Top Tourist Destination in India You Should Not Miss

Top Tourist Destination in India

India is exhausting and full of challenges. So that everything works right from the beginning, we have put together this article with ten practical travel tips for India. After reading, you are well prepared for your first trip to the Indian subcontinent (Top Tourist Destination in India).

India presents you with its uniqueness. The Taj Mahal, Varanasi, Auroville and the Bodhi Tree, under which Buddha was enlightened.

That and much more is ONLY here. But the country does not just give you that. You have to do something about that.

List of Top Tourist Destination in India

Hampi, Karnataka

dream places to visit in india
dream places to visit in india

Hampi is located to the south of India in Karnataka and is a very popular tourist destination in India and therefore very safe by Indian standards.

The city is divided into two river banks, so caution is advised for travelers, as the malaria risk in this area is very high.

To get from one to the other side of the river you have to plan some time, because the small boat, well, rather raft, only starts when it is really worth it for the captain, so it is almost sinking because of people Top Tourist Destination in India.

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The main attraction is the ruins of Hampi, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But the really impressive thing is that wherever you look you will see nothing but a huge boulder landscape for miles around.

In addition to climbing, temple tours, wild motorcycle rides, yoga or meditation is probably the most beautiful in Hampi the famous dreamlike sunsets.

top 25 places to visit in india
top 25 places to visit in india

But above all, these paired with a gigantic rock landscape, which really let even the biggest big city fanatics get into raptures.

Hampi is not for party-happy backpackers, but for travellers who love peace, nature and even their green little plants (Top Tourist Destination in India).

Hampi is sporty, chilled, romantic and wild. Hampi is a versatile, breathtaking city. You just have to experience it.

Arambol Beach, Goa

If you know India, you are guaranteed to know Goa too and maybe even because it is so different from the rest of India.

I think Goa is a country in itself. Especially Arambol, a well-known hippie town in Goa.

There you are guaranteed to find no tourists from hotel complexes, as is the case in many other places in Goa Top Tourist Destination in India. Here you will find only hippies.

But I do not speak here of people, as they are known from Ibiza, who stroll fashionably with a leather band in her hair and white tunic along the beach.

Top Tourist Destination in India in may
Top Tourist Destination in India in may

No, I’m talking about young families, who live under a sacred tree in the forest, fill their entire everyday life with yoga on the beach or give crazy workshops, where they dance esoterically through the area without music.

They mostly earn money through handmade jewellery or yoga and meditation courses. Some also just with their delicious food, they sell at noon on the beach.


Varanasi is one of the craziest places, no I correct, is the craziest place I’ve ever been.

“You want to go to Varanasi? Be a prepared man! “Every traveller hears that and gets scared. Rightly how it turns out.

After Varanasi, the Indians come to die. That is exactly what you will look at in this city.

Huge funerals like you’ve never seen before. From a raft on the Ganges, you look at how corpse after corpse burned ashore.

dream places to visit in india pics
dream places to visit in india pics

It’s night. The river is full of floating tealights. Here and there a corpse. On land, you see meter-high flames with ghostly dancing bodies in it Top Tourist Destination in India.

Suddenly you get a fit of coughing and you’re not sure what that dust is, that you breathe in and in general if you want to be in this place at all. The Indians do not understand you there. They bathe in groups in the holy water


Top Tourist Destination in India agra
Top Tourist Destination in India agra

Agra, this is the city where the “Taj Mahal” stands. The Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The Taj Mahal is beautiful and there is nothing more to be said in the pink and red world Top Tourist Destination in India.


Udaipur, so known as the Venice of the East. A safe and very popular tourist city in Rajasthan especially likes the floating “Lake palace hotel”, as well as the city palace.

If you walk a bit out of the old town you can also inquire about the real India far away from tourists. To stay in the pink world, of course, you prefer to do it in pairs and preferably with a man.

dream places to visit in india pic
dream places to visit in india pic

Met the friendliest locals off on your trip to India in Udaipur and always look back with a smile on the face of the memories of this city Top Tourist Destination in India.


Jaisalmer is located in the middle of the desert and is known for its wonderful camel safaris. The city itself shines with a fort of temples, palaces and a few hotels.

Jaisalmer is still the most beautiful city I have seen in India. Do a day camel safari instead of booking a day like everyone else. Do not misunderstand the desert was awesome.

Top Tourist Destination in India images
Top Tourist Destination in India images

The nights were freezing cold, which even the most beautiful starry sky could not help us with and the days could hardly stand the heat. Typical desert weather.

Much worse, however, was the fact that after two days our legs became so sore that they almost bleed and every movement of the camel inflicted hellish pain on us Top Tourist Destination in India.

The action of our safari guide on the last day was very amusing. So we woke up with the first rays of sunshine in the sand and found out that our guide was gone and unfortunately the whole morning did not come back.

Top Tourist Destination in India photos
Top Tourist Destination in India photos

When we almost thought we had to die alone in the Indian desert and die alone, he suddenly appeared and told us that his camel had disappeared. A camel is very, very much worth.

Our safari guide was very likely to arouse our sympathy with his story and to lure some money out of us.

I found this idea so funny that pretending that the camel was gone, especially since we saw it again on our arrival in Jaisalmer, tipping it as much as we could afford. Talent should be rewarded!


Top Tourist Destination in India foreign
Top Tourist Destination in India foreign

Jaipur is the largest city in Rajasthan and known as “pink city”.

Pink is this city really. Palaces, houses, streets, even people, wherever you look you see pink. Except for that fact, personally, I did not find the city particularly stunning Top Tourist Destination in India.


Mumbai is a really great city. Somehow modern and yet so cultural. Somehow hectic and at the same time so harmonious. I thought it was great.

25 tourist places in india
25 tourist places in india

Make sure you stay long enough to play in a Bollywood movie. Again and again, directors in the city go up and down in search of Europeans for small supporting roles. You really should not miss that!


Pushkar is a small hippie town in Rajasthan. Here you can relax, relax, chill out or whatever else you might choose for words.

Upon entering one of the many roof terraces of the guesthouses or cafés, you will not be aware for some time that at least ten other guests will let you swing in comfortable hammocks.

new tourist places in india
new tourist places in india

Rest is important here. The whole thing has something of a huge wellness oasis Top Tourist Destination in India.

However, this is what the world only looks like over the roofs of Pushkar.

There you can go shopping, attend cooking classes, help out in schools and kindergartens, visit temples, and there are no limits. Pushkar is truly unique and worth the trip!

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