Things To Do in Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg

Things to do in Russia

My Russian trip was coming to an end, and I was enjoying the last few days in Moscow, and I started thinking about my experiences of the last two weeks in Russia.

I started my journey in St. Petersburg. It is the second largest city in Russia. St. Petersburg is renowned for artistic scenes and culture.

The city is home to the Hermitage Museum, the Mariinsky Theatre, and lots of great jazz clubs.

When I arrived in Moscow, I was entirely blown away by the Red Square, which is bordered by St. Basil’s Cathedral, The GUM shopping mall, and the Kremlin.


The largest country, Russia, is much more than majestic museums, and Soviet architecture.

I got to know that, St. Petersburg and Moscow are two vibrant cities of Russia that offer lots of fun, weird, and wacky activities to make the Russian trip unforgettable.

Enjoyed Moscow

Are you looking for unusual things and activities to do in Moscow?

russia photo

I would recommend all of you to explore the spirit over there. It is very easy to get lost in the never-sleeping Moscow.

Moscow, Russia’s capital, is filled with wonders, and you will end up walking the same central streets again and again.

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As you will be a foreigner in Moscow, so no native would tell you anything if you ask them by stopping them in the streets.

It would be beneficial to bring the list of activities and unusual things to do in Moscow with you to visit the best viewing points, local spots, overlooked museums, and genuinely iconic locations there.

Unusual Things to do in St. Petersburg!


I have visited and explored the church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. Also, I have even experienced Russian Opera at Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg.

Things to do in Russia

Russia, the largest country in the world which has become the hotspot for the tourists in a few decades.

The vibrant cultural diversity and history of Russia allure people from all over the world and also ensure that there is a variety of great things to do in Russia besides visiting only a plethora of attractions.


Russia, the largest country serves you a perfect paradise when you explore the entire country.

I can help you in the right way if you are planning vacations and thinking about what to do in Russia. Here you will find excellent options for you to explore the country.

You can see also Places to Visit in Russia.

Exciting Things to do In Russia

There are many exciting and interesting things to do in Russia including all these;

Go for a Canal Tour

A canal tour is one of the best activities to do to Russia. It is an exciting thing to do in St. Petersburg, which will take you through the canals in the city.


You will cross around 800 bridges while crossing the total length of 300 km of artificial canals which you will see on your canal tour.

Enjoy the evening at the Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

You can make your evening the magical one by spending your time at this picturesque Opera Theatre which provides you with the enchanting folklore of Russia.

Everything, including ballet, decorations, costumes, decorations, music, symphony, dancing, and orchestra is absolutely fantastic here in Russia.


You can enjoy here from 10 am to 7 pm. Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is located at Ploshchad Kuybysheva, Samara, Russia.

Go Skiing

You can head to skiing, which is known as the Red Valley in Russia. The Red Valley is the hub for skiing and snowboarding. Red Valley was even the home to the winter Olympics in the year 2014.

You will love this mini paradise with the vast and diverse slopes which are ideal for skiing and snowboarding.


The Red Valley comes on the top in the list of adventurous places and things to do in Russia.

Grab some Putin accessories At ‘Military Disneyland

Visiting Military Disneyland is one of the unique things to do in Russia.

You will also enjoy dining on army rations, look closely at a surface-to-air- missile, and play with grenade launchers.


You can end at Military Disneyland by stocking up with Vladimir Putin accessories.

The best time to visit here is 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The Military Disneyland is located in Kubinka, Moscow Oblast in Russia.

Visit Unique Museums

There are famous and unique museums all over Russia like the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and the Hermitage Museum

Russia is full of hidden gems like the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games. This game can be played with Soviet-era Kopek coins while bearing the hammer and sickle.

Image Credit: Pushkin Museum

Visiting the Museum of Hygiene and listening to the warning about the dangers of disease and other side-effects of dirt all around is the coolest thing to do in St. Petersburg.

Explore the compound-complex of Kremlin

You all may know the Kremlin in the Red Square in Moscow. It is one of the several Kremlins which you can visit a fake one that is Izmailovo Kremlin.

This is a fairytale wonderland in Russia which was built a few years ago. The place resembles us of an old Russian Fort and hotel cafes where you can get a lovely homemade breakfast.

Also, there are many small museums dedicated to folk art, vodka, and marshmallow in Russia.


