Best Destinations For Art Lovers

Art is something that everybody can appreciate, and you don’t have to be a critic to do so. There are different kinds of art lovers across the globe, and it’s impossible to say if something is entirely wrong when you look at it objectively and what its origin says about it.

If you love art, you probably have some places on your bucket list that you want to visit. So, keep reading and get inspired by the best destinations for art lovers!

Florence, Italy

You only have to go on art history tours in Italy to see just how much beauty there is in the country. Florence is one of the best hubs for Renaissance pieces, so it’s a must-see if you’re a fan of classical artwork.

Some ancient churches and basilicas showcase the very best works of Michelangelo and Brunelleschi.  You’ll even be able to see the artistic influence by simply walking down the streets of Florence too.

Most people will head to the Uffizi Gallery, which has notable works like The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci, and even Caravaggio’s depiction of the beheaded Medusa. With so many influential works displayed here, it’s easy to see why it’s at the top of every art lovers list.

There are also other museums and galleries in Florence, all equally as beautiful as the next. So, be sure to add Florence to your dream art destinations, and you’ll be able to see proper Italian art.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Art lovers place

Santa Fe is one of the oldest cities in the United States, so it’s not surprising that it has some of the best artwork. This desert city makes for a picture-perfect landscape for all artists and visionaries alike.

Canyon Road is often the first place art lovers head to; it has over 100 different galleries you can visit. The Museum of Indian Arts and Culture is vital as it shows Native artwork throughout history, and you’ll get to feel the emotion behind each piece.

If you prefer something a little different, there’s Meows Wolf House of Eternal Return which promises a fully immersive experience. There are magic fridges that lead you from one room to the following, glow-in-the-dark trees, and more for you to explore in this exciting gallery.

You can also visit the Georgie O’Keeffe museum, which displays her life’s work and tells you all about her legacy. With all of this in mind, it’s probably about time that you booked that flight to Santa Fe.

Málaga, Spain

You might think that to see any work of Picasso, you must head to the heavily crowded areas in Barcelona. However, if you change your destination to Costa Del Sol, you’ll be able to see a whole lot more as it’s Picasso’s birthplace.

As well as stunning beaches, Málaga boasts impressive 200-plus works of famed artist and even host different exhibitions each year for you to attend.

If you want something extra on top of the Picasso masterpieces, you can easily take a trip to the Carmen Thyssen Museum and see some exquisite 19th-century Spanish art. Don’t overlook Málaga when visiting Spain, as you’ll miss out if you do!

There are so many beautiful places to visit globally that showcase the best artists. No matter what type of art you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find a gallery for you too. Remember, not all art is in the galleries, either! Some places have striking graffiti and unique architecture that can blow your mind!

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