Mel’s Hole The Strange Mystery, Ellensburg Washington

Mel’s Hole has become famous because of Mel Waters’ interview with Art Bell on the American radio show. Mel Waters claimed that he had found a hole near Ellensburg, Washington.

However, the story told by Mel Waters was mysterious, and it is the same as what Mel Waters was curious about. Mel had claimed that the hole found by him had many paranormal powers.

Furthermore, after conducting additional investigations, we found no evidence concerning the Hole, and we discovered no person named Mel Waters living near Ellensburg, Washington.

Jack Powel had decided to investigate more about the bottomless hole.


Moreover, that federal agent supporting the story of Mel Waters was also curious to know the actual story behind that Mels Hole Washington.

Additionally, all these things made the investigation further and more profound.

Though we found no concrete evidence regarding the existence of Mels Holes, many people still believe this story to be authentic.

Coast to Coast

An American radio show on Coast to Coast with Art Bell interviewed Mel Waters.

He had claimed some false facts about a hole in that interview. He had told me about the paranormal characteristics of the bottomless hole.

From his statements, many of the government conspiracies and listeners were impressed. Moreover, they had started believing in the supernatural powers of the hole.

However, a state geologist, Jack Powell, found this story somewhat curious and launched an investigation into that Hole.


Many people had not thought about the supernatural powers of the whole much, that is, whether these were a dangerous threat or an essential aspect of national security.

Moreover, Mel Waters explained the hole’s cover story to convince the US federal agents.

He had claimed about the hole’s paranormal activities even though, for many years, locals were used to throwing garbage there.

However, investigators found no concrete evidence regarding the Hole, leading to the cessation of further investigation.

Ellensburg Washington [Mel’s Hole]

Mels Waters got called into the Art Bell program. Around fifteen years ago, he founded Mel’s Hole Washington State, where he discovered a curious and infinite hole.

When he got invited to the program, he said he had found a hole near his property, which was more significant than 80,000 feet. However, that was according to his calculations.

He says the hole he discovered can restore life in dead animals.

Mel's Hole Ellensburg Washington
Mel’s Hole Ellensburg Washington

Moreover, to prove his story correct, he related this to a story of a dead dog. Furthermore, he claimed that when he threw a dead dog into the pit, he found the dog walking around after some time.

Moreover, this shows the dog was alive after being thrown into that hole.

He was able to convince the listeners of his story. However, he could not tell the hole’s actual place. Since 2002, the show featured the man many times.

However, a local reporter reported that no man named Mel Waters lived there.

Then, they did not continue the story, and they stopped the investigation. Later, Red Elk revived the story that Mel Waters had introduced.

He had come with numerous mysterious stories. He claimed the hole could set fire to ice and be a live sheep.

Moreover, all these claims made the story more mysterious and bizarre.

Additionally, many believe that such a sinkhole is actual. However, the entire truth is not yet clear.

Snopes Mel’s Hole Washington

Waters was the first one who had investigated the bottomless hole. He claimed he had found the stone on Manastash Ridge near Ellensburg, Washington.

However, when they conducted a thorough investigation, they found no man in that area.; Mel Waters’?

snopes of Mel’s-Hole-pix
Snopes of Mel’s-Hole

Moreover, Mel told about the supernatural powers of the hole. Furthermore, this story made crazy to many of federal agents.

However, there was a resource geologist named Jack Powell. He was listening to the story of Mel Waters with the Coast to Coast Am shows.

Jack had told that the story had taken his interest funnily. He had taught geology for almost 11 years at CWU and worked with DNR for nearly 20 years. Moreover, due to this, he knew where the hole was.

Furthermore, when he heard Mel Waters saying that the hole was 80,000 deep, he could not listen anymore because he knew that the deepest mine shaft was 12,672 feet deep in the world and the cavern was around 7,188 feet.

Is Mel’s Hole Real?

A man named Mel Waters claimed that he had found a hole that could restore the lives of dead animals.

His story has no end, and the characteristics of his hole are going farther and farther.

Even he had given an example of a dead dog. Here, he had put a dead dog into the hole, and after some time, he found that dead dog alive.

He had told the program that the hole discovered him was more significant than 80,000 feet.

