The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Tiger’s Nest Bhutan

Tiger’s Nest Bhutan

Tiger’s Nest Bhutan: When I had planned my trip to Bhutan, I just thought that how can I spend my long vacation in Bhutan.

However, when I had reached there, then I had really enjoyed by visiting the famous and reputed sites in Bhutan.

So I want to share my worth experience of Bhutan with you people that can guide you about some of the best destinations of Bhutan.

Here I will talk about the tiger’s nest in Bhutan and how I had spent the rest of the time after visiting the tiger’s nest.


The tiger’s nest is popularly known as Taktsang Palphug Monastery, and it serves as the most popular and reputed landmark in Bhutan.

When I was packing for Bhutan trip I was excited but a little bit nervous too.

Before reaching the place, I had seen many of the fantastic pictures of the site but trusted me when I arrived there, and I was surprised to see the simplicity and wonder of the tiger nest in Bhutan.

Tiger’s Nest Bhutan Hike

The tiger’s den hike is the most famous hiking trail that one can ever found in Bhutan.

Moreover, this is because one of the best reasons that this hike can lead you to one of the beautiful and perfect spots in the world and that is the tiger’s nest monastery.

When I had reached there, I had found that the monastery is about 900m above the ground, which is placed on a cliff.


I had found that this building is unique that makes the site fascinating and had made my experience a surreal one.

The tiger nest hike is around 6 km, that is, 4 miles in length to complete a round trip. The hike takes about 3 to 5 hours that entirely depends on your pace.

There are some of the parts that are pretty steep so I would advise you to go slower there and do not forget to put the right foot.

Tips for Climbing Tiger’s Nest

I want to share some of the best tips to hike to the top of the tiger’s den in Bhutan.

So follow the given tips before marking the trek to the tiger’s nest in Bhutan.

  • When the visitors visit this site, then do not try to attempt the climbing on your first day. It can be a better option to start your trip with perfection.
  • One who is going to climb at the top is strictly advised to eat a light breakfast.
  • Carrying energy drinks and chocolate can be a better and best option for relaxing your mood.
  • You have to wear a hat and sunglasses too.
  • Try to maintain your own space but don’t slow down yourself.
  • When you are feeling tired, then do not sit down to breathe anywhere along the path.
  • Try to go in a group. This can increase the encouragement and motivation for going up smoothly.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery Facts

The tiger’s nest monastery is also known as Paro Taktsang is a sacred temple of Buddhist and monastery that was built on a cliffside in the valley of Paro.

The site is placed beautifully at the height of 900 meters above the sea level, and when you reach then you will find that the site is still considered as functioning monastery.


It is a mystical site that has a fascinating history that is mysterious, as well.

Also, this makes the site one of the most popular and perfect destinations for visitors in Bhutan.

While hiking to the top of the tiger’s nest if you feel tiredness then you can take rest at the cafeteria.

Also, from the cafeteria, it is almost a significant distance towards the tiger’s nest.

How to Reach Paro Taktsang

Paro Taktsang is a monastery in Bhutan that has temples within and in addition to it; it has many religious statues and also many monks around.

There I found that one should be in the discipline and respectful clothing.


The tiger nest monastery is located at a distance of 10 miles north of Paro that could be around if you travel by car.

Since one can travel Bhutan by organizing a proper tour so one can arrange their visit to a tiger nest in Bhutan by adequate transportation.

There can be many ways of visiting the tiger nest by organizing a well-managed trip to Bhutan.

Tiger’s Nest Weather

In the winter time, it gets quite cold, but the travellers will feel hot when they start hiking.

However, I would like to refer you, people, to visit the site during the months of October to December.

Because at that time the weather is noticeable and seems to be extraordinarily beautiful.


Also, as these are the months of semi winters so you can also feel cold, which can make you more comfortable with the weather.

Also, the months from March to May are also the best option for visiting the tiger nest in Bhutan.

Because it is the time of spring and you can find a moderate temperature to climb at the top of the tiger nest.

Tiger’s Nest Experience

When I had reached tiger nest monastery, then I had found one of the most breathtaking views there. Also, that is the point where I overlook the monastery.

Moreover, this is the main point where many of the people were snapping their photos. From this point, there is a short walk distance down a stone staircase.


While crossing the way, you have to pass through the bridge which is covered in prayer flags and then make a slight way to climb up to the monastery.

Moreover, we had hiked on a sunny day, so the ground was arid.

If one is going to travel in wet weather, then they can opt to wear appropriate footwear because the ground would turn muddy and quite slippery.

Takstang Monastery Trek

The hike is a quite steep incline which can take you to travel almost 900 meters in a short period. Also, never try to climb on the very first day of your trip.


This is because the altitude of the area is very high and you should give at least one day to make your body more comfortable with the temperature and adjust according to the higher elevation.

The hike begins on a dirt trail with some of the rocks, sand, and quite patches of gravel along the way.

Also, from the valley base, one can cover the distance of 900 meters and reach the final point of tigers nest at a height of about 3.120 meters.

Takstang Monastery Hike

When I had visited the tiger nest for hiking, then we had started around 9 a.m. Also, around 12:30, we were inside the monastery.


So during this time, we had taken frequent breaks, including tea break at the café, and also some of the photo sessions were done during this time.

However, there I found that one of the biggest challenges to hike tigers nest is the quick elevation.


It could make your trip to Bhutan a perfect one. So take a chance to hike this legendary monastery once in your life.

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