If you’re looking for a good trip to a cannabis museum, here are a few of the best choices. From the Cannabis Mansion to the Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum, you’ll find plenty of fascinating objects at these places. Some of them also allow you to buy hybrid seeds.

Which one should you visit first? Read on to find out! And make sure to follow the recommendations of your favorite cannabis enthusiast! The museums below are sure to excite your senses!


If you’re a marijuana enthusiast, one of the best places to visit is a museum dedicated to cannabis. You can explore the history of cannabis and discover why it’s so popular around the world.

In the US, the Cannabis Museum of American Culture shows how cannabis has spread throughout history, from early American colonial days to the present.

The exhibit highlights the ramifications of prohibition on minority communities. It also provides educational and entertaining insight into the social ramifications of drug laws.

There are several museums dedicated to the cannabis plant around the world. These collections are not limited to cannabis plants. The history and art of the cannabis plant are extensive and fascinating. If you are an avid cannabis enthusiast, you will find several exhibits and relics at these museums.

The museums are Instagrammable and offer a unique perspective on the plant. Moreover, the museums also provide an educational aspect to the whole process.

Such as the medical benefits of the plant, proper growing and more. These museums will help you become an expert on cannabis, while giving you a fun and educational trip.


The Cannabition Museum plays fast and loose with the concept of being a museum. It is not the stoner Smithsonian. Instead, it draws inspiration from similar pop-up museums in cities across the US, such as the Museum of Ice Cream, Dream Machine, and Color Factory.

A visit to any of these museums is sure to be a unique experience. While it is impossible to describe the overall experience in a few words, they are all aimed at promoting a positive perception of cannabis.

The Cannabis museum has an immersive atmosphere, thanks to the large mural painted by artist Heather Hermann and designer Gear Duran.

The mural traces cannabis’ history from its introduction to legalization, from when it was favored over alcohol during Prohibition to its vilification during the “Just Say No” era under Nancy Reagan. The mural is a great way to get a sense of cannabis’ place in history.

Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum

If you’re in Amsterdam, a visit to the Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum should be on your to-do list. Opened by Dutch philanthropist Ben Dronkers in 1985, this museum traces the history of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis museum has been part of human civilization for thousands of years, and it’s considered a sustainable alternative to cotton, which requires lots of water and pesticides. Cotton harvesting is also laborious and requires large amounts of labor. In contrast, hemp is strong and versatile and could even be mechanized.

The Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum is located in the heart of Ciutat Vella, the city’s old quarter. While most museums don’t focus on cannabis, this one is particularly unique.

Its historical significance dates back to ancient China and Ethiopia, and includes artifacts and objects from early modern times. The museum also highlights the use of hemp in medicinal practices.

Marijuana Mansion

The Marijuana Mansion in Denver, Colorado, is one of the many marijuana-themed museums to visit around the world. Originally purchased for $1 million, the mansion is reportedly haunted by a paranormal entity.

If you visit the mansion, be sure to keep the volume down and play music in the background, since the ghosts don’t like loud music! Until the law is changed, however, Marijuana Mansion will continue to serve the community.

The Marijuana Mansion is a Denver landmark. This historic mansion features a museum, interactive art exhibit, and event space. In addition to tours, you can even buy marijuana edibles and enjoy pre-rolled joints.

The building, designed by Denver architect John J. Huddart, features Queen Anne and Romanesque Revival architectural influences. There’s also a neon ‘MM’ sign in the hallway.

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