The most exciting part with me was when I visited the flea market where I have bought artisanal Russian dolls and souvenirs at very low prices.

There are many things to visit and see during the weekends there which you can explore excitingly. I would suggest to you spend your whole day at this place.

Experience & Feel Weightlessness in Star City

The Star City is located on the outskirts of Moscow. Star City is a Cosmonaut training centre where I have leapt into the future while diving into my past.

The Soviet military facility took secrecy many years ago to such extreme levels that this place was not listed on the map.

Image Credit: Star City

You can take part in a simulated rocket launch if you are looking for some unforgettable experience.

It is the craziest thing to do in Russia. You can explore this place from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Doubles at the Twin Stars Diner

Twin Stars Diner in Moscow is the unique concept where the whole staff consisting of the identical twins.

These twins wear the same clothes and perform all their duties and roles.


The Twin Stars Diner is an unusual experience which is counted as the best thing to do in Russia. Twin Stars Diner is located in Pyatnickaya in Moscow.

Have fun at the Samara Embankment

The Samara Embankment is situated alongside the Volga River, which is the best place in Samara. You can enjoy the pleasant sunny day out here.

You can lay on the beach, go for a run, and do some exercises.  You can also enjoy taking a boat cruise if you love it.

Image Credit: Samara Embankment

You can have some snacks and drinks on the beach, which are the most relaxing thing to do in Samara in Russia.

Spend a Day at ‘Military Disneyland

Military Disneyland is located in Kubina, Moscow Oblast, in Russia. Visit here and spend your one complete day at Military Disneyland.

The best time to visit here is between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. You can end at Military Disneyland by stocking up and Vladimir Putin accessories.

You will also enjoy dining on army rations, look closely at a surface-to-air- missile, and play with grenade launchers.

Compete In the Bubble Baba Challenge

The Bubble Baba Challenge is the most fun thing to do in Russia. This Baba challenge was organized in the rapid fierce of Vuoksi River for over ten years.

The participants jump on the blow-up sex dolls and dash into the river, and after that, they fight to be the fastest flotation device swimmer.

Image Credit: Bubble Baba Challenge

You must be 16 years or above to take part in this. This is the most exciting thing to do in the river of Russia.

Visit the Glorious Amber Room

This Amber Room is located in the Catherine Palace, which is a famous chamber.

This room was renovated again and again over a time period which was initially installed in Berlin. This room was installed as a gift to Peter the Great.


Many officials hid this Amber Room behind the wallpaper during World War II to secure this treasure from the Nazi Army. This Amber Room was last reconstructed in the year 2003.

This is a fantastic piece of art to witness the gold leaf and mirror panels in Russia. The Glorious Amber Room is located in Pushkin in St. Petersburg.

Visit a Monument To Enemas

Monument to Enemas is the largest monument in the world which is located on the campus of Mashuk Aqua-Therm Sanatorium, Zheleznovodsk, Inozemtsevo, in Russia.

This monument is situated in the region of the Caucasus Mountains which is even known for the mineral springs and water of the place that is often used for the colonic treatment.


This is a bronze monument which is the weights 350kg at the height of 1.5 m which depicts the giant pear-shaped bulb enema which got held on the shoulders of three little angels.

Visit the city square of Red Square.

Red Square remains the heart and soul of Russia for centuries. The Red Square in Moscow bears the weight of the history of Russia.

Red Square is the most famous piece of architecture from the 16th century in the world.

The place is rich in the symbols of turbulent and intriguing part of Russia due to the constructive pyramid of Mausoleum of Lenin.

Things not to do in Russia!

There are certain and specific things which you should not do in Russia, which include drinking alcohol on the streets and doing smoking in a restaurant or hotel because tobaccos and alcohol are prohibited in Russia by the law.

It would be best if you also carry your passport as the police in Russia have the right to stop you, and they can check your identity at any time.


Watch a show of the Moscow Cat Theatre

The Moscow Cat Theatre show is famous in Russia for the various reasons which feature a circus revolving around felines.

There are even more than a hundred cats who are actors of the circus and who join the human counterparts to perform the stunts like walking on a tightrope and balancing on a ball.

However, this circus show is criticized for the torture of animals and the rights of many animals. This activity is classified for not to do in Russia.

While visiting Russia and exploring the country, you must keep in mind the list of things to do and not to do there so that you would not break their laws, rules, and regulations.

The Red Square pic

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