Indian food for travellers: India is the hub for foodie people; the variety of food is uncountable.

Indian cuisine is widely popular for its spiciness and delicious taste. India has the bliss of flavours for a vegetarian as well as for non-vegetarians.

The food collection in the country is very remarkable. It offers hundreds of traditional delicacies, which differ from north to south.

Every single region has unique dishes which gives you mouthwatering taste and flavour.

India is known for its festivals and “Land of Festivals” title pretty much does the justice and each has a special cuisine.

Whether it’s Diwali, Holi, Durga Puja, Lohri or any other. Indian food for travellers is not only tasty for the mouth but also very healthy along with great nutrition value.

Indian Thali pics

India has a broad history in terms of food; just like it shares the diversity in religion and states the same way it has diversity in the food.

Each region has its own speciality, whether you are going to Punjab in the north, Odisha in the south, Gujarat in west or Bengal in the east.

Every state is holding the castle of delicacies and offers a smorgasbord of options.

However, Indian food for travellers is mostly divided into two categories, one is North Indian and second is South Indian food.

Indian Thali

But you can’t get the taste of Indian food by reading this blog, pack your bags and apply e-tourist visa for India and explore the country along with a divine taste of food.

Here in this blog, we are going to share the top 5 best Indian food for travellers, those should be in your bucket list.

Top 5 Best Indian Food for Travellers

The Indian Thali

Thali is not a dish but it is a simple platter which consists of the best local dishes in the region.

The dishes of Thali may depend on the place or state you are eating, if you are in south you will get all the native dishes such as Sambar, Vadda, Dosa, Narail chutney and other.

Indian Thali pic

On the other hand, if you order a Thali in the North, the most probably you will get the best food in the local place.

Thali is the best way to enjoy Indian cuisine as you get all the dishes in one single plate. The benefit of Thali is; in just a few bucks you get the taste of your life.

Gol Gappa / Pani Puri

Gol Gappa is the most favourite street food in India.

The name of this food may vary with places, such as Pani Puri in Mumbai, Puchka in West Bengal, Pani Batashe in MP and Gol Gappe in the north region.

gol gappa

It reflects the true diversity of Indian food where one food item pronounces with a different name and holds different taste as well.

In North India, it is filled up with mashed potato and serves with mint, tamarind, and some spices flavoured water.

In South India, it is filled with green peas and in West, serves with flavoured water. Gol Gappa gives you the real taste of India along with herbs and spices.

indian food

Sarson Ka Saag and Makke Ki Rotti

This food is originated in Punjab and known as the best Punjabi dish across the World.

This dish is included in almost every Indian restaurant menu, but the real taste and worth you will get to know when you visit Punjab.

The scent, taste, and warmth of this meal get everyone salivating within a moment and adding Makki ki roti (Corn flour Tortilla) slathered with ghee or butter give you memorable taste to your mouth.

makke ki  roti
Image Credit: Sarso ka saag makka ki roti

However, if you are diet conscious, you may not found this food great for your health. As it is, contains a high amount of calories.

But the taste of this food is so mouthwatering, you can forget about calories intake at least for a day.

Masala Dosa

Indian food for travellers South Indian foods is very appetizing as well as healthful at the same time. FYI, the South Indian food is the spiciest Indian cuisine.

Along with these, the cuisine of the South is very healthy and very high in nutrition values.

Start Travel to South India

Ananthapura Lake Temple
Padmanabhaswamy Temple

When we talk about the food of the South, the first thing hits in our mind is Masala Dosa, idli, vada, and the list goes on.

Masala Dosa is the main breakfast food for every south Indian of the country.

masala dosa

However, you can eat it any time of the day. The sleek crispy dosa made with the batter of rice and lentils, filled with potatoes, fry up with onions and scented spices, served with coconut chutney and Sambar is the boon of Udupi, to the food lovers of across the world.

As per the CNN survey, Masala Dosa stands on 39th position in the list most delicious food in the world.

Butter Chicken

Indian food for travellers Butter chicken is purely the New Delhi food, as it originated in Moti Mahal Restaurant in 1950.

There is an exciting story about the Butter chicken recipe, how it accidentally made by the cook of Darayaganj.

butter chicken

Once the cook of the restaurant, by mistake mixed the sauce which is made of butter, chicken juice, tomato with tandoori chicken slices. Consequently, the result of this incident becomes the most toothsome dish in the world.

Now, there is not a single non-vegetarian person can be found who can say that he or she doesn’t have tasted or eaten the Butter chicken.

This food is easily available and can be found in every restaurant and highway dhabas.

Picking the top 5 best food in India is one of the difficult tasks for food lovers. Because, the variety of tasty Indian cuisine is so vast, that you can’t just restrict yourself to only 5 foods.

butter chicken pic

Choosing the top 5 Indian foods is like picking a small ice cube from the giant iceberg.

However, if you are planning to visit India soon and taste the delicious foods, first you need to apply for e-Visa India.

Moreover, pen down the above top five Indian food for travellers. It will give the heavenly taste to your tongue.


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