9 Most Famous Museums in India Everyone Must Visit

India is enticing because of its abundant natural splendour, cultural diversity, and historical significance. There are famous museums in India dedicated to almost anything you can think of: ancient art, textiles, armour, tribal cultures, the natural environment, architecture, and more.

Spending time in such locations will allow you to get a glimpse into history and observe it first-hand. For this reason, we recommend adding India to the top of your to-visit list.

So, without further ado – here is a list of the top 9 famous museums in India that are sure to wow you!

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Indian Museum, Kolkata

If you’re excited to see some mummies, the only thing standing between you and a trip to the Indian Museum is your passport; hence, get an Indian passport photo online and obtain the necessary form. After that, it’s time to take a well-anticipated tour!

Kolkata’s Indian Museum, founded by the Asiatic Society of Bengal in 1814, is home to a priceless collection of Mughal paintings, skeletons, and jewels. Visiting the one of largest famous museums in India will provide you with new information, as no other museum in India compares to it in size or age!

There are 35 galleries covering themes of economic botany, art, archaeology, geology, anthropology, and even zoology.

National Museum, Delhi

The National Museum in New Delhi is one of the largest in India and features nearly 200,000 artifacts from antiquity to the present day.

The museum lies at the intersection of Janpath and the busy streets in Delhi and has been operating since 1949. It has amassed a diverse collection over the years, including artifacts from the ancient Harappan civilization, works by Buddhist artists, miniature painters, collectors of coins and textiles, admirers of Western art, warriors armed with antique weapons, and more.

The museum’s collection, in reality, covers a far more comprehensive range of periods and cultures than we mentioned above.


Shankar’s International Dolls Museum, Delhi

Delhi is home to Shankar’s International Dolls Museum, which features over 160 dolls from New Zealand, India, Australia, and Africa, displayed in glass cases across two floors.

Dolls from different parts of the world are on show, but you’ll also come across displays of Indian dances and traditions, bridal doll sets, and other collections that tourists can relish.

The International Doll Museum in Delhi is one of the famous museums in India that a child would want to visit!

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Government Museum, Chennai

The Government Museum, often known as the Madras Museum, lies in one of Chennai’s most bustling neighbourhoods, Egmore. India considers it the nation’s second-oldest museum dating back to 1851.

The Government Museum site states that it has the most Roman artifacts in store. The National Art Gallery is located within this museum and is regarded as among the finest in the country. There are 46 exhibit halls located in a total of six structures.

The galleries showcase various artifacts from several disciplines, including anthropological displays, zoological specimens, wooden sculptures, metal objects, dolls, and Ravi Varma paintings.

Calico Museum, Ahmedabad

Calico Museum, founded by Gautam Sarabhai and his sister Gira Sarabhai in 1949, is now one of Ahmedabad’s most popular tourist destinations. Visitors can find historical and modern examples of Indian textile design in the museum’s impressive collection.

The Calico Museum houses the most impressive textile collection in the world, making it the most vibrant of famous museums in India. You’ll come across the most stunning works of art – the Bronze and Pichhwais fabrics. To enter the museum, you must first receive approval.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Vastu Museum, Mumbai

Mumbai is home to the Prince of Wales Museum, also referred to as the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sanghralaya. It opened on January 10, 1922, to correspond with a visit by the Prince of Wales.

In the Fort district, the Kala Ghoda precincts are home to several other notable structures and organizations, including the Jehangir Art Gallery, the National Gallery of Modern Art, and many more.

The 50,000 works of art are divided into archaeology, art, and natural history. The Art area features contributions from well-known names, including Purshottam Mavji, Dorab Tata, and Ratan Tata. The Gupta period also produced several ivory artifacts.

Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai

The Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum started inviting the public in 1872. Enjoyable and informative, the famous museums in India displays depict nineteenth-century life in Mumbai. Artifacts such as clay recreations, maps, and period clothing are also displayed and accessible to visitors.

The building has a Palladian facade and a High Victorian interior renovated not too long ago, making it an architectural masterpiece. In addition, there’s a gallery dedicated to industrial art, another to paintings from the 19th century, and another to Mumbai’s historical roots.

Rabindra Bharati Museum, Kolkata

The Rabindra Bharati Museum opened in 1962. The museum features a wide range of artifacts related to Tagore, including personal letters, publications on Tagore, clippings on Tagore, first edition books, song records, and paintings in both Indian and Western styles. Tourists, and especially art enthusiasts, fawn over this museum!

The museum holds various artifacts, including around 208 Personalia, 716 paintings, 27 craft and sculpture pieces, 89 Spool, 53 pieces of furniture, and many more. The exhibition of these artifacts will provide visitors with a rewarding educational experience.

Bombay Natural History Museum, Mumbai

The Bombay Natural History Society museum opened its doors in 1883 as a private, non-profit organization in the Indian city of Mumbai. Its primary purpose is to study and protect many forms of life.

Over 1,200,000 specimens are represented, including 5,500 bird eggs, 9,000 amphibians and reptiles, 30,000 mammals, and 40,000 insects.

You can also observe some extinct species here, including the Jerdon’s courser and the Bengal florican. The famous museums in India is of pink-headed ducks, which are also extinct.

Wrapping Things Up

India is home to many museums, galleries, and exhibition spaces, paying homage to the rich cultural landscape and the range of themes conveyed via art. The famous museums in India we’ve highlighted above all capture the beautiful history of India and are well worth a visit.

Grab your passport, experience the true treasures of this great country, and bring back beautiful memories you’ll treasure forever!

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