The Ultimate Guide of the Places to Visit in Russia (Updated 2024)

Places to Visit in Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world. There are many Places to Visit in Russia.

There is a mysterious expanse of snow-capped mountains, golden sands, deep lakes, and icy tundra in Russia.

There are thousands of rivers in Russia which pass through the quaint villages and scenic national parks there.

Russia, as the world’s largest country, is home to the most incredible works of art, grandiose cities, and overwhelming palaces, where the poets and writers have been inspiring the charm and drama for centuries.


After the World Cup of 2018, Tourism in Russia has been increasing. People are becoming more excited about visiting famous places in Russia.

Due to the increase in visitors’ count in Russia, there is a rise in social media posts and press articles to highlight the top sites of Russia.

Visitors of nowadays are keen to find adventure and the beaten track in the less known towns and cities.

The country, Russia, offers a diverse range of travel opportunities on vacations in Russia.


This beautiful country welcomed me and invited me to dive into a fantastic time.

Russia is Famous For!

Russia is best known for its world-class ballet, art collections, and snowy winter scenes. Thereare many adventurous experience in Russia.

I have chosen Russia to be visited this year to experience a diverse range of amazing natural landscapes, fascinating history, top cultural offerings, and I got a chance to explore Russia all before anyone else.

With keeping it in mind for you, here I have listed down the best tourist Russia places to visit.


Add these places in your travelling bucket. You would have lots of advantages to spend your precious vacation time in Russia.

There are the most billionaires in the world in Russia. The world’s longest; The Trans-Siberian railway runs throughout Russia.

There are ten million more women than men in Russia. Russian people do not give an even number of flowers to each other.

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Best Time to Visit Russia

You can visit anytime in a year in Russia. Anytime in the year, you can find many fantastic, amazing, and exciting places to visit, see, and things to do in Russia.

I visited there in June as in June; I got a vacation.

It just takes 7-10 hours to reach Russia from India. Russia’s time is 2 hours and 30 minutes behind India. I took a Russian tourist visa to travel to Russia.


The temperature in winters and rainy season can reach extremes in Russia. Therefore, I preferred the summer season to visit there.

The best time to visit Russia is from May to September. Most people plan their trip to Russia in the first week of May.

I visited here in June and have experienced the “white nights” in St. Petersburg.

If you come in the winter season in Russia, you can visit all the theatres, museums, and interesting places to participate in the national festivals of Russia and can spend an unforgettable time there.

Moreover, winters’ accommodation is much cheaper than the other seasons, so you can even save your time by visiting in the winter season.


You can get a wide range of business and leisure travellers’ opportunities in hotels in Russia. Hotels in Russia offer comfortable rooms and irreproachable service.

I got lots of impression through Russian vacations which will stay in my memory for my lifetime. –

Anytime you visit Russia, and you will find many exciting and amazing places to see and things to do in Russia.

The weather differs in different seasons because of the different places to be visited in summer or winter.

Places to go Vacation in Russia


This country is rich in unusual and beautiful villages, cities, resorts, rivers, lakes, and mountains so, I visited a wide range of places during Russian vacations.

The most famous and most significant cities of Russia are Moscow, which is the capital of Russia and St. Petersburg, which is known as “The Northern Capital” of Russia.

You can get an excellent opportunity for visiting the magnificent palaces and theatres in Russia.

The towns which are the residences of the Russian Tsars opened doors for me. The best places to have rest are Pushkin-Tsarkoe Selo, Peterhof, and Pavlovsk.

I have enjoyed beautiful summer vacations in these places.


I have also made my tours of the famous Golden Ring and Silver Ring and got acquainted with many Russian cities like Vladimir, Sergiev-Posad, Kostroma, Rostov Veliky, Tihvin, Uglich, Vologda, Yaroslavl, Veliky Novgorod, and many others.

I got various possibilities to know the nature of Russia. Like, I have visited Lake Baikal, which is the longest and the deepest lake in the world.

