Dehradun Famous Food! Recommended Places to Eat in Dehradun 2024

Dehradun Famous Food

Dehradun is a hill station in Uttarakhand surrounded by hills, green valleys, and beautiful sightseeing. There is no doubt that Mussoorie is the queen of hills, but Dehradun is also one of the best foodie places for Dehradun’s famous food.

Dehradoon has vast varieties of cuisines from North India, Chinese, and Tibetan foods. If you ever plan to go to Dehradun, you must have the best food items in Dehradun.

Dehradun Famous Food
Dehradun Famous Food

In the further mentioned paragraphs, we are going to discuss the best foods and restaurants in Dehradun so that you will not miss a single dish from there.

Bun Tikki

Bun Tikki Places to Eat in Dehradun
Bun Tikki

Those who are burger lovers, do you know that Bun Tikki of Dehradun fails the taste of expensive burgers also? The residential of Dehradun has Bun Tikkies.

In Dehradun, bun Tikki shops are scattered at every corner of Gali and mohallas. Usually, most bun Tikki shops do not have their own identity, which makes them known as bun Tikki Valaa Dehradun Famous Food. They are known for their location mostly.

The tangy and spicy chutney with Dahi makes it delicious. The Tikki with chutney over it put in the two slices of buns. It is just 20 Rs. So have this tasty and yummy bun Tikki and satisfy yourself at a much cheaper price.


Katlambe Places to Eat in Dehradun

Dehradun Famous Food Katlambe is a famous dish from Pakistan. In Pakistan, residential use to eat Katlambe with Halwa and in Dehradun is served with Chole. It is a perfect dish for breakfast.

This dish is served in very few outlets in Dehradun. It is a fried bread dish that involves different ingredients and spices. The spread masala on top makes the dish delicious. You can also read Food Tour in Chandigarh for Every Foodie.

Omio Many Geos

 Falooda Kulfi

Falooda Kulfi Dehradun Famous Food
Falooda Kulfi

Do you love ice-creams? After taking dinner at night, Falooda kulfi is something that a person must have in Dehradun. There are many stories in the place where you can have this. In this dish, you will find vermicelli with sweet syrups.

In this Falooda, there is Rabdi also poured, which enhances the taste more. On the syrup, ice-cream scoops put with a garnishing of flavored syrup again. You can also read Best Food in Gangtok.

After completing the dish, they use to finish this dish with cherries and nuts on its top. Having this dish is a very pleasant feeling after dinner makes your day.  

 Snacks (burger, cold coffee, sandwich, bread roll, bread pakora)

Dehradun famous food
famous food

Snacks, what do you understand by Snacks? Something tasty, something cheaper, something that can satisfy your hunger; this is what you think about snacks.

A perfect Famous restaurant in Dehradun to have snacks “The Buffet Corner”. It is the favorite place for elders, adults, kids, and everyone. The place offers you a snack in the best healthier manner. Cold coffee, sandwiches, Dehradun Famous Food.

 Poori Sabji

Poori Sabji Dehradun famous food
Poori Sabji

If you are famished and want to have something delicious, visit Chetan Poori Wala. He will serve you a full plate includes Chhole, Aalu, Sweet Vegetable of Kaddu with piping hot crispy Poori.

After having the Poori Sabji of Chetan’s shop, one will forget about the top and high-profile restaurant’s cuisine. Don’t worry about hygiene, as well.

They use fresh material to make it. The taste of this dish is spicy enough. Meethi Sabji of Kaddu balances the spice in the dish and makes it yummier. You can read also the Best Jaipur Street Food Places.

Bal Mithai

Bal Mithai Dehradun famous food
Bal Mithai

Bal Mithai is the famous sweet of Dehradun. Kumar’s sweet shop has something to come having this Bal Mithai. It is made with Khoya, Cane sugar, and white sugar. You can read also Nepal Famous Food.

It is made by cooking up khoya with cane sugar until unless it turned into brown color. When it gets brown, cool it down and after setting it, cut it into pieces. The dish is garnished with white sugar. The dish comes in a pack of oak leaves and is very tasty.  


Momos Dehradun famous food

Momo is a South Asian Dumplings. Momos are the native dish of Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal. In the North Indian region, momos are Dehradun Famous Food to have.

It is a steamed dish stuffed with vegetables and served with red chili sauce and mayonnaise. Momos are common to have by people at Dehradun as this is one of the most favourite snacks people have there.  

Famous Eating Places in Dehradun:

The must-food visit places are:

Sunrise Bakers

Sunrise Bakers places to eat in dehradun
Sunrise Bakers
  • Location: In Paltan Bazaar (The busiest Market)
  • Timings: 6:30 AM to around 9 PM

The Buffet Corner

The Buffet Corner places to eat in dehradun
The Buffet Corner
  • Location:  Chukkuwala
  • Timings: 10:30 AM to around 9:30 PM.

Kumar Dehradun Famous Sweet Shop

Kumar Dehradun Famous Sweet Shop
Sweet Shop
  • Location: MDDA Complex shop No 1
  • Timings: 8:30 to about 9 PM.


Kalsang Dehradun Famous food
Kalsang Dehradun Famous food
  • Location: 88 A Rajpur Road, opposite Osho
  • Timings: 11:30 to 10:30

Dehradun includes different kinds of food items in it from different origins. Not only fast food and sweets, but the place is also good for the traditional food of Dehradun.

When visiting Dehradun, taste the food items and visit these shops to add new flavoursYou can read also Top 5 Best Indian Food for Travellers.

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