The 20 Best Jaipur Street Food Places (Updated 2022)

20 Best Jaipur Street Food

Jaipur, “The Pink City” of Rajasthan, is famous for its royal, architecture, forts, culture, and tradition. With all these famous attractions tourist places, Jaipur is also quite famous for its Street Food.

Yes, Jaipur street foods are delicious, spicy, and sweet. Whether you love sweet or spicy, it has lots of food options that you can try. Let’s explore the best Rajasthani Street food in Jaipur.

Pyaaz Kachori

Pyaaz Kachori Jaipur Street Food

Pyaaz Kachori is something that you don’t miss out on if you visit Jaipur. It is the best street food in Jaipur in which Jaipur is specialized. This Pyaaz kachori is high in calories but even higher in taste. Once you taste it and after that, you wanted it more and more. 

Best place to try:- Rawat Misthan Bhandar

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. 35/- 

Gol Gappa

Gol Gappa Jaipur Street Food

Gol Gappa, A famous street food in Jaipur that every foody love. That delicious and spicy street food with pudina’s water makes you its fan with instant.

With the variety of options sweet, spicy, and tangy you can taste it in more flavors. You can also read Food Tour in Chandigarh.

Best place to try:- Nand’s and Chawla’s (Stand out at Fashion Street)

Price started from- @Rs.40/- Per Plate

Masala Chai

Masala Chai Jaipur Street Food

If you’re a tea lover, don’t miss out on the special masala chai at Gulab Ji point. The famous tea staller in Jaipur and stand out in the list of Jaipur street foods. With a refreshing masala chai with bun butter kachori, samosa makes it perfect for starting a day.

Best place to try:- Gulab Ji Tea Stall at Ganpati Plaza

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. 10/- 

Kathi Roll

Kathi Roll Jaipur Street Food

Suppose you’re looking for the best nonveg in Jaipur street, then you must visit AI Bake. A place where you get chicken and Kathi rolls that is full of chicken and vegetables.

Also, it is heaven for chicken lovers. At AI Bake, they serve a variety of chicken dishes, from Kathi roll to tikka. You can also read Best Food in Gangtok.

Best place to try:- AI Bake at MI Road

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. 70/- 

Chat Pakoda

Chat Pakoda Jaipur Street Food

Snack time, “Chat Pakoda” Tourist loves and the attraction between them at evening tea time. You can find many local vendors selling Pakoda with Tea and not just a single type of Pakoda. You can explore different types of Pakoda at street foods.

Best place to try:- Saras Parlour at Malviya Nagar

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. 25/- 


Falahar Jaipur Street Food

Jaipur is just not for the people who want sweet and spicy foods. This is a place that offers a variety of Falahar for those who keep fast. During the fast, you can enjoy a wide variety of Falahar items, which are tasty and delicious.

Best place to try:- Saraogi Mansion

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. 65/- 


 Shrikhand Jaipur Street Food

A quite popular cuisine among vegetarians and on the list of Falahar. Shrikhand is served with nuts and a rich, creamy texture. A delicious sweet dish that you are going to miss out on after leaving Jaipur. 

Best place to try:- Saraogi Mansion (Falahar)

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. 55/- 

Kulfi Faluda

Kulfi Faluda  Jaipur Street Food

Kulfi Faluda, a cuisine dish among tourists. Dessert dish that everyone wants after dinner. Also, this dish is stand out at every party, function, and wedding. An amazing combination of Faluda noodles and kulfi makes it’s perfect. 

Best place to try:- Pandit Kulfi at Bapu Bazaar

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. 35/- 

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka Jaipur Street Food

Jaipur is just all about vegetarianism, but it cares for both. For the (Non-veg) Chicken lovers, Chicken Tikka is something that you can’t resist. Sethi Bar-Be-Que, is popular for its non-veg menu, If you are missing laal maas and chicken, then you must visit this place.

Best place to try:- Sethi Bar-Be-Que at Raja Park

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. 80/- 

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji Jaipur Street Food

Pav bhaji is a famous dish in Mumbai. But you can find it in the city of heaven. Mouthwatering best Pav bhaji in Jaipur with butter Tikki, in the Jaipur street, attracts you and falls you for Jaipur.

