Mezhgorye: The Top Secret Town in Russia


Mezhgorye is a famous town that consists of a nuclear base according to rumor news in Russia, but according to Russia, this town is just the place for mines. So, it gets considered as the mines site. This place is not for visiting.

This may get you questioning why people are not allowed to attend?

Even the people working here are much classified. It gets supposed to have many things in this town under Mount Yamantau.

However, no one has an idea about the presence of all those things. So, secret planning and projects are continuing with all efforts.


However, the unfortunate part is that the people can’t visit the town. This place is full of mystery and is also full of a secret.

However, eventually, the result is that the town is only part of my site. So, now we will get some meaningful information related to the town of Mezhgorye.

Mezhgorye, Russia

Mezhgorye is a town situated in Russia named by the Republic of Bashkortostan. It is a small enclosed town.

This place gets located in the Ural Mountains in the southern part near Mount Yamantau.

It is 200 kilometers nearest the southeast of UFA, which is the capital of the Republic.

This place of the town consists of many ongoing secret projects. These projects are considered to be based on Mount Yamantaua. So, this current secret project does not particularly allow anyone to visit.

Which room amenities are available at Mezhgorye?

Top room amenities include a kitchenette, a flat-screen TV, and a desk.

Mezhgorye Russia google maps

This place was founded in 1979, called UFA 105, and can also get named Beloretsk 16. In 1995, the town got granted, and at that time name was particularly announced.

It gets believed that people living in the town are allowed some secrets. So, this is a highly unlogical area.

Mount Yamantaw is considered to be the highest mountain in the Urals. This place consists of the nuclear power associated with it.

mount yamantau base
mount Yamantau base

It has a secret nuclear system facility, which has been in search for a long time in a hidden way. Many projects have been searching for the atomic system for a long time.

When the Boris Yeltsin Government was present after the fall of the Government named by the Soviet Union, two Garrisons got launched on top of the facility provided, and they were Beloretsk-15 and Beloretsk-16.

Even many questions get asked from Russia related to Mount Yamantaw, but the answer from Russia is still the saw is that they consider the place to be the site for mining.

But no one is still confirmed, and still, searches are done for confirmation.

They even claim that the place gets just used for storing treasures or used for food storage or even it may be used as a bunker in case of war by nuclear by the Leaders.

So, still, the confirmation can’t be made, and the place is still in the phase of the search.

Mezhgorye, Russia google Maps link:- Click here.

Mezhgorye Military Base

It was constructed in the early 1990s; Russia’s hidden military base is slightly more than a base. It is Russia’s Area 51, a top-secret town. Mezhgorye is nestled within the Ural Mountains and is 400 square miles large but still entirely off the radar.


It is said that the town gets much closed to starting, and it consists of Mount Yamantaw, which is the secret of the Mezhgorye, Russia.

Everyone worldwide thinks that some secret nuclear system gets associated with Mount Yamantaw. People are working in this area much closer to releasing any information on the other side of the end of the country.

This town was found in Russia in 1979, and Mount Yamantaw covers an area of about 1640 meters. It is the highest mountain in that area.

People suspect that this area has some nuclear secret with it, but Russia always claims to have this place as a mining site, and they use it for storing food or used for treasures.

Mezhgorye images
Mezhgorye images

However, this is not true. This place is not allowed to get visited. It gets closed for tourism purposes.

So, this is the place’s secret, which is still secret, and no accurate information is out.

Ural Mountains (Mezhgorye)

Mezhgorye is a small and closed town associated with the Republic of Bashkortostan, located in Russia, and is part of the Southern Urals Mountains near Mount Yamantaw. It is about 200 kilometers southeast of UFA, which is the capital of the Republic.

The Yamantau is the mountain that lies in the Ural Mountains, and this gets located in Russia. It is the highest mountain peak in the section of Southern Ural.

The Yamantau gets claimed to have some secret bunker complex in it, and the Russian armed force is alleged to be associated with it.

Many Excavation projects get launched in this area. When this area is taken under discussion, the Government of Russia claims to have this place used for many things. Still, they never made the accurate information regarding Yamantaw come out.

They have genuinely secured this place, and visiting it is not allowed.

It gets located by some highly educated people, and they are found there for some reason only. So, this is the secret of Russia.

Mezhgorye Russia Time (Updated 2022)

mezhgorye bunker
Mezhgorye bunker

Thus, the small and close town of Mezhgorye gets located in the zone time of Yekaterinburg with the standard time it depends on the UTC standard and coordinates with universal time.

This place is very congested that it consists of some people living around the town on the Secret operation.

It got accounted that some projects and activities get launched about the nuclear firepower on Mount Yamantaw for the Communist Party for leadership complexes.

The large capacity of underground facilities is said to be existing in Yamantau Mountain. However, the capacity quantity is not known.

However, it gets faked by 400 square miles. So, this place has still been considered to get used for mine sites or the repository for the Treasures, or it gets used for food storage.

However, it is not confirmed, and it has begun at the time of the cold war.

The town’s status is very covered and the mystical is still the same. So, everything gets just rumored, and nothing is confirmed.

Every possible try is made to establish the real reason behind the Yamantaw Mountain of the Mezhgorye Town in Russia.

So, this was the secret reason behind the Mezhgore, which has surprised you a lot. This information may have excited you. So, keep reading!

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