Mel’s Hole
Mel’s Hole

Then, after some time, some listeners were curious to find the actual existence of the hole. However, Mel Waters could not tell the actual address of the hole where the hole was.

When they investigated his story only a few years later, Red Elk continued it. He said the hole has the properties to set fire to ice and cook a live sheep.

He had characterized many features of the hole. However, in actual life, they had not found the existence of the Hole. The real presence of the hole is still a mystery.

Moreover, some people don’t believe in the properties of the hole that Mel Waters and Red Elk explained.

Moreover, today, the tale story of Mel’s Hole is considered an unstable story that has no existence in real life.

Furthermore, evidence has yet to be found that can prove the story of the sinkhole is correct, which is why its presence is considered fake.

What is Mel’s Hole

According to a town legend, Mel’s Hole is a bottomless pit situated near Ellensburg, Washington. Mel Waters was the man who had identified the properties of the hole in Washington.

Mel's Hole in Washington
Mel’s Hole in Washington

He claimed that he has a wealth of nine miles in Washington that contains a hole. He said that the depth of the hole was infinite.

The properties of the hole defined by Mel Waters were magical and had prompted the US federal agents to seize the land.

However, after further investigation, they found no such man lived in that area and no known evidence about the Hole.

Moreover, this directly shows that such a hole’s existence was just a story, and there is no real story behind it.

How Deep is Mel’s Hole

When Mels Waters interviewed Bell, he explained that the hole had infinite depth.

Moreover, the hole can restore dead animals. However, he could not tell the actual existence of the gap.

Still, he had revealed that the depth of the hole was more than 80,000 feet. He claimed that he had measured the thickness of the hole by using a fishing line and a weight.

However, after listening to this story, a resource geologist, Jack Powell, got mystic. 

Because he had an experience of more than 30 years in which he had explored the geology of Eastern Washington. He was sure that there was something wrong with his story.

That is why he had started the further investigation of the hole in detail. Moreover, during this investigation, Powell had claimed that a hole couldn’t be so profound.

Additionally, during his research, no man named Mel Waters was found to live in Washington.

Besides, neither the story told him was found genuine. Furthermore, due to this reason, further investigation of the hole was stopped.

So, these were some facts about the Bottomless Hole in which Mel Waters shared some fake stories. Alternatively, they found no real evidence behind the story.

However, many facts are now being opened up about that Hole so that people can believe in the real story.

Mel’s Hole Location

Mel’s Hole, nestled in rural Washington, is a perplexing mystery defying logic. Owned by recluse Mel Waters, the pit seemingly lacks a bottom, swallowing objects without echoes, with a fishing line purportedly extending 15 miles.

Popularized by Art Bell, the paranormal element—resurrected pets and strange creatures—sets it apart.

Mel Waters’ vanishing act deepens the enigma, leaving us with an enduring question mark that entices the curious and imaginative, a testament to our fascination with the supernatural. Below, we have provided the Mel’s Hole Map:

The Mel Waters Hole sits near Ellensburg, Washington.

Mel’s Hole- a mysterious place

Mel’s Hole is a mysterious place located in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state. It is a deep hole that allegedly has strange and supernatural properties.

Some believe Mel’s Hole is a portal to another dimension or even hell. Others believe it is a place where time and space warp and that objects or people who enter it never see again.

Many stories and legends over the years have been associated with Mel’s Hole. Some say that a man named Mel Waters dug the hole in the 1970s and that he used it to dispose of dead animals.

No one knows Mel’s Hole truth, but it remains a mystery that has captured people’s imaginations for many years.

In recent years, more people have claimed to have seen strange things happening at Mel’s Hole.

Some say they’ve seen lights or strange creatures coming out of the hole. Others have heard strange noises coming from it. Others say Mel found the hole already dug and went down to the earth’s center.

Most Essential Things To Carry While Travelling To Mel’s Hole

Getting ready for a trip to the mysterious Mel’s Hole, tucked away in Washington’s isolated wilderness, requires both necessary equipment and an adventurous spirit.

For this one-of-a-kind adventure, you’ll need a dependable backpack, solid ropes for the unfathomable depths, a bright torch, and an extensive first-aid kit.

Remember to keep a journal to document your unique experiences, as Mel’s Hole invites the curious to explore its mysteries and embrace the enigma of the unknown.

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