If you want to enjoy and get memorable impressions through your trip, enjoy your travel and can discover lots of new and interesting things in Russia. Book your trip soon as Russian vacations are waiting for you.

Must Visit Russian Places

I wanted to see the top attractions of Russia for which I visited Moscow Kremlin, Russian Churches, St. Petersburg palaces, and other natural landscapes.


If you have not planned to visit Russia yet then look for unforgettable experiences to experience in Russia and make a visit to the country and must visit two capitals of Russia that are Moscow and St. Petersburg and many cities and towns like Kazan and Sochi, and others in Russia.

Moscow Kremlin

Location: Moscow, Russia 103132

Moscow is the capital city of Russia. Moscow offers very much to visitors. It was very hard for me to know where I started exploring it.

Moscow has all types for you whether you are into history, culture, shopping, nightlife, or food.


I have enjoyed world-class performance art like opera, circus, ballet, and these all took me in the incredibly impressive art collections.

The museum, and churches of Moscow and the Kremlin, which is the Saint Basil Cathedral and the Red Square of Moscow make the country one of the best places to visit in Russia in the world.


Moscow is famous for many places to see there like The Kremlin and Red Square, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Tretyakov Museum, Kolomenskoye- open-air museum, VDNKh museum + Exhibition centre, Old Arbat street, Tsaritsyno Palace, and The Bolshoi Theatre.

Nearby hotels from The Moscow Kremlin

  • Pasternak Hostel
  • Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel
  • Hotel in Tverskoy
  • Four Seasons Hotel Moscow
  • Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow


Dargavs is even known as the City of the Dead, which is actually a village.

This village hosts a cemetery of ancient times, the time when people were got buried in dome-like crypts dotted all over around the hillside in the area.


I saw around 100 tombs there, some of which were all tall up to four stories.This is one of the famous places in Russia to visit.

Hotels in Dargavs

  • Narton
  • Hotel Gornya Saniba
  • Forrest Terrace Hotel
  • Irbis Hotel
  • Fiagdon 

Kizhi Island

Kizhi Island is not as famous as St. Petersburg and Moscow, but it is an equally noteworthy destination of Russia which is located in the heart of Lake Onega.

Kizhi Island is especially known for the fabulous open-air museum, which is a kind of complex of high cultural, historical, and natural.

This open-air museum hosts a fantastic collection of wooden structures, some of which are the part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.


Other wooden structures are from the back as far as the 14th century. The church of the Resurrection of Lazarus and the Kizhi Pogost site is the most famous and popular attractions of the Kizhi island in Russia.

I even got a chance to explore the series of ancient rural settlements which are characters of the Karelia region and scattered among the beautiful and pristine natural paradise of Russia along with the wooden architecture of Russia.

All the attractions of Kizhi Island make it the best places to visit in Russia for the lovers of all these old and gorgeous buildings.

I made my trip to Kizhi Island at such a time to see the full range of festivals and historical demonstrations here.

Nearby hotels from Kizhi Island: 

  • Apartamenty “Kizhanin”
  • Ostrov
  • Kizhi Grace Guest House
  • Guest House Margarita
  • Guest House Za Onegu

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is located closest to Irkutsk, which is known as the Paris of Siberia by the local people.


This lake is an excellent base to explore the oldest, most prominent, and the deepest freshwater lake in the world.

I drove from Irkutsk to reach Lake Baikal, the famous lake in the world and arrived here in just one hour.

Lake Baikal is Russia’s most fabulous and fantastic nature reserve, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


This lake is home to the vast and outstanding variety of flora and fauna, which is a certain place of natural beauty and geographical importance.

Nearby hotels from Lake Baikal

  • International Hotel Sayen 
  • Zvezda Hotel
  • Sun hotel
  • Legend of Baikal Hotel
  • Hotel Duria

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Location: Red Square, Moscow, Russia 109012

Ivan the Terrible has commissioned the spectacular St. Basil’s Cathedral in the Moscow city in the 16th century for a military victory.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is the most famous sight on the Red Square. This site consists of nine chapels built on a single foundation.

