Five tips for spending an unforgettable weekend in Utah

Today, our lives are much more different than they were a few decades ago. Most of our time is spent sitting in front of computer screens or aimlessly scrolling through social media. There is no denying that we have indeed become slaves of technology.

Though digital advancements have helped us stay connected, it has, without our realization, made our lives more isolating. So, what is the way out of this isolation? The answer is travel to Utah.

Why is travelling important?

The main reason why travelling is essential is that it is good for our health. It reduces stress and the risk of developing chronic conditions like heart disease. Besides health benefits, travelling is an education in itself that teaches us valuable lessons about life.

Following a monotonous routine, every day is dull. Going on a trip not only changes your perspective on life but is also the perfect antidote to breaking the cycle of boredom. Travelling instils an appreciation for your blessings and empathy for other cultures.

Perhaps everyone agrees that the most significant importance of travelling is that it turns every moment into an everlasting memory.

Reading the reasons mentioned above why travelling is essential must’ve made you think when was the last time you took a trip. Don’t worry if you can’t remember because you can still plan a fun-filled weekend gateway.

Weekend gateway to St. George, Utah

St. George, Utah, might not be on the top of your list. However, stick around to see why it should be. From restaurants in st george utah to outdoor recreations, it’s a small town with all the amenities of a big city. St George, Utah, is the place that accommodates all of your travelling needs.

Here is a guide on a few things you shouldn’t miss out on.

1. Zion National Park, Utah

What draws visitors to St. George is Zion National park. The striking landscape and rich history make it a popular vacation spot in the United States. Everyone must visit the park to hike the trails and wade through canyon waters.

The landscape allows families, hikers, and photographers to explore the outdoors. The park has a wide range of services for its visitors. For instance, they have a junior Ranger program, shuttle service, museums, and picnic spots.

The park is located 40 miles away from the city. So, if you plan a day trip to St. George, Utah you can squeeze in a visit to the Zion national park. For the best experience, wear your boots, pack a water bottle, and hit the trail. You will come across several options, depending on your stamina.

Take the Canyon Overlook or Riverside walk trails if you don’t want to get yourself worked up. To make the path memorable, hikers opt for Angel’s landing trail or the observation points to take in some fantastic views.

2. Dinosaur Discovery Site, Utah

You look forward to making the most of your trip by exploring every famous attraction, including the Dinosaur discovery site at Johnson Farm. If you are a history buff, there is plenty of stuff to experience.

The museum came into being when developers clearing the site flipped over a large sandstone slab. Later, someone discovered a footprint that resembled a dinosaur’s foot. From that day onwards, the area became a popular attraction for tourists and dinosaur lovers. 

Though there is still plenty of work to be done in the museum, it has some fantastic dinosaur tracks to keep the visitors occupied. A small activity room gives you a good feel of the Mesozoic era. Over here, you and your kids can enjoy various mind-stimulating activities like making dinosaur origami and examining their teeth.

Take a walk through the museum to see sandstone chunks. What makes them unique is that every piece has various prehistoric markings. Some show dinosaur footprints, while others have neatly traced fossils of different dinosaurs.

3.  Canyon State Park

The park is one of the highly recommended places for families. Compared with other famous parks like Zion and Bryce Canyon, this state park is a hidden gem in Utah, unknown to many, and less crowded.

The first thing you’ll see is the sculpted canyons of sandstone. These sandstones, surrounded by ancient lava flows, are home to some breathtaking trails and cliffs waiting to be explored.

Moreover, the park has a clean campground suitable for Rooftop tents and RVs for relaxation. The scenery and the several climbing routes make it one of the must-visit places.

The one memorable experience you take from your trip to the snow canyon state park is the walk on lava. Although it isn’t hot, walking on the lava is something you will not forget for a long time.

Visiting the park is somewhat of a visual treat for families or friends. With spectacular scenery, the park has picnic areas, campgrounds, and hiking trails, adding the adventure element to your trip.

4. Kayenta Art Village

Located within a short distance from St. Gorge, Utah you will discover Kayenta Art Village. The small town-like place is a pleasant spot to find unique art pieces, grab a coffee and enjoy quality time with yourself. The small village is home to art galleries, spas, and an outdoor café.

The unique thing about this art village is that you can start conversations with the artists and learn more about their work and pieces. Over the years, St. George is becoming known as an art hub, with Kayenta Art village being one of the famous spots among art lovers.

Apart from meeting the artists, you can also get in touch with your creative side by trying your hand at pottery or a painting class. The village is not only home to art galleries and quaint coffee shops, but it also has sculpture gardens so you can go for a relaxing walk after a busy day.

5. Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum

Considered one of the best aviation museums, the western sky aviation warbird museum has a collection of exceptional fighter jets. The museum educates visitors about everything related to aviation and aircraft.

Tourists and locals learn about Warbird’s history and the sacrifices of all those who flew the historical aircraft. Unlike other museums, where you only get to treat your eyes visually, the aviation museum allows adults and kids to get a sense of what it feels like in a jet.  

The jets are in good condition and ready to fly, but some are permanently mounted. In addition to jets, pilot uniforms and other gear are also displayed.


The more engrossed we are in routine activities, the less we focus on taking some time out for ourselves. We often don’t realize that, more than anything, taking a break is good for our well-being. Few things in our surroundings teach us to take things slow, with travelling being one of them.

Travelling has several benefits, from improving our health to introducing us to broadening our horizons. Plan a weekend gateway with your family to Utah if your vacation is due. You will have a fantastic trip from Zion national park to Kayenta art village.            

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