Best place to try:- Pandit’s Stall at nearby Birla Mandir

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. 30/- 

Rabri Wala

Rabri wala Jaipur Street Food

A sweet dish made with milk, a unique combination, and a favorite dish of local people. There are many local spots you can find here.

Best place to try:- Mahaveer Rabri Vala

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. 25/- 

Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka Jaipur Street Food

Paneer, a famous dish among vegetarians. The Paneer tikka is always a tasty, delightful dish on the list of vegetarians. Your list is incomplete if you didn’t mention juicy and spicy tikka. Taste Jaipur special street food paneer tikka with green chutney. You can also read Indian food for travelers.

Best place to try:- Sethi Barbeque at Raja Park, Hanuman Dhaba

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. 65/- 


Dosa Jaipur Street Food

Dosa is a lightweight south Indian dish that you can eat at any time. Jaipur dosa’s specialties are filled with mashed potatoes and served with a variety of chutneys such as coconut chutney, tomato chutney, green chutney, sambhar, etc. One can customize the spices as per their choice and taste.

Best place to try:- Swamy Cafe (Raja Park)

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. 45/- 


momos Jaipur Street Food

Just like in Delhi and other places,  Momos are also popular in Jaipur. The difference between other states and Jaipur momos is the spices as it carries Rajasthan spices’ taste. The hot momos with spicy red chilly chutney are enough for mouth-watering.

Best place to try:- Lane 4 (Raja Park)

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. 20/- 

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Jaipur Street Food

The mix flavor of the different matches of ice creams is perfect after dinner. Ice cream is the attraction of tourists in Jal Mahal

Best place to try:- Jal Mahal Ice Cream Parlour (MI Road)

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. 20/- 


Lassi  Jaipur Street Food

After eating So many spicy foods now, you need a fresh cold drink. A soft and delicious lassi full of malai. A refreshment drink during the summer that attracts customers to themself.

Best place to try:- Lassiwala Shop at MI Road

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. 15/- 


Omelette  Jaipur Street Food

If you only eat eggs and don’t eat chicken, then Jaipur has something for you as well. Taste the Omelette with a mix match and fusion with delicious taste at night.

The best part about this Jaipur street food is chutney. The omelet is served with a green chilly sauce that twice the taste of omelette. You can also read Nepal Famous Food.

Best place to try:- Sanjay Omelette at Bapu Nagar

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. 30/- 

South Indian Foods

South Indian Foods Jaipur Street Food

The local vendors of Jaipur street foods give high competition to many south Indian restaurants in Jaipur. The taste of south Indian foods with the local chef is a little different from south Indian. It makes it light, simple, and quite spicy with a delicious taste. 

Best place to try:- National Handloom (Vaishali Nagar)

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. 40/- 


Burger Jaipur Street Food

This Jaipur street food beats MacDonald’s Burger in taste. For, and burger indeed, you find a stall at every corner of Jaipur. The burger’s Specialty is it is fully loaded with cheese, veggies, and Aalo Tikki and served with Khatti- Mitthi Chutney.

Best place to try:- Nearby National Handloom (Vaishali Nagar)

Price started from:- Starting Just @Rs. /-  20

Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee  Jaipur Street Food

The combination of cold coffee with dark chocolates and choco nuts is one of the favorite refreshment drinks among youths. 

The real taste of coffee you can enjoy in the evening with a chilled sip of cold coffee. You can also read Dehradun Famous Food.

Best place to try:- Gyan Vihar Dairy at Malviya Nagar

Price started from:-  Starting Just @Rs. 40/-

Famous Street Food Places in Jaipur

  • Rawat Mishthan Bhandar & Restaurant
  • Gulab Ji Chai Wale
  • Pandit Pav Bhaji
  • Aunty’s Cafe
  • Masala Chowk
  • Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar
  • Gyan Vihar Dairy (GVD)

Question Hub Of Mysterious Trip About Jaipur Street Food

  1. What is the famous food of jaipur?
  • Rajasthani Thali (Plate)
  • Daal Baati & Churma
  • Pyaz Kachori

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