8 Ways To Experience Travel Without Leaving Home

Most people dream of travelling to an exotic destination at least once. For some, a tropical beach is the ultimate vacation spot to Experience travel, while for others, a European city or the remote wilderness tops their bucket lists.

Travel often takes months of planning and may not be feasible every year, but there are alternative ways to “get away.” If you’re still saving for that once-in-a-lifetime trip, here are eight ways to experience travel right now without leaving home.

1. Revamp Your Home Decor

One of the best ways to feel like you’re on vacation is to revamp your home’s decor. Whether you rent or own, you can create an atmosphere that mirrors a favourite destination.

Travel Without Leaving Home

For example, add French flair to your home with distressed furniture or Parisian artwork. If you’d like to experience travel to Latin America, go tropical with bright colours and planted palms.

You can also decorate with maps, globes or framed pictures from your experience travel for inspiration.

2. Discover Essential Oils

The use of essential oils is proven to boost moods, reduce stress and even improve sleep. Plus, the aroma of Young Living Essential Oils can bring back memories associated with scents, not to mention make your house smell fantastic.

To convert your home into a sanctuary of relaxation, use oil scents like lavender, bergamot or jasmine that immediately transport you to your favourite vacation destination.

3. Try a New Dish

travel food

Another way to experience travel from home is to try new dishes. If you enjoy cooking, find an international recipe you’ve always wanted to try. Shopping for the ingredients is half the fun, especially if you visit an Asian or Indian grocer to explore.

Nothing makes you feel like you’re on vacation more than discovering new foods and spices. Sampling a new type of cuisine each week is a fabulous way to take a mini-vacation.

4. Binge-Watch Travel Movies

Travel has a habit of changing a person, which is apparent in most experience travel-related movies. Spend a weekend binge-watching top-rated travel films to motivate you towards your next adventure.

Immersing yourself in a good experience travel flick is relaxing and provides a good plot and some great shots of a place you hope to visit. If you prefer more of an educational angle, there are plenty of online travel series and documentaries to choose from. 

5. Explore Travel Blogs

For those with a specific experience travel destination, start your trip early by exploring travel blogs in the comfort of your home. Travel blogs give real-life accounts of people who live in or have travelled extensively to a particular area.

You’ll learn travel secrets and tips that can save you time and frustration. Best of all, some blogs allow you to directly message the author and ask specific questions. There’s no doubt that a good blog can put you into vacation mode until your bags are finally packed.

6. Plan Out Your Next Journey

You may not be able to experience travel right now, but nothing is stopping you from planning your next expedition. Use this valuable time to your advantage and get busy researching airfare prices, flight routes and hotel accommodations.

travel experience

Get an idea of the best time to travel to your destination and which sights you must see. You can even start shopping for luggage, clothing and experience travel accessories so when the time comes; you’ll be completely prepared.

7. Improve Your Foreign Language Skills

If you’re stuck at home this year for vacation, mentally escape by improving your foreign language skills. Travel is much more fun and meaningful when you grasp the language and know a few important key phrases.

Plus, locals appreciate your efforts to communicate with them, and you’ll feel more included in the conversation. Check out one of many online courses and podcasts, or take an evening course at your local community college. 

8. Get To Know Your Local Culture

As wonderful as it can be to travel to a faraway destination, you can benefit by getting to know more about your local culture. How much do you know about the history of your own community?

If you’ve got some spare time, use it to explore local museums, restaurants and shopping areas where you’ve never been. Sign up for historical tours in your hometown, and you might even meet some future travel companions!

When getting away isn’t possible, you can still experience travel. With travel-inspired decor, fragrant essential oils and international food, you’ll instantly be transported to a wonderful location without ever leaving home. 

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