Pluckley Village

So many stories have been told about the Pluckley village, a small village located in the Ashford district, a 58,000 hectares landscape that borders five different districts including Kent, and East Sussex to the south-west.

It has also been said to be the largest district (by area) in the whole of Kent. Pluckley has an area measurement of 12.63 km with a population of over 1,069 (according to 2011 figure).

It is located in the south-eastern region of Ashford district and has a well-drained plain land which is mostly used for agricultural purposes.

Pluckley Village
Image Credit: Pluckley Village

A Brief History of Pluckley

The history of Pluckley village is rather comparative, few of which can be seen in the doomsday published in 1900 which claims that the village original settlers are considerably larger than the present-day Ashford town.

But according to other historical sources, the origin of the village cannot be told without the villages parish church which dates as far back as the 14th century.

The Dering chapel, which is located at the eastern end of the south aisle, and was the first church building built by their ancestors on arrival in 1475.


So even with the absence of a definite date of migration of the original Pluckley duelers, using the date the church building was built, it is needful to conclude that the original settlers of Pluckley village arrived around late 14th century.

Another linked story of the origin of the village is the story of the Wyatt rebellions which lead to the destruction of St. Mary’s Parish is an event that gave birth to the division of Bevington parish (or province) into 3 different zones; the Little Chart, The Egerton, and the present-day Pluckley which is said to have gotten the larger area.

The Route to Pluckley Village

Pluckley village is located approximately 8km from the M20 motorway, a popular motorway located in Kent.

From the look of things, the M20 motorway follows the A20 motor route that links south-east England connecting London and Dover (Kent).

Image Credit: Pluckley Village

The M20 motorway harbors the Pluckley railway station which leads 2km south connecting you to the Greensand way where you will locate a walking route which is very close to Stour Valley Walk – A recreational walking route that runs through River Sour, Low Weald, and finally Kent Downs.

Significant Places in Pluckley Village

Despite stories of paranormal activities especially the Pluckley village, I noticed that there are still some interesting historical sites that are still very visible to date.

Places like Surrenden Manor which is the residence of the politician and the 1st Baronet of Pluckley village Sir Edward Dering who lived from 1598-1644.


I also understand from the locales that it was in the village that Dering Manuscript, the original text of the Shakespearean play was first discovered.

The manuscript according to historians provides a single play section of Henry IV (part 2), and Henry IV, (part 1).

The Pluckley village hall is another significant place in the village; it is located on the station road just about a mile from the village center.

Having a tour of the hall leaves any first time visitor to appreciate the craftiness of people of Kent; this is so because of the carefully crafted flower garden which if viewed from the countryside gives you an impression of a mini paradise.


One other significant place in Pluckley village UK is the Elvey form, a quintessentially English Oast house that occupies a whole 75 acres in Pluckley village Kent countryside.

The history of the Elvey farm dates back 1496 and mar looking at the building from the front view you can still notice a collection of some stables that are as old as the 16th -18th century.

Omio Many Geos

Pluckley Village: The Ghost Story

Ok, I won’t have to take you on some Pluckley village ghost tour because as far as I am a concern, the whole creepy story of the haunted houses, the screaming woods Pluckley village, England is still considered a legend.

Though there has been some scientific evidence which is mostly presented by professional ghost hunters like “Ghostly Legends”, and “Most Haunted” who use specially built cameras to record these paranormal activities.

Image Credit: pulckey village

This village had in 1989 been listed by the Guinness Book of Records as the most haunted village in Britain, though we didn’t attempt to assume the role of “ghost hunters”.

but standing at the St. Nicholas Churchyard in the late evening hours might make you feel the presence of the “Boogie Man” himself; scary. Some of the claimed of paranormal activities in this village include:

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The Phantom Highwayman

The highwayman according to the locales is linked to some of the robbers who were killed as far back as the 18th century when the activities of highway bandits were becoming excessive.

According to the story, the highwayman was captured by the villagers and nailed to the tree and had his head chopped off.

Image Credit: pluckley village

Well, for me standing in front of the said haunted road which is a junction few miles from the church (St.Nicholas) looked like any other normal highway.

But according to some known ghost hunters, the spirit of the splayed 16th century armed bandit still wander the highway, especially during dark hours.

The Screaming Woods

The story of the Pluckley village haunted places cannot be complete without the mention of the screaming woods.

Like I have always said that I am no ghost hunter, but the diary of my travels will be a bit shady if I didn’t visit some of these places despite the dogma associated with it.


So this is why I took a few steps further to the most talked about “screaming woods Pluckley village England. The wood has very close proximity to the village and known as the “Dering Woods”.

Though a bit lonely (and crappy as well, I must confess), you will also encounter tones of investigative reporters who have made it their life ambition to understand the mysteries of the scream coming from the forest.

And did I mention that adjacent to the screaming wood is the Park wood, where stories of an old army colonel are said to be seen marching in the forest?

Though I didn’t wait to have a firsthand experience (remember I am no ghost hunters! lol), but as the story goes, the army colonel hanged himself to a tree and ever since then he has been seen by the locales pacing around the forest.

The Parkwood, from personal observation, is as creepy as the screaming woods itself.


Pluckley Village, Ashford district, Kent, England may be tagged the most haunted place in the whole of UK, but the truth remains that there is this special peace of mind coupled with a stint of originality, one will be compelled to feel the first time they step their foot in Pluckley village.

Lastly, the world is full of mysteries but beneath these mysteries lays the greatest knowledge of life itself. See you on my next travel.


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