The walls of the Saint Basil’s Cathedral are painted with geometric and floral patterns.


The interiors of the place are a maze of galleries which is winding from the chapel to chapel via narrow straightway and low arches.

There is a bronze statue in the garden in the front of the Saint Basil’s Cathedral stands.

This statue was originally constructed in the centre of the Red Square, but the Soviet government of Russia has moved it in front of the Cathedral stands in the years 1936.


Saint Basil’s Cathedral is famous for this statue which commemorates Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky who have rallied the volunteer army of Russia against the Polish invaders in the late 16th century.

Nearby hotels from St. Basil’s Cathedral

  • Hotel Metropol Moscow
  • Mirrors Hotel 
  • PEOPLE Red Square Hotel
  • Hotel in Yakimanka
  • Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow

Elton Lake

Elton Lake is a fascinating natural object in the Volgograd region of Russia. This lake is the miracle of nature.

This is the largest salt lake of Europe which is spread out around the flat steppe terrain on the area of around 152 km square.

There is a huge bowl with Elton Lake with the golden pink shade water fringed with a wide strip of sparkling white salt crystals among the Volga desert steps.

Image Credit: Elton Lake

It is very hard to find such a place that could be compared with Oulton’s beauty and diversity of landscapes, lake shows, beaches, and picturesque.

The Delta is flowing into rivers, ravines and valleys, few fresh springs and rivers with a bitter, salty waterfall into Lake Elton.

The heat of the sun evaporates the entire water of the lake and leaves behind the salty sludge. Elton lake seems to be the richest and biggest famous salt lake in the world.  

Nearby Hotels from Elton Lake

  • Eldon Country Hotel
  • Elton Barn Fishery and Retreat
  • The Inn on the Lake 
  • Elton Guest House 
  • Smotrovaya Ploshchadka 

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Ordinskaya Cave

Location: Orda, Perm Krai, Russia 617500

Ordinskaya Cave is the longest underwater gypsum cave in Russia and the world. This cave is a real paradise for divers.

It attracts lovers of cave diving not only from all over the world but also from other Russian regions and other countries.

This cave is also known as Dean’s K Cave in the region on the left bank of the river. This cave has also been known for a long time. The study of this cave began in the 1990s.


Presently, the length of this cave is 4600 metres. Only 300 metres of the cave is dry. More than 4,000 metres of the cave is under water.

Only experienced divers can visit this beautiful underwater cave. As I am not an experienced diver, so I have not visited inside the cave.

Lena Pillars

Location: Sakha Republic, Russia 678024

The Lena Pillars is a 40 km series of Cliffs stretching along the right bank of the Lena River. The formation of Lena Pillars began about 400 thousand years ago.

In fact, Lena Pillars are steep cliffs which are based on limestone. The length of the rock is more than 40 km. It is the nature reserve of Akutan.

Image Credit: Lena Pillars

Nowadays, pillars are beautiful at sunrise. Mountain range resembles an ancient castle or a magical palace and the fruit of the river serves as a mirror making the pillars twice bigger and majestic.

Valley Of Geysers

Valley of Geysers is among the mountains of the eastern volcanic belt at a height of more than 500 metres away in the pool of noise.

The river is located in one of the wonders of Russia. The value of gazers valley of gazers is the cup of an ancient lake which has been vanished centuries ago.

This is deeply detected along the bottom of the mountain river. This is the only gazer field in Russia and Eurasian, which is the largest in the world.

Image Credit: Valley Of Geysers

There are more than 20 large gazers, and each of these is unique in some ways. These gazers have their own name and characters.

Giant erupts to a height of 30 metres and 30 tons of water per minute and triple.

Gashes directly from these three holes largely draw water from a huge shale Gryphon which creates a unique water cascade and first-born throws the boiling water through the stone instantly into the river.

