The Mystery of Stone Spheres Costa Rica: Diquís Delta

Stone Spheres Costa Rica

Have you ever came across a stone so perfectly shaped that it made you wonder if it was the work of nature or human?

Envision yourself digging on a banana farm, and your shovel suddenly hits something hard.

You persist to dig up around the object, and finally, you are exposed to a 2-meter spherical ball, made out of stone.

It is a perfectly spherical shaped stone ball, known as Stone Spheres Costa Rica.


Stone spheres, Costa Rica, are thousand years old, sculpted with magic brews, and loaded with gold.

Does this all seem like a nuisance, or you do think that it might have happened for real in the past?

If, there’s any such thing as ‘perfect spherical stones’ that was discovered while digging an agricultural land.

This may sound all crazy and unlikely; however, this is what did happen when southwestern Cost Rica was developing for agriculture.

stone spheres Costa Rica photos

Dozens of stones were discovered; some were in centimetres while others were in meters.

Some were demolished in order to go and find the allegedly hidden treasure, on the other hand, other natural stone spheres, Costa Rica took to be placed on display in and nearby the homes of Costa Rica’s affluent elite.

Some are on display in the Costa Rican National Museum for conservation and research.


When the stone spheres, Costa Rica, there was a momentary period of exhaustive study, subsequently years of a long gap until interest rose on this object in the 1970s, preceding to their current position as valuable archaeological examination just like any other striking Mesoamerican artefact.

Till date, more than 300 stones have been discovered in the Diquis Delta and on Isla Del Cano.

The Diquis Delta is named after the extinct Diquis culture that used to populate the land.


Each of the stone spheres, Costa Rica rocks are made up of Sandstone or probably limestone.

And the rest 300 are carved from gabbro, an igneous rock, chemically similar to basalt, however, rather being cold at the surface because of the volcanic eruption, gabbro is a plutonic rock.

Plutonic rocks are those that are formed when magma cools down and gets hard on underneath the earth’s surface.

The notion of the giant stone spheres of Costa Rica first came into light in the movie Raiders of the lost ark, when Dr Indiana Jones, an adventurer archaeologist, make an attempt to take a gold sculpture from a primitive temple in Peru.

stone spheres Costa Rica images

He tries replacing the statue with a bag of gold of the same weight as of the statue so that it doesn’t trigger any traps left to prevent any thief, however, ended up miscalculating the weight and ruins everything.

If in case the ball capped in him surpassing, from the ginormous ball he would have been crushed.

Myths Surrounding the Spheres

Before we jump right into the purpose of the stone spheres, Costa Rica, let us first examine the stone spheres of costa theories. Some of the theories are as bizarre as you could envision.

Few believe that the stone spheres, Costa Rica were a part of the lost Atlantis, while some believe that the stones were a part of the game played by the giants.


There’s hardly any of these theories or myths that need particular attention and research.

It was claimed that the stones made using a magic potion to smoothen the rocks, enabling them to take perfect spherical shape.

Some states that you could see petroglyphs or engraved symbols, imprinted into the stones, only when it is wet.

stone spheres Costa Rica mystery

Conclusively, the petroglyphs symbols are an odd claim since incorporating petroglyphs would signify that the stones were imperfect in the beginning.

However, the researchers did find some stone spheres that included petroglyphs or other symbols.

Though they could be seen even when they are dry, however seeing them wet would allow you to see those etched symbols with much clarity.

The concept of using a magic potion in order to soften the rock is frequently supported by work portrayed in the early 1980s by Joseph Davidovils, a French Archaeologist, whose work centred on how pre-Incan people could have separated, and stones using acids resulting from local plants.

One of the myths that are always under the radar of argumentative questions is the sphericity of the stones.

This has been a matter of argument since ancient times that the people belonging that period may have had some secret knowledge that assisted them in doing something so perfect that we have only at present be able to replicate with new scientific tools.

However, the incompetence to measure the stone spheres, Costa Rica, doesn’t prove that the stones were perfectly carved spherical in the past.


We could examine what’s left for us, and what’s left for us is the imperfect spherical stones

How Stone Spheres, Costa Rica were Made?

The spheres were made by the native people of pre-Columbian of Diquis Culture.

They started making the spheres around 600 BC that persisted till 1000, however, stopped the construction before the arrival of the Spaniards.

They are the perfect example of the craftsmanship of that region before the European’s architecture such as the Pyramids of the Maya or the alpha cities of the Inca.

stone spheres Costa Rica pic

The reason why the stone spheres, Costa Rica are now linked with mysterious backgrounds because the Diquis culture, unlike the Aztec & Maya, wiped out.

There wasn’t any information on their cultural context; their origin and purpose, inciting legend and myth.

Costa Rica Spheres Debunked

More research done into the stone spheres, Costa Rica’s origin, original purpose, and manufacture was hindered by the fact that they were discovered on land possessed by a company of fruit farming, and not archaeology.

stone spheres Costa Rica pictures

Numerous stories were eradicated from where they were found so the rich could have them as a display around their lavish household, hence damaging all the data concerning their origin and original location into a broader backdrop.

So far, we have gathered a comprehension regarding how the spheres were made is simple; however, no less inspiring.

Native societies, operating without wheels or working animals, carrying stones of up to 15 tons to be carved into spheres without any metal instruments.

This would have needed a high level of technology, proficiency, and time in order to achieve, and should be known for its achievement. 

One of the most assuring explanation as to how these stone spheres of Bosnia were made is that they might have been created to impersonate the stars.

The petroglyphs might be talking about the constellations on the sphere’s carved symbols.

Stone Spheres Costa Rica pixs

However, it is possible that the stones might be a sign of a status symbol for the affluent and influential people.

The only way we could have an answer to these assumptions is only through extensive research and maintenance.

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