Coral Castle | Castle Built by magnetism or supernatural Powers

Coral Castle Miami- In Homestead, Florida, near Miami and South Dixie Highway, situated a famous structure known as the coral castle. However, it is not really a castle nor made up of corals.

It is, nevertheless, excellent attainment. Over 1,000 tons of oolite limestone were extracted and formed into different shapes, including tables, slab walls, chairs, a water fountain, a crescent moon, and a sundial.

It was originally called Rock Gate Park, and many claimed that the castle was scientifically unexplainable. According to the castle’s official website, it has puzzled engineers, scientists, and scholars since its formation in 1923.

Coral Castle
Coral Castle

The castle appeared several times in TV shows, magazines, and books. Furthermore, Rock musician Billy Idol wrote a song about the attraction called ‘sweet-sixteen.’

Coral Castle Door

For several decades, the castle door was perfectly balanced. Despite how much it weighed, it would easily open with the push of a finger or a strong wind.

The mystery behind how it worked remained a mystery until 1986 when it stopped swinging. When they eliminated the gate, it was said that it spans on a metal shaft and lays on a truck carriage.

Coral Castle door
Coral Castle door

The Edward Leedskalnin Coral Castle

Many wondered when they saw the castle- How was Coral Castle built? According to the legends, Edward’s 16 years old sweetheart left him right before their wedding day.

While leaving for America, he learned about his terminal tuberculosis. However, healed quickly. He said that the magnets helped him to deal with the disease.

Coral Castle built by one man named Edward Leedskalnin alone, built the whole castle, which took him 28 years, and he refused to be seen by anyone while he was working.

Enterprise Many GEOs

However, few teenagers reported having seen his work. They said that he made the corals move like a hydrogen balloon. Edward only talked about using a perpetual motion holder as an instrument.

How castle built

Coral Castle Florida– Leedskalnin originally named the place ‘Ed’s Place,’ in Florida around 1923. He bought the land from Ruben Moser, whose wife helped him when he was going through terminal tuberculosis.

The castle remained in Florida till 1936, when Edward decided to relocate the castle. The final location of the castle is in Miami, Florida, which he chose to protect his privacy. It took him 3 years to move the component structures from Florida to Miami.

Coral Castle Homestead

Edward named his new place Rock Gate after he built the castle door. He continued working on his castle until his last breath in 1951.

When the castle was in Florida, Leedskalnin asked for 10 cents as a ticket price from the visitors who came to see the castle. However, after relocating to Homestead, Miami, he started charging 25 cents as a donation.

He let the visitors who didn’t have money enter the castle for free. When people asked him how he made the castle and what was the reason behind the coral castle mystery, he never answered.

When people asked him why he built the castle, he would respond in an indefinite way- it was for his sweet sixteen. After Leedskalnin’s death at the age of 64, the castle became the possession of his nephew, who was from Michigan.

He sold the property to an Illinois family as he was in poor health. However, the obituary stated that the new owner (Levin) of the castle bought the property from Florida in 1952 and was unaware of the fact there was a castle on the land.

coral castle homestead
coral castle homestead

Levin later sold the castle to Coral Castle Inc. in January 1981. The National Register of Historic Places recognized the work of Edward Leedskalinn and enlisted castle under the name of rock gate. However, they altered the name from rock gate to Coral Castle in 2011.

Coral Castle Museum

It is open daily (9 am- 6 pm Sunday to Thursday, 9 am-7 pm Friday and Saturday.) They welcome tourists from all over the world to witness this magnificent phenomenon.

The ticket price for the adult is $18.

The castle is also available for rent for weddings, parties, and receptions. You wouldn’t want to visit the site on a very wet or humid day as the castle’s open-air plot could make the visit uncomfortable.

Several castle images revealed a black box on top of a tripod, and no one could find out what was inside the castle’s black box.  After he died, nobody found the black box.

Coral Castle Debunked

Edward Leedskalinn worked in complete isolation while building the castle. He only used primitive tools- weighed 100 pounds and stood 5 ft. tall; yet he managed to push, carve and lift such ginormous rocks.

Most of the rocks weighed 5 tons, with the biggest weighing 30 tons. Here the question arises- how could a man using only hand-made tools, attain this height? The answer to this question is still unknown.

Many theories were presented on how the castle could have been built; one theory suggested that Edward Leedskalinn caused the rocks’ weightlessness. Ed explained in his pamphlet ‘magnetic current’ that objects become lighter if you reverse the magnetic forces.

Another theory is that there is a black box that carries the answer. However, no one can find the box to this day. Experts believe that the coral castle black box has something to do with how he built the castle.

There were rumors that Leedskalinn used exceptional magnetic currents or cast hollow blocks. Others suggested that his property lies in a vortex or he has supernatural powers, like levitation.

However, all these theories ignore the fact that a human being, when sets their mind with a steady focus and powerful motivation, can attain anything.

Castle Anti-Gravity

The coral castle anti-gravity is linked to the black box on top of the tripod. According to the people, the pyramid-like structure could only build by Aliens or an anti-gravity device.

Is it possible that he discovered the Anti-gravity, or was there some kind of magnetic current nullifying gravity in the black box? I couldn’t tell.

The question is still here- how a man 5 feet tall was able to build such structures and move enormous rocks just like that and make a beautiful coral castle out of it?

 coral castle anti gravity
Coral castle anti-gravity

If you want to learn more about this castle, then click here: Coral Castle youtube

Coral Castle entrance fee

  • People 13 years old or older must pay $18.00 to get in.
  • Children aged 7 to 12 must pay $8.00.
  • Children who are younger than 6 years old can enter for free.

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