Jack London Lake

Jack London Lake is in the Magadan region, which is the largest and beautiful lake which lies in the Far East in Russia.

The length of Jack London Lake is 10 km. This lake is located in the mountains. This lake never gets too warm, not even in summer night froth to begin in late August even earlier.

Image Credit: Jack London Lake

There are small glaciers in the mountains. Several picturesque headlands are jutting in the lake.

This narrow lake reminds me of the fear of Norway. Jack London Lake is the most exotic and beautiful lake in the Far East.

According to older people around the place, this lake was guarded name because of the unusual discovery of the pioneers. The researchers have found the book of Jack London’s Martin Eden.

Plateau Of Putoran

The Plateau of Putoran is in the polar area of the Krasnoyarsk territory of Putin. It is a truly beautiful and fantastic creation of nature.

The first thing that occurred when I got here was a feeling of the unreal environment. There was a plateau of glaciers hundreds of thousands of years ago.

These plateaus were descended down the valleys extending and deepening their way.

Image Credit: Plateau Of Putoran

As a result, the plateau was dissected by canyons with steep and vertical slopes, which were the height of several hundred metres. The long narrow lakes create indelible impressions.

Waterfalls of the Bhutan Rivers are the most powerful and highest and are the most beautiful in the country. A reporter has compared the plateau of Putoran with the lost world of Conan Doyle.

Tourists call this the edge of ten thousand lakes and thousands of waterfalls. These all together make up the largest freshwater reservoir in Siberia after Baikal Lake.

Mount Elbrus

Mt. Elbrus is the mountain of bruce which amazes the imagination tempting the climbers’ gay lovers and fans of active leisure.


This mountain is actually a volcano. Scientists call Elbrus, a stratovolcano.

It means that from time to time from the conical crater flows thick lava which does not spread over long distances because of its height and solidifies near the point of emission that’s why a Bruise is growing and is currently considered to be the highest mountain peak in Europe.

By the way, there are two peaks of the volcano. One of them is that the West has a height of 5,642 metres and the other eastern 5,641 metres.


These two peaks are separated by a saddle which has an altitude of 5200 metres and a length of 3 km.

Nearby hotels from Mount Elbrus 

  • Alatau HOTEL
  • Cheeper Azau 
  • Ozon 7 Vershin
  • Lesnaya Skazka
  • Otel’ Terskol

Tzeyskoe Gorge

Tzeyskoe Gorge is located in the headwaters of Saidan and Kasdan. It is the most famous natural attraction of Alania Square Gorge.

This is a fantastic place which is formed by Sasuke and Cal Tariffs carriages with a length of 23 km.

Here, nature is so diverse that in the year 1967, it was decided to include the valley to the north s Asian State reserve dense forests, hot mountain peaks, waterfalls, hot flowing rivers, green meadows, and pure mountain air.


This place is a paradise for tourists. There is an international safe here. Nowadays, thousands of tourists visit every year. I have also enjoyed skiing, climbing and hiking routes.

Altai Mountains

The Altai Mountains are a mountain range in Central Asia and East Asia. The Altai Mountains here are famous for their immense beauty and variety of landscapes. Steep cliffs are combined with picturesque forests and crystal clear mountain rivers in unique harmony.

The Altai Mountains really combine a variety of landscapes. Green meadows give way to steep cliffs forests which are replaced by crystal-clear waters of the lakes.


I am talking about the unique beauty of these mountains, which can be infinitely long. These mountains were a place of inspiration for many writers and poets.

These mountains also appear in many creative works. The diversity of nature has left its mark on the culture and religion of the indigenous population of the territory outside.


Many nations highly value the achievements of Altai folk medicine. I have passed through the Altai and left traces. The Altai Mountains are also called as an open-air museum.

