6 Fantastic Things to do in Mindoro (Updated 2024)

6 Fantastic Things to do in Mindoro

Situated near Manila, Mindoro Island is a secret gem of the Philippines you must explore once in a lifetime. The island offers amazing things, from adventure to scenic beauty, divided into two different provinces – Mindoro Oriental and Mindoro Occidental.

If you plan to visit the Philippines, make arrangements for a weekend vacation at Mindoro. Trust us, and you won’t regret it!

Things to do in Mindoro

What will you do there and when should you visit the island? In this blog, we have got all the information on the things to do in Mindoro and the best time to visit the Philippines’ beautiful island. Stay glued.

Go Hiking Along the Kalong River

 Kalong River

A hike through the Kalong River can be a great way to start your Mindoro trip as it is the only inland water body with pure serenity and is surrounded by white sand at its banks.

If you want a natural foot massage to relax your soles, go for a day trip to Kalong River. You can also read Things to do in Palampur.

The trail might be a little tiring as you cross the large stones on the way, but you will know it was worth that pain on reaching the site of the mesmerizing Kalong River.     

Visit the Calawagan River Resort

Calawagan River Resort

The area of Calawagan River Resort is known for its cleanliness. Having bagged the award of “Cleanest River” twice in a row, it is evident that the locals of Mindoro take environmental awareness seriously and care about the surroundings.

In Calawagan, you will find different forms of water like springs, waterfalls, and rivers, so clean that it is also supplied as drinking water to the locals in the island’s vicinity.

There are natural pools in the resort for the tourists to enjoy and relax. You can also read Things to do in Chopta, Uttarakhand.  

Walk to the Majestic Agbalala Falls

Majestic Agbalala Falls

Situated in Abra de llog, Agbalala is a 35 meters high waterfall gushing down on the large rocks creating a soothing sound.

There are two ways to get to the falls – by taking the route of big rock boulders and pebble shores or crossing the mountainsides. You can also read Things to do While Visiting Chicago.

Make sure you check the weather conditions before leaving for the falls is trekking or hiking to the site can be dangerous on a bad weather day.  

Taste the Delicious Cuisine at Tamarind Restaurant

Tamarind Restaurant

The aroma of seafood and steaks will lure you as you enter the restaurant to see its open-air barbecue. The must-try dishes here include the Carabao steak (Water buffalo steak) and prawns a la tamarind.

You will also like pasta, Filipino faves, wines, and schnitzel from the menu. The waterfront location of the restaurant is an add-on. You can also read Things to Do in Patnitop.

Sip in Alcohol at the Bikini Floating Bar

Bikini Floating Bar

Have you ever imagined drinking beer in a bar that floats on water? Yes, this is true! The Bikini Floating bar in Mindoro Island is one of the best places to visit in Mindoro for a vacationer.

You can reach the floating bar on a small dingy. The dingy ride is free. You can also read Things to Do In Manali.

You will be taken to the bar where you can enjoy your drink sitting on a reclined chair while the waves rock the boat from sides.

Walk on the Tukuran Hanging Bridge

Tukuran Hanging Bridge

Do you remember any adventurous movie where you see a group deep in the jungle come across a vast river that needs to be crossed through a scary-looking bridge (the handmade ones)?

If you do, it is exactly how it feels seeing the Tukuran Hanging Bridge in Mindoro Island. The bridge looks scary at first sight, but it gets easier as you start walking through.

Tukuran Hanging Bridge

Don’t be afraid when the bridge sways as you step on it. It is built using sound engineering. Of all the things to do in Mindoro Island, this gives a thrilling experience to the adventurers.

There are huts nearby where you can rest for some time and interact with the locals. You can also read Things To Do in Russia.

The Ideal Time to Visit Mindoro Island

Time to Visit Mindoro Island

The ideal time to visit Mindoro Island is the summer season, during the months of April and May. The highest recorded temperature on the island is 30°C in the month of May.

Being the peak season, the beaches are very crowded. We would suggest you make all the arrangements in advance, from booking flights to the Philippines to accommodation, everything.

It rains heavily in Mindoro Island, from June to December, and even though it can be a good time to see the waterfalls, you might not like the journey through the muddy roads.   

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