A Tour of Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast, Washington

Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast

The Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast Inn is the most peaceful and delightful place in England that could be visited by people of that place.

This place provides you with the right piece that a person wanted in their tour to any of the site.

Personal time really on the list and this place offers you all the things you want. This place is so beautiful and admiring.

History always exists in every area, but the Torne Wood has the unique one of all.

People specially visit this place because it has incredible sites and is very classy as well as different from others.

People spend their quality time watching sunsets over that of a lake on the private dock.

Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast history

When people spend their time on the Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast, they enjoy many other things as like having fun in pools or enjoy piano in the hall and have the best loggia.

So, a stay in Throne Wood would be like a dream come true for many people. It acts to be an exclusive venue for couples.

Who Owns Thorne Wood Castle?

Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast Thorne Wood Castle got billed by the person named Mr Chester Thorne with his wife, Anna.

He was a very brilliant Financer and was also the founder of Tacoma. However, he did not spare any expenses when the topic was related to planning and countries construction.

This creation was just about love and Throne had spent a lot on this building.

He spent 400 years to bring Elizabeth’s manor and then parts were done of that and then dismantled and lastly, shipped to the primary way.

Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast

This building was in charge of the most famous Architect named Kirtland Kelsey Cutter.

Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast got constructed with the use of steel on the solids. Wall present on the exterior parts are made of brick and then steel in concrete for reinforcement.

This construction was completed in three years. Even the red brick present in the outside area of Estate was imported with the use of Whales.

Commissioned ships were three which transported the building supply to the Pacific Northwest.


Thorne Wood Castle Gold Room

So, Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast consists of many rooms, but the Gold classroom is just one.

This room is so charming and surprising that no one can think of. It brings the most beautiful feeling and will give you the most lovely sense.

Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast photos

This room consists of the two French beds which are for twins. This room is perfect for a group traveling together or for older children.

It room will give many memories. You will take away many memorable things with you.

This room leaves some effect over you. Gold Class Room can just be reserved on its own only.

Even it can be added as a rental place for the Casa Blanca Suite so that to reduce the amount of it.

This room has an exciting feature that French twin beds or the two antique Europeans.

This room provides every facility as it allows for a garden view and also provides a glass window.

Even this room is so cozy that this provides tub with that of the shower with purely private for every visitor visiting the place.

These rooms also provide TV or DVD. The glass window is of the 16th century in the room.

So, it is mainly a luxurious room which even provides microwave as well as small refrigerators for drinks, and yet they also offer a coffee maker. So, this room becomes Luxurious for any visitor visiting the Castle.

Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast photo

Thorne Wood CastleLakewood, Washington

Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast is mainly a place recommended for a wedding venue that gets located in Lakewood, Washington.

So, this is considered a historical place as it got constructed in the early years. It even took many years for its formation.

Time spent over its construction was considerable. This building got built in the form of Tudor Gothic Style, and this was also popularly known as The House that made love.

Castle being present on both sides of Tacoma provides indoor and outdoor as the places for weeding sites.

Even the reception does take place here. Couples can gather about 200 guests of theirs in this style venue. They provide lots of setting for your big arrival day.

Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast image

It consists of Great Hall, which has featured with Victorian sculpture ceiling also providing hardwood floors with paneled walls and total original artwork.

This place is perfect for the entrance to be grand because of the presence of the staircase.

Future spouse of yours would wait on the fireplace. Then we arrive at the secret space which gets covered with flowers and sculptures and even the big fountains.


Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast Inn

So, the venue also gets used as a resort. So Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast place has many rooms with different rates which depend on the occupancy and even on the days of occupancy.

If the booking made with the online process than a discount of 15% also gets saved. So, some of the Suite had given below-

  1. Grandview Suite
  2. Presidential Suite
  3. Anna’s Suite
  4. Lord Byron’s Attic
  5. Chester’s Suite
  6. The Blue Room
  7. Rose Red Suite
  8. Casa Blanca Site
  9. Gold Room
  10. Rose Red and Sewing Room Combo
  11. Casa Blanca and Gold Room combo
    Moreover, the apartments are-
  12. The Lakeside 2- Bedroom Apartment
  13. The Lyoness 1- Bedroom Apartment
Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast i

Even people can stay in the standard rooms which consist of lake view and summer porch with beautiful piano playing in the hall also the loggia.

So, visiting Thorne wood is very pleasurable. Even it consists of a game room in which we can enjoy playing any of the games.

They provide a video library. So, mainly they give the home feeling in such a luxurious and classy way.

Even you may not imagine, wireless internet also gets provided on the Lakeside and Lyoness.

Delivery of the breakfast could also get done in individual rooms, and even you can have food downstairs in the hall where the piano gets played for the satisfaction of your mind.

Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast pic

People spent their best time in Castle and enjoyed their living with full excitement. These provide equal and best service to the people.

So, you must visit this place because this is not less than Heaven and will give you the feeling of a dream come true!

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