Hotels in Altai

  • Hotel IGMAN
  • Cheposh Park Altai
  • Mini Hotel Lyubimyi
  • Novosibirsk Marriott Hotel
  • Ulitsa Ordzhonikidze 31

The Red Square

Location: Red Square, Moscow, Russia 109012

Red Square is the largest and most famous square in Russia. It is a Russian Krasnaya Ploshchad which is an open square in Moscow. The Red Square adjoins the historic fortress and centre of government, which is known as the Kremlin.


In the social and the political history of the country, it has long been a focal point of the former Soviet Union. It is located in the north of the Moskva River and the east of the Kremlin.

Nearby hotels from The Red Square:

  • Unique Hotel 
  • Moscow Hotel 
  • Hotel Diamond Apartments
  • Hotel Sadovnicheskaya Hotel  
  • Axis Moscow

Olkhon Island

It is the best place to visit in the Baikal area. There are a variety of natures which provide beautiful landscapes, spacious steppe hills, sandy beaches, dramatic capes, picturesque rocks, and pine-tree forests.

It is the biggest lake in Russia on Lake Baikal, which is specially named as “the heart of Baikal.” This island is long around 70 km and 15 km wide.

Image Credit: Olkhon Island

There are around 1500 residents living on this island. Some years ago, there was no electricity on this island. The best time to visit Olkhon Island is the summer season.

I have even swam in Lake Baikal. It is better to look for accommodation in advance for this Island because there are lots of tourists visiting here.

Nearby hotels from Olkhon Island

  • Art Hotel Port Olkhon
  • BaikalWood Hotel
  • Mini-Hotel Baikal
  • Holiday Park on Olkhon
  • Bereg Nadezhdy

Sergiev Posad

This is a small city which is 70 km away from Moscow. This city has become a major Orthodox centre which is an open-air collection of religious architectural masterpieces.


Sergiev Posad was established in the 14th century. The life of the town is linked to the monastery.

Hotels in Sergiev Posad

  • Boutique Hotel Dubrovskiy 
  • Krasnaya Gora Boutique 
  • Barskiye Polati Hotel
  • Posadskiy Hotel
  • Tsentralnaya Hotel


Suzdal is called “the heart and the soul of the Golden Ring.” This glorious city is also known as the open-air museum. This city is small in the area which includes more than 200 ancient monuments.

Suzdal is the genuine city of Russia that preserves the charm of antiquity, the stunning architecture, the unique spirit of Slavic traditions, and the warm aura of the holy places of Russia.

Suzdal has 30 churches, 300 monuments, 14 bell twerk and 5 monasteries. 


This city involves the history of the 11th century. The city in Russia is built on the Kamenka River like a fortress. It was the beginning of the new city.


Ruskeala is a town in Russia. Ruskeala does not owe the beauty of the unique northern nature but also involves humanness.

There is a famous marble canyon in Ruskeala which has been providing marble to many large construction houses in Saint Petersburg for over several centuries.

There are also three small exceptionally picturesque waterfalls very close to marble canyon in Ruskeala on the Toma Joki River.


Its water has a reddish tinge and is chalybeate. I got to Ruskeala by car within 4-5 hours from St. Petersburg.

If you are near or in Finland, then you can visit here easily because it is just 20 km away from the border of Finland and Russia.

Hotel in Ruskeala

  • Kemping Lesnaya Polyana 
  • Point On The Map
  • Gostevoy Dom Karel
  • Chernyye Kamni
  • Khutor Mramornaya Gora

Krasnaya Polyana

It is a sleepy village which is about 40 km east of Adler. There is the highest mountain, towers, and Roza peeks over this village along the Mzymta River.


This village is a wonderful place for shopping, hiking, and strolling around the town. There is a view of the jaw-dropping scenery.

Hotels in Krasnaya Polyana

  • Movenpick Krasnaya Polyana
  • Novotel Congress Krasnaya Polyana Sochi
  • Mercure Rosa Khutor Hotel

Hermitage Museum

Location: Palace Square, 2, St Petersburg, Russia 190000

The Hermitage Museum was founded in 1764. This museum is the most famous visitors’ attraction of St. Petersburg. Hermitage Museum is the largest and the most prestigious museum in the world.


