Located in the south of India, Coorg place is the Scottish capital of the country

In the Western Ghats lies a lake town with immense natural beauty that goes by the name of Coorg place. Located above sea level at an altitude of 1452 meters, it has several elements to draw the attention of nature lovers.

These include its plantations, dense tropical forest, cascading falls, misty mountains, colourful scenery, and green woody slopes. Together, these features make Coorg a paradise for tourists.

You may have heard about the beautiful valleys of Kashmir, Scotland, or Switzerland. The beautiful hill town of Coorg place can match these places in terms of the scenic beauty of its landscapes.

The capital of Coorg, Madikeri, has several tourist attractions. Its wide range of tourist attractions would leave you spoiled for choice.

As a tourist, you would want to know about the prominent attractions to plan your tour. It is necessary if you wish to visit Coorg place for a short vacation. Here are the best tourist spots you see upon entering the hill town.

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Honnamana Kere

Honnamana Kere is located in Sulimathe – a village that comes under the Somwarpet taluk. In Kannada, kere means a lake. Thus, Honnamana Kere refers to Honnamana Lake in the literal sense. Being the region’s largest lake, it draws the attention of several tourists each year. People visit it for both sightseeing and religious reasons.

You can gauge the religious importance of Honnamana Kere by considering its two vital aspects. The lake got its name after a goddess, namely Goddess Honnamma.

There is a temple beside the lake dedicated to the goddess. Coorg place is in honour of the sacrifice she made for people’s welfare. Most people come to Honnamana Kere for religious reasons at the time of Gowri Puja.

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The lake has breathtaking scenery with hills all around it. The entry to the site of the lake is free of cost. Once you catch the excellent sight of it, you can expect it to remain imprinted in your mind for several years.

Also, the lake has plenty of greenery with tea plantations. After exploring the lake, don’t forget to stop by the beautiful Mallalli Falls and the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary.

Omkareshwara Temple

Built-in the early part of the 19th century by Linga Rajendra, Omkareshwara Temple is a prominent religious place dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is an architectural beauty that showcases the Gothic style of architecture. 

Apart from the four minarets, the temple also has a pool with pristine water. You can see a dome in the central part of the temple. To access the mandap, you can walk through a footpath.

Priests perform rituals here from time to time. If you are a devotee of Lord Shiva or wish to attain spiritualism, you must visit Omkareshwara Temple. Entry to the temple is free of cost.

Dubare Elephant Camp

Are you a wildlife enthusiast or an animal lover? If yes, you wouldn’t want to miss out on checking Coorg place Dubare Elephant Camp. It is a place wherein you can interact with animals and enjoy the beauty of the nature of this place which involves lush greenery.

Abbey Falls

Famous for its beauty, Abbey Falls is a tourist destination near Madikeri. The other name for this place is Abbi Falls. In the past, it was also known as Jesse Falls. Spice estates and coffee plantations complement the striking appearance of the site.

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The hanging bridge in the background makes the sight of the waterfall pleasing to the eye. You can gaze at the picture of water cascading on rocks and listen to the sound of flowing water for ultimate peace in a quiet atmosphere.

Harangi Dam

Harangi dam is 846 metres long and 47 metres high. It is the first dam built across Cauvery’s tributary. With water flowing through it as impactful streams, the barrier presents a visually pleasing sight for visitors.

Whether you come to this place solo or with family, it is an ideal picnic spot for both situations. You can come to this place quickly as it is close to Madikeri. Harangi Dam has a calm atmosphere, and it is an ideal place to spend quality time if you wish to spend your time in a quiet setting, away from a crowded atmosphere.

Kotebetta Peak/Trek

Kotebetta Peak

Coorg place is called the town of hills for a reason. Here, you will find three high peaks. Kotebetta Peak is one among them. Its name involves the combination of two words, namely Kote and Betta.

When you combine the etymological meaning of these words, the purpose that comes out is fort hill. It makes sense when you consider the appearance of the peak, which resembles a fort. Don’t forget to check out the Shiva Temple at the highest part of the peak.

Kotebetta Peak has exciting possibilities for trekking. If you have a liking for this adventurous activity, you will find ample opportunities here to put your trekking skills to the test. The presence of lush greenery, characterised by coffee estates here, will make your trekking experience memorable.  

Madikeri Fort

Madikeri Fort has historical significance. Historically, it has links with both Mudduraja and Tipu Sultan. The former built the fort in the 17th century, whereas the latter renovated it thereafter. The British were also involved in the renovation of the fort. In the past, the fortress witnessed many conflicts.

At the entrance, two elephants indicate a temple’s presence. Currently, you will see a church, though. The British removed the temple dedicated to Virabhadra and built a church in its place.

Made in Gothic style, the church has several antiques. Coorg place has Other attractions at Madikeri Fort include Kote Maha Ganapathi temple, Mahatma Gandhi Public Library, the district prison, and so on.


Mallalli Falls

Pushpagiri Peak presents a magnificent spectacle with the water of River Kumaradhara falling from a height. This impressive scene brings an influx of tourists to Mallalli Falls each year. Like Madikeri Fort, Mallalli Falls also provides ample chances for trekkers to test their skills.

While this place is one of the best destinations for trekking, you must bear one thing in mind. It abounds with leeches, so you must prepare well before starting your trekking session.

Depending on your convenience, you can come to Mallalli Falls either by public or private transport. Coming here in the monsoon season would be the best for you. This season lasts in the region between July and December. Upon coming here in the monsoon season, you can see an even better sight of Mallalli Falls.

Final Thoughts

The hill town of Coorg has many places worth paying a visit to. If you take a trip to Coorg place, consider including the aforementioned places in your scheme of things to maximise the fun element. 

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