Vigan

Plan a Day to Vigan

The city of Vigan will greet you with a rich Hispanic heritage. The town hosts you through wide cobbled streets that retain the charm of the sixteenth-century concocted with the reminiscence of an old Spanish city.

The place is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. You can hire the most common mode of transport and ride on a traditional Kalesa – a horse-drawn carriage and enjoy the vintage architecture around the city.

Visit the Mestizo district and St Paul’s metropolitan cathedral to witness an ornate Baroque facade and a massive 80-foot high bell tower.

Spend your evening watching the glorious show of lights, water, and music at The Magic Fountain and check off this heritage experience at Vigan from your bucket list.

Cebu for a Dive

Cebu for a Dive

Visting the land of 7000 islands and not diving inside anyone? Cebu island is there to help you. You can experience the underwater life and can get mesmerized by it by snorkeling in the blue waters of Cebu.

The island offers you excursions so that you can get back home with some of the best memories to cherish for life.

Get a close encounter with whale sharks, witness coral reefs and watch sea turtles swimming faster than you all inside the Cebu Island.

Dive More at Coron

Dive More at Coron

The Philippines for a relaxing trip, Apart from the amazing underwater life, what else would you want to experience amidst the turquoise sea waters?

Corona has a lot to offer if you dive deep inside its waters. The island has sunken ships dating back to WWII. interesting isn’t it?

The hundreds of shipwrecks are now home to various fish species. You can stay at Sangat Island and explore the history underwater.

Admire the Beauty of Puerto Princessa

Admire the Beauty of Puerto Princessa

As fancy as it sounds, it offers you the exact amount of luxurious visual treats to pacify your eyes, heart, and soul. The beautiful coastal city can provide you with some enormous episodes of wanderlust.

The Subterranean River National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that takes you on a tour in a boat through the massive limestone caves.

Hike at Mayon Volcano

Hike at Mayon Volcano

The Philippines for a relaxing trip, Amidst twenty-five active volcanoes in the country, Mayon is the perfect one to thrill the adventurer in you.

Keeping the level of danger in mind, you can check the eruption status before planning a visit to this magnificent conical-shaped mountain.

You can trek the sleeping Mayon and reach the top of it if you are an experienced trekker. Otherwise, you can trek till the second base camp within 3 hours.

The Famous Chocolate Hills

The Famous Chocolate Hills

The UNESCO World Heritage site at Bohol island is composed of more than 1200 hills. Situated underwater a few hundred centuries ago, these small mountains are spread in every direction.

A lush of greenery all year round, the hills turn up to a chocolate brown color in the dry season and hence got its name. The island has a rich and diverse flora with some breathtaking views.

The Bright Batad Rice Terraces

The Bright Batad Rice Terraces

Nature has bestowed some extra blessings to this country and that is why it is home to the most picturesque landscapes in the whole wide world.

Grab a cup of your morning tea and witness the sun rising in the ever stunning Batad rice terraces. This place can lighten up your eyes and brighten up your photographs.

The terraces here are 2000 years old and some of them are carved by hands. The Banaue rice terraces in the Philippines also don’t need a mention.

The lush green stunning beauty of rice terraces and a bunch of pictures with these spectacular fields in the background will be the highlight on your Philippines trip.

Corregidor Island and History

Corregidor Island and History

The Philippines for a relaxing trip, To feed more to the nostalgia, you can pay a visit to Corregidor Island to reminiscence of the old war days.

History buffs sure know that this island had a major role in world war II and hence the place will be a visual treat for those who want to dig deep in the past.

The tunnels, secret bunkers, artifacts, weapons, and barracks left behind during the war are kept on-site in the war memorial.

You can visit the place and hire a guide to know more about this place and feed your history-seeking mind.

Go Down with Pagsanjan Falls

Go Down with Pagsanjan Falls

A perfect place to spend your day relaxing amidst nature is Pagsanjan falls. The trip to Pagsanjan will lead you through lush green forests and magnificent landscapes.

You can swim in the natural pools in the caves and admire the beauty of mother nature. For the adventurers, you can head to downstream and feel the adrenaline and water rushing down the large rocks.

The Philippines is a land of 7000 islands and we are sure that a single trip to the country won’t do justice to any wanderer in the world.

But we are sure that experiencing these 10 places will surely make you feel fully satisfied all at once. So, what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags, book a Philippines tour package with us and let us take you to the dreamy and majestic islands that await you at your convenience.

Let the pristine white beaches, turquoise waters, relaxing chairs with umbrellas, and surrounding palm trees give you the much-needed relaxation and keep you rejuvenated until your next holiday!

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