Those who visit St. Petersburg for the first time, they must see this museum. There is a collection of over 3 million items in this museum. These items attract visitors again and again to see the museum.

Nearby Hotels from Hermitage Museum:

  • Hotel Verona
  • The GAMMA Hotel
  • Bristol Hotel
  • Apart Hotel Vertical
  • Aparthotel RIDGE

Lake Teletskoye

Location: Altai Republic, Russia  

Lake Teletskoye is the largest lake in the Altai Mountains and it has a depth of up to 325 metres. This lake is in the Typochak and Ulagan districts of North-Eastern Russia.

It is the deepest lake in the world and the largest reservoir of Gorny Altai with clean and ultra-fresh water. Local people of Russia called it Golden Lake.


According to many researchers, it is a little Baikal. The water boundary of this lake is located around 434 m above the sea level.

Nearby hotels from Lake Teletskoye

  • Altay Village Teletskoye
  • Lake house 
  • Aru-Kol’
  • Artybash 
  • Kedr House

St Sophia Cathedral, Novgorod

Location: Territoriya kreml’ 11,Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod Oblast, Russia 173007

It is a unique monument of architecture and monumental art of the 11th century having the biggest preserved collection of mosaics and frescoes of that time. Vladimir of Novgorod had built St. Sophia cathedral at the behest of his father as an expression of gratitude for the support of people of Novgorod.


This is five domes stone structure which has been replaced a thirteen wooden dome church which was built in the year 989.

It was the first church in the Slavic lands which incorporated the local features that diverged from the style of Byzantine in the Eastern Church.

Nearby hotels from St. Sophia Cathedral

  • Greenfeel Novgrood
  • Hotel “Volkhov”
  • Rachmaninoff Hotel
  • Hotel Sofia
  • Amaks Hotel “Rossiya”, Veliky Novrggod 

There are austere exterior walls with narrow windows of Romanesque architecture of Western Europe.

You can see also The Top Secret Town in Russia: Mezhgorye

Food and Beverages in Russia


I got a variety of foods and beverages to eat and drink in Russia like Borscht-beetroot soup, Pirozhki- stuffed buns, Sauerkraut- cabbage shavings, Dressed Herring- salad, Caviar (Black and Red), Kvas- rye bread beverage, Kisel dessert-drink, Medovukha- honey-based alcoholic beverage, Vodka.

Shopping Time in Russia


I have bought lots of things from the Russian markets like Palekh Lacquer boxes, Matryoshka Doll Set, Russian Vodka, Fluffy fur hats, Gzhel Porcelain, Replica Faberge Egg, Amber stones, and Traditional Birch Bark crafts.

Tips for Travelling to Russia

  • Remember that Russian people do not smile back at you while talking to you. However, they are really helpful.
  • You have to carry your ID everywhere in Russia. The security can ask you anytime to show your ID.
  • To communicate and understand the signs in their language, you must install a translator app.
  • Do not take part in any public protest.

Do all these places attract you?

Are you soon going to visit Russia to explore this amazing country?


Make your visit soon and visit even more towns and cities in Russia.

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What people live in the Altai Mountains?

Several people of the Altaians also live in the Altai Mountains. 

When an entry is free of cost in the Hermitage Museum?

The third Tuesday of each month and 7th December offer free-of-cost entry to the Hermitage Museum. 

Who Built Saint Sophia Cathedral?

The cathedral was founded by Yaroslav the Wise and his son Vladimir. 

When is Ruskeala Mountain Park open? 

Sunday to Saturday from 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM. 

Who is the founder of Suzdal Town?

Andrey Yaroslavich was the Founder of the Suzdal. 

What is the nearby city to Mount Elbrus?

Nalchik is the closest city to Mount Elbrus. 

Why is Dargavs called the City of the Dead?

It was once believed that if anyone tried to get to the city they would never emerge alive.

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